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  1. Yeah, Beautiful shots.... Great work 😀
  2. Cool, The last image is my favourite. 😀
  3. I always work from one main back up drive, then I duplicate/mirror that to a second hard drive. When that's full, I'll move to two new drives and do the same. It's a pain but always having duplicate backups is definitely worth it.
  4. Either the a7III or the a7rII would work well. If it's event work for me I'd get the newer a7iii which will give you much better battery performance for doing day long events
  5. Try using the Kenai , Air Duster. Which is a can of compressed air to clean out dust. Be careful though to use at a distance and not get too close to the sensor as it's pretty powerful. It's a great way to clean gear before using swabs.
  6. If it's just purely a back up which you probably won't use, go for something cheaper or used. If it was me I would get a used A7r2.
  7. Either, both are good cameras. I would personally go for the a7RIII for the increased resolution
  8. Thanks jstevensphoto, I'll take a look at Fisheye-Hemi I used to shoot really wide all the time but these days I try not to shoot any wider than around 21mm and if I do shoot wider than that I'll use the 24mm TS and stitch 3 images together which I think gives a better look. It doesn't seem to push your subject away like a super wide lens can do.
  9. I got the 16-35mm GM and it's excellent. I definitely wouldn't go for the 12-24mm, way too wide for me. Stick with the GM's and you won't go wrong
  10. I made the full jump from all my Canon gear a couple of months ago to two a9's with 16-35mm and 70-200mm G Master Lenses along with Sony 50mm. I only Canon lens I kept was the 24mm II TS Lens and use that with the Metabones Version V Adapter as there is no equivalent in the Sony Line up. The Sony G Masters are Great and super fast, the focus hold button on the Lenses is a real step forward which I use all the time. The 24mm TS does Vignette when you shift right to the edges but I can cope with that. I'm super pleased with the move and better go with the G Masters than keep your Canon Gear
  11. Straight in with two New a9's loving them so far and nice to freshen things up with a complete move from Canon
  12. Hi All I'm new to the Forum and a New Sony Shooter. I traded all my Canon Gear in just a little over two months ago and have been super impressed with the New Sony System. There have been a couple of teething issues that I've been able to sort out with a little trial and error. The G Mater Lenses (70-200mm and 16-35mm) are Nice and I also use some Canon TS Lenses with a MetaBones adapter. So Far so good, here's a Gallery with some a9 images from a recent Event I Photographer in Bogata Colombia, (All but the first image are with the a9) it would be nice to see your thoughts: htt
  13. I'm Running Capture One 11 on OSX 10.13.2 and it's all working well at the moment. Nice Upgrades to Capture One 11 from 10
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