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  1. Glad to hear you figured it out, there is so much to learn about this camera, I'm personally testing things like IBIS, slow motion & low light, thankfully the menu is easier to navigate now 💪
  2. maybe JPG's don't have enough quality to show this 😕 curious to see if same happens with a different lens, can also try different apertures
  3. how do yo mean? I though S&Q works only when main dial is set to S&Q????
  4. maybe lens glare? does same happen in video? what about different lens?
  5. welcome to the forum, you definitely made a good decision with A7III it's way better than A7II. I also heard good things of 55mm1.8 Zeiss lens, my teacher suggested it to me. For general purpose Tamron 28-75 worked well for me, their 28-200mm lens sounds even better for casual photo/video/travel
  6. Welcome to the forum, glad to hear you are happy with the switch, future models should get new touch menu like in A7SIII which makes things even better. Also I think Canon is doing very well in photography with R5
  7. If using your camera gear often then it makes sense to go e-mount with new glass, you do video photo or both?
  8. similar happened to me, played around with a6000 for a month or so & quickly upgraded to a 2nd hand a6300 for better AF, improved low light, 4k video & mic port. a6300 has a lot going for it especially at lower prices/used
  9. good beginner choice, it's a bit outdated but very capable & popular camera which gets you inside the E-Mount system 💪
  10. welcome to the future ☺️ these new cameras are very capable, autofocus has seen incredible improvements
  11. Welcome. What cameras are you looking at or got already?
  12. Welcome to the club. Cameras should be shipping Sept 24th yes but earliest pre-orders might be satisfied first, unless there's enough for everyone which would be great. That is quiet a change you are going through, good news is that with a7SIII Sony is implementing a new touch menu so at least in this department you will feel closer to home. Hope 12mp is enough for your photography needs, & mine ☺️
  13. I used a7RIII for a very limited time & AF felt slower than on a7III , might be just me, but a7III is also better at video & higher ISO due to lower megapixel sensor
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