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  1. Hey everyone! I got an opportunity to shoot with the new Profoto B10's a few weeks ago and put it through its paces for a portrait shoot. Here's the BTS video and results.
  2. I addressed the question. I shoot in "dimly lit studio situations" as high as f16 and have never experienced these issues with any of my lenses. Take a look at any of my shots on IG ( you'll see a ton of studio shots that were done in those exact situations. The only thing I could think of is that there's an issue with this users camera, as none of my own (A7II, A7RII, A7SII) have any of the problems described in the original post. MQ
  3. Hey Maurizio. Not sure if my response ever made it to you, but here goes. I shoot in studio situations all the time and I often shoot in low light situations with both of the GM lenses you mentioned. I have never had any issues whatsoever focusing. I simply turn off the Live View Display setting, and can shoot at any aperture without any troubles. I've shot wide open with HSS, higher apertures, etc and it doesn't affect my hit rate at all. Your AF assist light should be helping you out to focus when you're in super low light situations anyway. Hope you've figured out a way to make the system work for you. MQ
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