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  1. When I choose to get BW photos I set my camera on this color profile, my reasons: 1. I see the scene in BW without the distraction of color and I can compose and expose better. 2. The BW of Sony cameras is almost as cute as Fuji ones 3. In my opinion, skins look better when they come straight out of the camera. 4. I have not been able to get the same black and white on PS as I get directly from Sony. 5. Even if I could replicate the same process for that I will work extra. If I need color and BW I just shoot RAW and JPG.
  2. Alejandro Espeche


    BW with C1P
  3. I never used or tried the sigma Sigma 56 f / 1.4 so I can't compare them. I can only talk about the lenses I tried and can say that the 55 is really good. Were you able to try both or any of them?
  4. Sorry I can't help you I just have the a7r3 and Batis
  5. I have the sony FE 100-400 and it is insanely good, I use it on the A7R3 for birds and airplanes in flight and sometimes also on the low end A6xxx where it works excellently.
  6. I don't know what Nikon cameras you used, but I used a lot and the cameras that had a low-pass filter looked better than the ones that didn't have when you zoomed in that insane way: D The low pass filter towards the smoothing you show, but it took away the sharpness of the photo. Anyway, I left Nikon because I was not comfortable with the number of failed cameras they sent me. You should never keep something that does not satisfy you. But I don't know anything about this, the experts are you Best regards gato
  7. Phalacrocorax brasilianus A7R3 + Sony 100-400 FE En tu cara chumuco!
  8. The focus on the central zone is always faster. When I give the order to shoot the brain-camera duo there is always a delay, I could not say how much corresponds to each one, but without a doubt the bird advanced a little in that period of time. To lose a part of the bird it has to be too close or too big or I had it too far to the right of the evf, it almost never happens to me. Possibly in an environment with birds calmer or accustomed to human presence this is a problem. Excellent shot by the way.
  9. Hi, I leave a sequence of the approach, the second photo is missing, I don't know what happened, possibly I deleted it on camera. They were the last lights, my ISO was high and low speeds to allow me to take better pictures of that bird, until I decided to fly and I followed it, knowing that in 1 / 500s they would come out with some trepidation of movement. I don't know if this is the correct thread for this photo, but I wanted to show how the A7R3 behaves with the FE 100-400
  10. I could never approach this bird before, photo taken in the Yungas Oranenses, Salta, Argentina. A7R3+FE100-400
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