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  1. yeah a9 AF is top class, amazing camera, wish it could record 4k 60fps
  2. great architecture, can have some fun there at 300mm
  3. hey yeah I realized that awhile back too, its probably cheaper to manufacture dataless cables
  4. did a review on this lens, it's good, but I think the material is metal or plastic, tooth brush suggestion sounds good, just be careful not to let any liquid under the focus/zoom rings, maybe put the lens with the front glass element facing upward & gently brush downward with a dry toothbrush, I try to wash hands before using any camera equipment
  5. I completely support the above A7iii + Tamron 28-75 f2.8 suggestion, did a review on the tamron it's a fantastic lens choice. a7iii has eye AF in photography mode for both humans & animals so it's an amazing full frame camera choice.
  6. love how the sun hits the birds
  7. looks cool, it's like a growing Manhattan
  8. havn't done that, but there should definitely be less vignetting if any, sharper corners too?since many lenses get softer towards the edges, in this case you are not using those edges
  9. wow interesting, have you tried 100-3200 ISO? aperture on auto? try 1080p see if same happens?
  10. moto shot is amazing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what happened to the mountain edges in the Acura shot?
  11. interesting, do you have a picture of that IR beam?
  12. was your shutter speed slower in normal mode? is IBIS on?
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