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  1. Others have reported issues with Sandisk cards on the A7III
  2. LiveShots

    Recomended SD cards for a7iii

    I use the Sony 128GB (300MB/s) in my a9 https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1322907-REG/sony_sosd128gbuii_128gb_uhs_ii_sd_card.html
  3. This is what I used on 10.13 to update my a9 https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/e-mount-body-ilce-9-series/ilce-9/articles/00196738
  4. There is a different loader for the latest MAC OS if you have that. Otherwise make sure you are using the Sony cable, 3rd party cables are not all they are cracked up to be.
  5. LiveShots

    Conspiracy theory?

    I've noticed a few lately as well, hard to tell if they are genuine or not...
  6. LiveShots

    Black Friday Deals

    I can't possibly remember what they had on sale a year ago.
  7. LiveShots

    A walk in the park

    I don't see a picture...
  8. Sounds like a problem with the a6500. I used that lens with that camera and the photos were pin sharp. If the lens performs well on A7 then it should work on the a6500…. Make sure you have the firmware updates for A6500. If the lens firmware and camera firmware are out of sync then it could cause issues. However, the fact that you say it can't find an edge in DMF sounds more like a hardware issue.
  9. LiveShots

    High-ISO and the a9

    Most of my sports shooting is in good light so its never been an issue, but I plan to play around with higher ISO just to see what the camera can do.
  10. LiveShots

    Black Friday Deals

    They had some good deals last year, if I recall.
  11. LiveShots

    High-ISO and the a9

    Very nice... I don’t think I’ve pushed my a9 past ISO800.... I may have to play around with higher levels and try them out.
  12. LiveShots

    Sony Alpha 9 slowing down issue

    It may need to be professionally cleaned, if there is a piece of dirt it will be hard to dislodge.
  13. LiveShots

    Sony Alpha 9 slowing down issue

    The only thing I can think of is if there is a piece of dirt or something that is stuck inside a button so that the camera thinks that button is being continuously pressed which may cause a delay in detecting other control changes… try pressing each button to make sure it feels right, pops back up etc. If that does not work then maybe try the RESET thing...
  14. LiveShots

    Sony Alpha 9 slowing down issue

    I've never experience anything like that on my A9, I've used it for hours at a time with no response time problems whatsoever. Has the camera always done this or is this a recent thing, if the latter then has anything changed on the camera recently ? Like new memory card, battery etc.?
  15. LiveShots

    Oirase Gorge, Japan

    I love the slow motion water shots….