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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I'm facing a problem. I want to control the A7RIII by using the USB multiport cable and get the live image of the viewfinder over HDMI. We use the A7RIII on a drone to take aerial pictures and movies. We have to use the USB multiport (USB PC Remote) in order to take pictures and to start/stop video in Manual photo mode. This will not work by using WIFI. This works perfect as long we're not plugging in the HDMI cable into the camera. When we use the USB multiport in combination with HDMI, the HDMI feed goes to black when we start recording. Taking pictures works like it should be. I think I've tried everything to solve this problem, but nothing seems to work. Somebody with the same problems? Somebody with a solution? +10.000 karma points for the person who can help me out!
  2. Any suggestions for calibrating a 7" HDMI display for video shooting with A7R3? The camera doesn't generate color bars, right?
  3. Hello Guys, I've got a problem with my a6300. I tried to connect it with an external monitor, but it always says: No HDMI Signal. I changed the HDMI cable, but the result was the same. I also tried different cameras and all of them are working, except the a6300. So I got my hands on to another monitor. It's a bit better here, I can see the camera options and the live view but the picture on the screen is pink, unusable for work. I tried different cameras again and they all worked. I also connected the a6300 to the monitor of my computer and it worked perfectly. Could you please help me?
  4. We were getting 60 frames/second from the HDMI output, but the frames were in identical pairs, so really 30fps. Turns out, the camera must be set to AVCHD rather than MP4 encoding, even if recording to SD card is not in use (only HDMI output, which is not encoded). Just posting so others can search.
  5. Hello all, I am looking for information about the HDMI output on the A7S II that I can't seem to find anywhere else. Essentially, what is the data rate of the uncompressed HDMI signal from the sensor, and does it vary between resolution and frame rates? The A7S II is capable of outputting an uncompressed 8-bit 422 signal via its HDMI port. So many people get so caught up in the color bit depth advantage here, but very few talk about the increased data rate/bitrate that is available. This data rate increase is especially important for me due to the high-detailed, moving images I tend to shoot (a lot of nature footage on a gimbal stabilizer where the entire frame is in focus). High detail, high contrast imagery that moves through a frame tends to get heavily compressed internally by low bitrate codecs, essentially throwing away information in moving parts of the image and hoping you won't notice. (There's a great article by Art Adams at Provideo Coalition about codecs and compression that explains this in greater detail here: https://www.provideocoalition.com/here-are-my-rules-of-thumb-when-choosing-a-codec/) As a rule of thumb, a higher data rate/bitrate equals sharper, better quality footage with reduced blocky artifacts because less compression is being applied and there is a greater amount of data stored within the codec. There is more to this than just data rates (such as the complicated codec algorithms), but we won't go into that here. Essentially, I'm just looking for the data rate of the uncompressed HDMI signal available from the A7S Mk. II, so that I can properly choose an external recorder with the capabilities needed to record this signal at the highest possible quality. If anyone can provide this information, and/or point to where you found the information, that would be extremely helpful! Thanks!
  6. Hi I noticed that when I change a battery when filming with my A7Sii and using the Blackmagic Design Video Assist 4K Monitor via HDMI, the camera resolution changes from XAVC S 1080p to 4K. Not only that but with huge consequences to me and my client, the HDMI settings switch from Memory Card and HDMI to HDMI only. This means that when you press the record button on the camera, it doesn't record internally any more. It does say REC on the back monitor but in white and not red. Unfortunately I didn't notice the change in colour or the fact that the Monitor had switched to full frame. So the event I was filming didn't actually get filmed in part, possibly costing me a client. When I returned after the shoot, I was able to recreate it as shown here - https://youtu.be/00mFIb77LKE. Has anyone else had this problem? I posted a picture of my other HDMI settings should anyone think that this may have a bearing on my issue. Thanks John
  7. Hi everybody, I'd like to know if it's possible to make live streaming with sony a7sII. I'm asked to film a conference and my client would like to send the signal (video and sound) on his youtube channel, but I never did that. Can someone help me, please? Thank you very much.
  8. Hello! A very beginner question : How do you generate a colorbars from the A72? We want to calibrate an external HDMI monitor in our studio. Thanks!
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