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  1. When transferring files from a7riii via PlayMemories to IPhone over WiFi. How do I maintain the color(or b&w) profiles look to my images? I take time to set the look of my images so I have a jpg I like in camera. And every time I transfer the image to my phone it seems to have lost my preset look? I’ve tried doing this with full res jpgs- and with the embedded raw preview jpg. Please help! Reason I want to do this is to make quick social media posts- and I don’t want to spend half my life fiddling with my phone - recreating a look I am already happy with in camera. I’ll absolutely take the raw files later down the line and edit them properly on my Mac. Thankyou!
  2. Is there anyway to have my RAW files from Sony A7riii import with the jpg color profile look preset in the file when I import to Lightroom (or capture one if that’s the only way- I’m willing to switch workflows if this is possible) ? Reason is I just want to be able to start my edits from the base look I created in camera instead of having to start from scratch every time. Thankyou!
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