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  1. Can be the lens, did you try a different lens?
  2. If using your camera gear often then it makes sense to go e-mount with new glass, you do video photo or both?
  3. similar happened to me, played around with a6000 for a month or so & quickly upgraded to a 2nd hand a6300 for better AF, improved low light, 4k video & mic port. a6300 has a lot going for it especially at lower prices/used
  4. good beginner choice, it's a bit outdated but very capable & popular camera which gets you inside the E-Mount system 💪
  5. welcome to the future ☺️ these new cameras are very capable, autofocus has seen incredible improvements
  6. Welcome. What cameras are you looking at or got already?
  7. Welcome to the club. Cameras should be shipping Sept 24th yes but earliest pre-orders might be satisfied first, unless there's enough for everyone which would be great. That is quiet a change you are going through, good news is that with a7SIII Sony is implementing a new touch menu so at least in this department you will feel closer to home. Hope 12mp is enough for your photography needs, & mine ☺️
  8. I used a7RIII for a very limited time & AF felt slower than on a7III , might be just me, but a7III is also better at video & higher ISO due to lower megapixel sensor
  9. Hi Neal, welcome to the forum. a6000 is a good introduction into a huge family of cameras & lenses, I started with same camera, one of the cool things is that you can put full frame lenses on it naively
  10. Welcome. What kind of needs do you have? lots of megapixels, selfie screen, big battery?
  11. Welcome to the forum. I use RAW when best quality is needed, otherwise JPEG Extra FINE
  12. yea you are good then, a7r2 has plenty of pixels for photography
  13. Hi, the lenses you are thinking of putting on A7r2 are they full frame or apsc? you might loose some auto-focusing performance with non-native lenses. Have you looked into a6100 a6400 a6600?
  14. Now that pics, specs & reviews are out, are you excited? If you were to get it, what would you use it for & at what settings? For example: I would mostly shoot events like hikes, birthdays, but also some camera gear reviews & various camera tests, likely using 1080p 60fps most of the time.
  15. The kit lens has OSS so that helps with stabilization, but Sigma 16f1.4 is way better for night time. I had a6400 a6300 a6000, they are great but then sold all to get a6600 with bigger battery & IBIS. I think your video is good, keep experimenting with AF settings & you will find what works best for your needs.
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