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  1. LiveShots

    Pocketwizard to trigger a Sony a7iii

    PocketWizard Utility (for firmware) is at http://wiki.pocketwizard.com/index.php?title=Getting_Started
  2. LiveShots

    Pocketwizard to trigger a Sony a7iii

    What PocketWizard do you have ? What firmware level ? Make sure both ends of the cord are fully plugged in. There is some software to download that allows you to check firmware level and upgrade if necessary. You don't need to turn on remote control. My PocketWizard III has Beta firmware 1.212 and works with my a9.
  3. LiveShots

    in app, STAR TRAILs

    I think there are some free Apps on the Apple App-Store that will convert AVI files on OS-X.
  4. LiveShots

    Shoulder Bag for A7rIII

    Judging by the dimensions it should also fit with the 70-200 f2.8… I might have to check this out as I've been looking for something for my a9 with that lens attached.
  5. LiveShots

    New A7 III keeps locking up

    I don't know if the adapter requires any firmware updates to run on the Sony A7III so you may want to check that too.
  6. LiveShots

    New A7 III keeps locking up

    Could it be this ?
  7. LiveShots

    Get Rid of Lamp post?

    That is so true...
  8. LiveShots

    Get Rid of Lamp post?

    I think you’re right about the perspective. The low angle is causing the distortion on the buildings to the left and right. I think you could get a better shot from the path in front of the bench. To my eye the bench is the problem, taking the photo from the path will cut out that bench, I think you could ignore the building on the right completely as I don’t think it’s adding much to the image. I would check positions from both the left and right of the bench at various angles of the two buildings, with focus on the them and maybe let the lamp post blur a little bit.
  9. What video format are you trying to use, frame rate etc. ?
  10. Make sure the shutter button is not stuck down… One other thing to try; It has worked for others when their A6x000 has failed: 1. With the camera off, remove the battery. 2. Turn the camera on (without the battery) and push ALL buttons TWICE consecutively then move on to the next button. 3. Turn off, replace battery then turn on.
  11. It could have left some weird file on the card… do you have a different card that you can try ?
  12. Try removing the battery for a hour or so, then if possible try with a different battery and no card and see if there is any change. I have heard of issues with fake cards that can corrupt a camera, have you used this card before ?
  13. LiveShots

    Color or B&W?

    It has a 'dream-like' quality to it…. very nice shot.
  14. LiveShots

    Color or B&W?

  15. LiveShots

    NIght Ocean in a Cruise Ship

    #1 is terrific.