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  1. Now that pics, specs & reviews are out, are you excited? If you were to get it, what would you use it for & at what settings? For example: I would mostly shoot events like hikes, birthdays, but also some camera gear reviews & various camera tests, likely using 1080p 60fps most of the time.
  2. The kit lens has OSS so that helps with stabilization, but Sigma 16f1.4 is way better for night time. I had a6400 a6300 a6000, they are great but then sold all to get a6600 with bigger battery & IBIS. I think your video is good, keep experimenting with AF settings & you will find what works best for your needs.
  3. Sigma 30f1.4 is a good lens, 16f1.4 is best for general use, do you have kit lens? if yes then experiment which focal length works best then can decide which Sigma to get. Have you tried it already? I wonder how a5100 will work with zoom/streaming
  4. RED theme, pretty cool, how are those hooks doing? I used small carabiners on a6300 & they scratched the body 😕
  5. Hi, I have a7iii & 24mmGM too, what a powerful combination. Totally agree with you on the menu system, it takes a while to get used to, the start menu can help, also utilizing all the custom buttons for most used functions, as well as reprogramming some existing buttons to other functions that you need most.
  6. Hi, welcome to the forum & to the Sony system. That's a fantastic camera & lens collection. I have a7iii & a6600 cameras too, as well as 70-200f4 & Sigma 16f1.4, did reviews of them all, love this gear. Btw started with Canon film camera 🤩
  7. Hi, welcome to the forum. A6500 is a fantastic camera, very compact. AF goes is great, I had a6300 for a while it has same, but both are older cameras now. Also had a6000 & a6400, sold both & got a6600 which has Sony's latest AF system, even eye AF in video 😵 Usually it's best to use native lenses, also can adjust several AF parameters in menu.
  8. Hi welcome to the forum, mirrorless videographer here too 👋 preordered a7SIII it's an amazing camera
  9. hi, congrats on first post did you buy something already? I would get the sigma 16mm1.4,,, because when you have 24mm full frame lens on a7iii then the a6000 with 55mm full frame lens will look too zoomy (82.5mm) 16mm sigma apsc gives same picture as 24mm full frame lens so its great to pair it with 55 full frame lens on full frame body
  10. yeah that was the struggle for me, went full frame recently with two a7iii but still had a6400 a6300 a6000 which have those smaller batteries, sold them & got the a6600 now all my cameras have Z battery = its very convenient
  11. the new Sony 20mm f1.8 , it's a bit pricey but less than 24mm GM
  12. great visuals, sharp I love the 21:9 aspect ratio, fill my whole screen 😵
  13. hi, that a6400 with 18-105mm f4 OSS lens is a fantastic all around combination, I find the Sigma lenses amazing but lacking OSS
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