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  1. Not sure what software you are looking for , but did you try the Sony Support site ?
  2. LiveShots

    Old Nex 5r box broken

    Buy the body only... unless there is a great bundle deal with a lens that you don’t currently have. A new APS-C camera may be coming soon from Sony, so prices of existing APS-C cameras may drop.
  3. LiveShots

    A380 unable to use sd card

    Check the read/write tab on the card is not locked on Read. Did you try formatting the card?
  4. LiveShots

    Lively Discussion in Jinju, Korea

    I love the separation of the lighter tones in the background with the darker ones in the foreground. Fantastic image !
  5. LiveShots

    Last summer days

    Masterful, as always….
  6. 3. Shot my A9 in a light rain a few times, not had any issues with it. I do have a rain cover that I use if I suspect that bad weather may be imminent. 4. I've had a few issues (2-3) with dust, typically I point the camera downward when changing lens. There is a Cleaning mode which vibrates the sensor to remove loose particles and a blower brush takes care of the rest. I don't see it as a problem really.
  7. Most cameras can record in regular B&W with a single shutter release. There is the Rich-Mono in Scene Selection (which I think you are using), there is also the Black&White setting in Creative Style. The Rich-Mono works much the same way as HDR, in that it merges three images to provide the rich detail and produces a JPEG image. You can’t reduce the number of shutter releases. More control over the image may be obtained by shooting in RAW and then post processing the picture to obtain the B&W quality that you are looking for.
  8. I think pressing the DISP button will cycle through the options provided it has the check mark in the viewfinder setting.
  9. LiveShots

    Peak Design Anchor Recall

    Still waiting for my replacements.
  10. I use the clean mode first before reaching for a swab. I usually remove the lens first, place the cap on the camera and point it downward before activating it.
  11. Things to try... The lens may be tighter fit than your others, make sure it is fully locked in. Make sure the MF switch is turned off on the l lens. check that you have the latest firmware for your camera and lens..
  12. There’s an online help manual for all Sony cameras, this link will take you to it. 1. 2. It should work in both AF-S and AF-C. In the former the box will disappear after a short while. no idea on the other questions. I use an A9 and only use the electronic shutter so I doubt it will wear out any time soon... 😎
  13. LiveShots

    Sony A7Rii Double Vision

    This is all I could find on a internet search
  14. LiveShots

    Sony A7Rii Double Vision

    Can you post a screen shot ?