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  1. I’ll keep you all posted of course. WiFi access has ever been used. It’s not one of the things I use.
  2. As a matter of fact I was actually in the process of checking this out and seems the little button on the left we keep down to move the Focus around is a bit harder than normal. Might be either breaking or dirty? Then noticed another thing is shows top left screen an M and S continuously changing as if I were changing the program dial, but I am not. It’s always in manual. Tried to play around with it and will see if anything changes. Say it was either or both of these, what would you suggest? thanks.
  3. Neither have I. I’ve always used it for long hours and never had an issue then suddenly it just started. I would say about a month ago. No difference in anything. As said, tried with many cards and batteries but does the same.
  4. Hi, has anyone has any slowing down issues with their a9? When I use the aperture and time dial the responses are so bad that it nearly takes up to 2/3 seconds to change. Sometimes lags terribly as well. If I switch off, the camera actually takes up to 5 seconds to go off. The AF is slow as well. Tried multiple, lenses, cards, batteries and still have the same issue. Apparently once it's been on for a while, like 5 or 10 minutes, hanging down on my shoulder it gets worse. As soon as I switch it off and back on again, the issue is gone for a few minutes then gets bad again. Anyone have any ideas? Its hosting the latest firmware to this date. Many thanks. Alex.
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