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  1. Alejandro Espeche


    BW with C1P
  2. I never used or tried the sigma Sigma 56 f / 1.4 so I can't compare them. I can only talk about the lenses I tried and can say that the 55 is really good. Were you able to try both or any of them?
  3. Sorry I can't help you I just have the a7r3 and Batis
  4. I have the sony FE 100-400 and it is insanely good, I use it on the A7R3 for birds and airplanes in flight and sometimes also on the low end A6xxx where it works excellently.
  5. I don't know what Nikon cameras you used, but I used a lot and the cameras that had a low-pass filter looked better than the ones that didn't have when you zoomed in that insane way: D The low pass filter towards the smoothing you show, but it took away the sharpness of the photo. Anyway, I left Nikon because I was not comfortable with the number of failed cameras they sent me. You should never keep something that does not satisfy you. But I don't know anything about this, the experts are you Best regards gato
  6. Phalacrocorax brasilianus A7R3 + Sony 100-400 FE En tu cara chumuco!
  7. The focus on the central zone is always faster. When I give the order to shoot the brain-camera duo there is always a delay, I could not say how much corresponds to each one, but without a doubt the bird advanced a little in that period of time. To lose a part of the bird it has to be too close or too big or I had it too far to the right of the evf, it almost never happens to me. Possibly in an environment with birds calmer or accustomed to human presence this is a problem. Excellent shot by the way.
  8. Hi, I leave a sequence of the approach, the second photo is missing, I don't know what happened, possibly I deleted it on camera. They were the last lights, my ISO was high and low speeds to allow me to take better pictures of that bird, until I decided to fly and I followed it, knowing that in 1 / 500s they would come out with some trepidation of movement. I don't know if this is the correct thread for this photo, but I wanted to show how the A7R3 behaves with the FE 100-400
  9. I could never approach this bird before, photo taken in the Yungas Oranenses, Salta, Argentina. A7R3+FE100-400
  10. If you are near the plane, it moves much faster than a bird in flight. I swear. Sony A6400 + 100-400 ( Cropless image )
  11. Now I use my 18 for many different things: D
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