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  1. Check for corrosion/dirt on the battery contacts in the camera. It sounds like it is losing contact with the battery. Thats the inly thing I can suggest
  2. PocketWizard III, they are not cheap and you need two of them Effective range is staggering. I’ve used these for literally thousands of shots (sports)... You’ll need a Sony cable too
  3. Seeing the packages side by side, the differences are obvious. But if you only had one to look at it would appear genuine. E-bay can have some good deals but they need to get rid of all the fake stuff, though I’ve seen people order from Amazon and end up with fakes too.
  4. Have you followed the information here, including the Hint section? https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1930/v1/en/contents/TP0002727486.html?search=Interval
  5. Someone had a similar issue with 200-600 when they had a UV filter on the lens. Sony recommended not to use such a filter when he contacted them. I use a plain glass filter (to protect the lens).
  6. What movie format are you using... the format and file size dictates the maximum recording time: See below https://helpguide.sony.net/dc/1910/v1/en/contents/TP0002870058.html?search=Recording time Also, I am not sure how video recording is affected of there afe blocks of old data on the card. The camera may be able to skip over those sectors and continue recording on the next available block of memory or it may stop. Maybe try formatting the card first and then try recording. If the same thing happens then you may have a bad/fake card... it does happen.
  7. I think the default is on and can changed by accessing menu when you are in your preferred mode (2) https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/2010/v1/en/contents/TP0003220952.html
  8. I think Its just vignetting, greater depth of field makes it more pronounced.
  9. Altitude should be a non-issue, I’ve used my a9 at 9000 feet (around 2700 meters) with no issue. The only potential issue is temperature. Check the temp ranges for your camera in the online help guide. Batteries won’t last long in low temps so bring spares and try to keep them warm.
  10. I seem to recall I get the Slot 1 error the very first time I use a brand new card on my a9... its been a while though
  11. Colors can only go as far as recorded. With spot metering being used it will try to balance the exposure in the center of the frame which is where the light is. Try mounting the camera on a tripod, and take a picture with bracketing turned on for EACH of the various metering modes, save images as RAW + JPG Then do the same with DRO turned on, and go through them all to see which JPG is closer to reality. Then use a good photo editor to fine-tune the RAW version of that image. On the last example I did not adjust the saturation, so there may be some more color that could be brought out.
  12. Here's another way of editing, just changing Exposure Brightness and Shadow
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