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  1. LiveShots

    Even trouble....help!

    If you keep it at f2, then it should blur the background, though it depends on how far away the lens is from the subject, and the subject from the background.
  2. I have the Peak Design 5L… looking at the Manfrotto I would say the Manfrotto looks to be a better bag. The PD bag does not have as much padding around the equipment.
  3. LiveShots

    Advice needed A7R

  4. LiveShots


    What camera, what firmware, what laptop? if using a Mac with either of the last two OS’s there are additional instructions that must be followed, details on the support page Always use the supplied USB cable, 3rd party cables have issues,
  5. Do you recall what trigger you were using ?
  6. Item 5 is the correct Port, its a micro-USB
  7. It should be a trigger that is compatible with your hot shoe or has a cable that connects to the camera's multi-function port, like PocketWizard.
  8. LiveShots

    Sony Zeiss 55mm f1.8

    Original and cropped using a6000.Not my best photos but I wanted to show how much crop can be used and still get a sharp image. I like this lens a lot, built quality and weight a both great.
  9. 1a. That is how it will work. I don't use it. I use Expand Flexible Spot with Lock On. Once set it stays there until I turn it off. If the object moves outside if the focus spot it continues to track (that's the 'Expand' part' 1b. Lock on/tracking works best in Continuous AF mode. No need to use S-AF unless taking a photo of a still object from a tripod. Anything else use C-AF. 1c. See a) above
  10. Not sure if that is possible; If you use ISO Auto, you could use M option which allows shutter/aperture to be changed with front and rear dials, the camera will set the correct ISO for those values.
  11. File Number: Series and Folder Name: Date Form are the two setting that will put all the images into a single folder. At least that is what I have on my a9.
  12. Playback... viewing images etc..
  13. You may be better off with Wide setting. If you’re pointing the camera skyward then it should lock on to anything that moves regardless of where it is in the viewfinder. Another option would be Exand Flexible Spot.
  14. It’s not something that I use that often, my only suggestion would be to open up the manual, the online versions have more information, and follow it step by step. I suspect that something is being done out of sequence and that is causing the problem.