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  1. Now that the a7RIV is out you may want to consider getting that instead of the a7III. While it costs $1500 more you can drop some of the lenses and just crop in that 61Mp image.
  2. How is everyone finding Sony as a system? By that I mean Warranty repairs should something befall a Body or a Lens. How good (or bad) was your experience? So far I’ve never needed to use the warranty so I don’t know the answer to that one. Is the A.F really as good as I think it is? No, it’s better then you think it is. Are the menu's as atrocious as I think they are or is it a case of set-up the way you want and, pretty much, never have to go back in there? There are a lot of functions, Many that you are unlikely to ever change, use the Function menu for often-changed values and the Favorites menu for the less frequently changed settings and you will be fine.  Do you trust your Sony in inclement weather or is a raincover in order? Yes, it’s been in rain and hard wind blowing sand all over it, no issues. I've done quite a bit of research regarding sd cards in Sony body's and have decided to use uhs-1 in both slots. Stupid idea? Yes, use the fastest card that will work in the UHS II slot. Now, I don't mean to be crass with this next but it'll help any respondents with answers: I have a budget of around £15000. I have a shopping list I've pretty much settled on but would welcome any changes. I would genuinely welcome and appreciate your thoughts. Obviously this might change dependent on Sony's New York event today.  Sony A7iii - VGC3 grip - Spare z100 battery - Tamron 17-28 (should it prove to be a good lens) - Tamron 28-75 - Sony 70-200 G Master - Sony 200-600 G (Ditto...) - Sony 85 1.8 - Zeiss 55 1.8 - Sony 35 1.8 (Ditto again...). I'm also considering a second body (as the wife has expressed some interest in photography). I recently bought the VGC3 grip, I like that I can just put a single battery in to keep the weight down, I use it for vertical shots as it is easier to hold the camera that way. The 70-200 is an amazing lens, and one I use very often. The Swiss 55mm 1.8 is one of the sharpest lens I have ever seen, very light and compact and well made. I have the 200-600 on order. There's also some other items on the list but the main one's are above: Benro Mach 3 (38) tripod. Benro G3 Ballhead, Peak Design Slide strap, Sky Watcher Star Adventurer pro pack and Lowepro Flipside 300 AWii. I use a Manfrotto tripod, I like to use a heavy one as I usually operate it remotely from a distance and this helps to prevent the wind from blowing it over. Filters. I originally looked at B+W but balked at the prices. Are they really that good? Would I be well-served with Hoya's Pro1 digital line? Don't know, I just use a UV or plain glass filter to protect front element (personal choice). Godox V1 - anyone used it? No Meike hand grip - terrible or....? I use the Sony grip  Screen protectors - I'm struggling to pay what Sony is asking for theirs. I have found some generic one's on Amazon that are massively less expensive (Komet brand). Never used one but it can’t hurt to buy one, I don’t use the monitor much. I wish Sony would use the same style as the a77 and allow to to flip around so the screen is against the camera body. Capture one for editing? Yes I think that's it. Apologies for the long read, I've tried to be as concise as possible. Thanks in advance for any advice/help offered.
  3. If the blur is caused by pressing the button then it may help. It just delays by 2 seconds https://helpguide.sony.net/gbmig/45349331/v1/en/contents/TP0000508226.html?search=Delay
  4. Did you turn on the shutter delay to stop the camera moving when you pressed the button?
  5. Perhaps a faster sensor read, or one or two QXD card slots. They may increase to 36mp, if only to boost the reach of those 400 and 600 primes (via cropping). For me, there’s not much that I can fault with my a9, I’ve never hit the buffer limit, the battery life is amazing and if I want a more ergonomic feel then I can just bolt on the extra battery grip. What would interest me more is an upgrade to the 6400, I’d like to get an APS-C camera to serve as a second/backup camera. Something with a faster frame rate and two card slots, I could also use it for some extra reach for wildlife / moon shots with the 200-600.
  6. Good shots, the last one is my favorite.
  7. Do you mean the A7III ? https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1432717-REG/pocketwizard_s_vpr1_acc_remote_trigger_cable_for.html
  8. Tony and Chelsea are working on a video of the 200-600, some Instagram users were asking Tony to test with the 1.4 and 2.0 TC’s. Initial feedback seemed to suggest the 1.4 was ok but not the 2.0. I’m not sure when the video will be posted.
  9. I think bee wings oscillate around 200-270 beats per minute, that would tie in nicely with Peiter’s explanation.
  10. The 200-600 seems a lot heavier when compared to the 100-400, plus being another four inches longer. While I think the 200-600 would be better suited to your needs, it won’t help much if it makes it difficult for you to walk to a place where you can actually use it. Personally, I think a good course of action would be to wait a while until the lens comes out and maybe trying renting it for a weekend, preferably one with a full moon and clear skies so you can try it out for both wildlife and moon-shots. Then try walking around with it for a while and see how it feels. Another option would be to consider a smaller wide angle lens. My go-to is the 35 f2.8, not as wide as the 24-105 but it’s so light weight that I can just drop it in a pocket and forget about it. The added benefit of waiting a while is that there will likely be more detailed reviews of this lens that may help tip the balance. I would also expect to see some price reductions on that 100-400 before the end of the year, especially with that 200-600 coming in under 2k.
  11. I pre-ordered the 200-600. I’m not thrilled with the small aperture (6.3) but I want to get into some wildlife photography and this is the best option at the moment. I may one day get the 400 2.8, along with a 1.4 teleconverter that would give me 560mm at f4... once I win the lottery.
  12. The 100GM requires a lot of light if you are not shooting outdoors on a sunny day, then you need to use a flash.
  13. Wow.... I had no idea it was possible to walk under a glacier. Good shots
  14. LiveShots


    The a9 is a beast.... The auto-focus latched on so quick with the 70-200 that I think all my shots were in focus. The only ones that missed were those where I could not put the focus point on the bike, as they were moving so fast.
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