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  1. Hi, I leave a sequence of the approach, the second photo is missing, I don't know what happened, possibly I deleted it on camera. They were the last lights, my ISO was high and low speeds to allow me to take better pictures of that bird, until I decided to fly and I followed it, knowing that in 1 / 500s they would come out with some trepidation of movement. I don't know if this is the correct thread for this photo, but I wanted to show how the A7R3 behaves with the FE 100-400
  2. I could never approach this bird before, photo taken in the Yungas Oranenses, Salta, Argentina. A7R3+FE100-400
  3. If you are near the plane, it moves much faster than a bird in flight. I swear. Sony A6400 + 100-400 ( Cropless image )
  4. Now I use my 18 for many different things: D
  5. Hi I think there is no such thing as the best lens for ... Because the focus with which one works has to do with many personal factors, there are people who prefer very close and others who do not want to get involved. I use the Batiss de Zeiss for weddings, they are really amazing for color, quality, sealing, speed.
  6. I use this same technique with jets and aerobatics and it works well.
  7. I apologize for my English, I use Google Traslate and I sincerely believe that they should take my Wacom or teach me how to draw.
  8. Hi, what I mean is that the bird always has to be in the center behind the flight direction but taking advantage of the best of the lens to get focus.
  9. Hello Chrissie I'm sorry for my late reply, I don't enter the forum much. I come from the world Nikon and Canon for nature, always with prime lenses. It is the first time I use a zoom for photography. My experience with Nikon was very good with the duplex D800 + 300 f4 still with teleconverter (always talking about BIF) and absolutely disastrous with the D810. When I sold all my Nikon equipment, I switched to Sony but in nature I bought the 7D Mark II with the 400 f5.6. It gave me a very good result. When I left the A7R3 I bought it, at first I used the 400 canon with a beautiful adapter (Metabones V) for birds perched but impossible for BIF. The thing changed with the FE 100-400, I can focus BIF of birds that fly between trees, those that just take off, to track the ones that I already hooked flying, even with very low contrast. Always use AF-C with focus by zones (the second in the list) always at the center. Never shot less than 1/1600 because fast. The OSS is always on but I guess it will get better when it's off, I don't know and I'm not going to find out. For me the secret of the BIF is to always focus one step before, keeping the bird in the back of the direction where one moves.
  10. Alejandro Espeche


    With Sony A7R3 and Batis 85 CC
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