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Found 8 results

  1. I hope this is the place to ask this. If not, please disregard it. I have been trying to use the Imagine Edge App with my A7RIII and it is so frustrating I have just stopped trying. So, I've gone in search of a remote control. Preferably a wireless one. I've had my eye on the Sony RMT-P1BT Wireless Remote Commander but the ratings on B&H are less than stellar. I shoot outdoor photos almost exclusively and really need a reliable remote. I'm hoping you folks can recommend the best remote control choice. Thanks in advance!
  2. I can't seem to get the new Sony RMT-P1BT to connect with the A9 (under Software Ver 5.0). No problem with my A7R3 (under Software version 3.0) but no way to do this with the A9. When trying to pair the menu always offers "Make Bluetooth connection via Imaging Edge Mobile on Smartphone" whereas on the A7R3 it says. "Perform pairing on the connected device" and it then offers the painting with the remote. Any tips available?
  3. I have a Alpha 7 II. The original instructions said to install the Sony PlayMemories mobile app to control the camera on the phone. But I installed the newer Sony Imaging Edge Mobile on the phone. I can connect to the phone to the camera fine using NFC. The problem is, the Imaging Edge Mobile app does not have all the bells and whistles shown in the screen shots on the play store. I can over and under expose, use the timer, and hit a shutter button. I can't change ISO, shutter, aperture, bracket, etc. Do I have to update the software on the camera? I've uploaded an image showing two screen shots. On the left are the sparse controls and on the right is what I see when I press the MODE icon and a panel with the icon pops up. Pressing the icon on the panel does nothing. The Menu doesn't show anything shooting related that I can tell.
  4. Hi, very much a newbie to photography, but I am keen to try my hand at some long exposure shots with my A6000 and have bought some ND filters to do some experiments. Operating the camera manually requires you to keep your finger on the shutter button for the entire length of the (bulb mode) shot - which seems a recipe for camera shake. I have a Google Pixel (android) phone and from all my attempts so far (using imaging edge on the phone and "smart remote embedded" on the camera) it is impossible to select bulb mode - the app always sets the exposure to 30 seconds. What I am ideally hoping for is the ability to press a (virtual) shutter button once to start the exposure and press it again to end the exposure. I must admit I am surprised that this can't actually be done on the camera itself (i.e. press button to start and then press again to end exposure). Any help gratefully received.
  5. Canon has EOS Utility which allows me to live view from my camera to my pc and adjust the camera settings as needed. This works even on the T3i!!! I can't seem to find ANYTHING online about Sony a6500 being able to do something similar. I shoot soccer games and I need a monitor that I can control the camera settings as well as have a live view. Using a monitor doesn't work for me as I can't control the settings of the camera (once it's 20 feet in the air, I can't adjust those things). So my question is this, is there a program that allows me to adjust camera settings and see a live view and have the ability to start and stop recording for a PC. I don't mean a tiny little phone where I can barely see what's going on but an program for my computer? Honestly, it baffles me that Sony doesn't have a modern program that can easily do this. At least not one I have found. It's seriously making me consider selling my a6500 and moving back to Canon.
  6. Hi Everyone, I recently switched to a Sony Alpha 7 R II and love a lot of things about it -- but some of them not so much. I am posting here because I think that my question is not strictly related to to Sony's full frame mirrorless cameras. When using the "smart remote control" app to control the camera via my iPhone, I was surprised to find out that the app has its own shooting settings (for example, my camera is always set to shoot RAW, but with the smart remote it still defaults to JPEG only). Is there a way to use my smartphone just for shutter release, nothing else? E.g. I mount my camera on a tripod, fix all the settings and can then just release the shutter remotely? In other words: What I need is a "dumb" remote control, not a smart one. Any way to do this? Thanks in advance for any advice...
  7. One of my dreams was, to buy the A7s as a video camera and use it with a 10" android or windows tablet via liveview, connected via wlan or usb cable. I just cant believe that this is not possible,so it must be me who doesent get it how that works: When I connect the camera with the remote controll app from sony to my android phone, it doesent allowes me to use slog2 (or any color profile at all). When I connect the camera with my windows computer (via usb cable) there doesent seems to be a programm to use live view at all. Please could someone tell me how to get that fixed? With my old Canon from 2011 I can use both: Liveview with a picture profile AND liveview with my computer without any problem, sorry if I'm too stupid to do it with my new camera, advice would be really appreciated
  8. I just wasted an afternoon trying to get the sadly-misnamed "Sony Smart Remote Control" app (for Android) to work with my Sony A6000. When I finally got it working (I honestly can't say how), I was surprised to see that it could trip my shutter and control a couple of other basically useless features, such as whether to display a grid line and the mirror mode. I need to remotely change White Balance and trip the shutter -- that's all. Selecting items in the "Smart Remote Embedded" menu on the camera causes the Settings menu on the phone to "jump" as if it has received a change, but the menu does not change: they remain the same as before: Review Image (2 sec), Save Options (On), Location information (off), Saving Destination (xxx), Grid Line (off), Mirror Mode (off). If you have a solution, I'll be glad to hear it. But if not, is there an alternative solution, perhaps a hardware device that I can connect via cable? FY
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