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  1. Alejandro Espeche


    Shoot with A7RIII + Sony 55
  2. Alejandro Espeche


    Hi My fashion version of steampunk, shooting with Sony A7R3, Batis 85 and yongnuo flash
  3. Alejandro Espeche

    Pregnancy shoot

  4. Alejandro Espeche


    Sony A7R III and Batis 85 f1.8
  5. Alejandro Espeche

    Bird In Flight -- share your BIF photos here!!!

    Sony A7R III + 100-400 GM
  6. Alejandro Espeche

    Big Forum Update – Interested in Sneak Preview?

    The new features look good. The possibility of uploading the photos by dragging and dropping is most attractive and makes the task much easier when making the post.
  7. Alejandro Espeche


    Sony A7R3 + Batis 85 ISO2500, 1/160s, f1.8
  8. Alejandro Espeche


    Sony A7R3 Batis 85 ISO640, 1/200s, f1.8
  9. Alejandro Espeche

    Pregnancy shoot

    Sony A6500, Batis 85 ISO200, 1/200s, f2.8 white umbrella with youngnuo speedlight All the green color was turned with C1P
  10. Alejandro Espeche


    Sony A7R3 + Batis 85
  11. Alejandro Espeche


    With Sony A6500 + Batis 25 f2 and Sony 55 f1.8
  12. Alejandro Espeche


    With Sony A6300 + Sony 55 1.8
  13. I also changed from LR to C1, as I work in photography sessions for me are very useful. The only thing I miss is the radial filter that used it a lot. The best of C1 the handling of color, lights and shadows.
  14. Alejandro Espeche

    A7R III + Metabones V Issue

    I got the camera, the lens and the adapter about a month ago, at that time I updated the available firmware. The version of Metabones available was 0.57, now I updated to version 0.58 that came out soon after and apparently works well. I did about 1000 test shots without news, but I'm going to check out the camera when it stops raining. I only use this type of shot for birds in flight since otherwise the rolling shutter is very annoying Thanks a lot
  15. Alejandro Espeche

    Bañado La Estrella, Formosa, Argentina

    Sony A7R3 + Metabones V + Canon 400 f5.6 USM Sony A7R3 + Metabones V + Canon 400 f5.6 USM Sony A7R3 + Metabones V + Canon 400 f5.6 USM Sony A7R3 + Metabones V + Canon 400 f5.6 USM Sony A7R3 + Metabones V + Canon 400 f5.6 USM Sony A7R3 + Metabones V + Canon 400 f5.6 USM Sony A6300 + Touit 12mm Sony A7R3 + Sony 55 f1.8