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Found 26 results

  1. Somewhat overcooked in camera HDR, with the Industar 61

    © Mike Kanssen

  2. From the album: Pounding Mill Foggy Sunrise

    Fog is beginning to break up at Pounding Mill Overlook from 5000' on the BRP
  3. mrjcall

    Burning Bush.jpg

    From the album: Water Falls

    © ©JBC Photography

  4. mrjcall

    Pearson Falls

    From the album: Water Falls

    A lesser visited falls in Western North Carolina, yet very beautiful after a heavy rain. A must to shoot when overcast to avoid harsh shadows.

    © ©JBC Photography

  5. mrjcall

    Looking Glass Falls

    From the album: Water Falls

    Looking Glass Falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Western North Carolina. Must get there EARLY for photography without tourists all over.

    © ©JBC Photography

  6. mrjcall

    Catawba River Falls

    From the album: Water Falls

    Catawba River Falls rarely has this much water flow. Heavy rains in the area allowed this scene to happen.

    © ©JBC Photography

  7. Hi, new to the forum and the camera! The image is what I got with the handshake SCN settings, trying to get the background closer to white. Can anyone tell me how to set white balance? I'm doing some studio shots with a white background. Over time, I will invest in studio strobes. Right now, trying to push the camera, to both see the background as white, and also not blow out the subject too much. I'm thinking some kind of combination with HDR and exposure adjustment? Any advice?
  8. I had a goal during the eclipse. To create and HDR photo of it. You can easily make out the surface of the moon, the suns corona and two large prominence's located at 1 and 3 o'clock. This image was created with 8 photos, processed in LightRoom and PhotoShop. This was my first eclipse and first time photographing an eclipse. What do you guys think? Gear used: Sony Alpha a6300 Orion ED80T - 720mm equiv Celestron AVX Crooked River Ranch, Oregon
  9. I'm looking to shot brackets of RAW shots for use with HDR Efex Pro or Photomatix Pro, is this possible?
  10. Hi all, I am wondering what are the specific options for shooting timelapses in HDR. I don't mind buying new hardware, mobile apps or using existing bracketing options in camera. What I like to achieve is programable timelapse, when each shot is shot in multiple exposures. My camera is Sony Alpha A7SII. Cheers for any input, JC
  11. I have had my A7II for a while and I really like it. But there is one issue that makes me so mad I sometimes consider changing camera just because of that. And I just want to confirm that there is no workaround for this that I have missed. The issue is that I'm always use back button focus and that seems to prevent me from taking HDR bracketed images in a good way. The reason is that the camera does not allow to take HDR bracketed images using timer (like the A7RII does) and then you need to use a remote to not shake the camera. However, the remote doesn't allow you to take pictures if the AF is not enabled for the shutter button (i.e. when I use back button focus, the remote doesn't work). Is there a workaround for this? In my opinion ever serious landscape photographer uses back button focus (or manual), so it's a deal breaker to not be able to take HDR in any sane way with this enabled...
  12. mrjcall

    Soft Maple

    From the album: Stacked Zinnia

    © JBC Photography

  13. In my latest review i´m taking a look at the Sony Sky HDR App which you can get for 10€ in the Sony Appstore and use on your sony cameras like the A7II, A7rII, A6300... but is it really worth it? Get some coffee and Donuts and have a look! ‪ http://www.dsphotoblog.com/?p=1118
  14. andreasson360

    Gomslet 1Gomslet 1

    From the album: Panoramic

    © andreasson360.se

  15. From the album: Autumn Landscapes

    © Dave Everett Photography 2015

  16. From the album: Autumn Landscapes

    © Dave Everett Photography 2015

  17. I don't often use HDR, today I tried it and found the camera wasn't combining the shots This has not happened to me before. The only difference I can recall is this is the first time I have tried HDR after the firmware upgrade has any one else had a similar problem I am not blaming the firmware up grade as yet, any suggestions would be greatly apppreciated
  18. Pole Panorama taken from 3m height with an A6000 / Samyang MFT 7.5mm lens converted to eMount ( There's another one for comparison: http://www.mopswerk.de/2015/07/roaming-over-a-sea-of-grain/ )
  19. Hi Everyone, I just received a lens that I had always been hoping for. The 16-35 mm Vario Tessar. I am attaching two HDR photographs of a Pagoda. The three photo exposures were taken handheld with the Sony a7 II. I will be taking more pictures with this lens. Have to use the lens with the level display in order to keep the back parallel to the walls of the buildings I photograph. Brian Matsumoto
  20. Here is an HDR I did of my car. I used an a6000 with a Samyang 12mm.
  21. An HDR pic I made the other day with my Sony a6000 and Sigma 19mm. So far I am loving the camera. I am having troubles finding the sharpest settings for the lens though. Any tips, help are much appreciated. Bryan
  22. Gatsu81

    15392532211 d53e5ebd81 O

    From the album: Scapes

    © Beach

  23. Why the name “60 Minutes”? About 1 Month ago. I looked out of the window of my home-office and saw that the Venus brightly glowing above the Moon. So I grabbed my camera and tripod and started taking some images. After some minutes I decided to create a panoramic image to show the whole spectrum. So I positioned all and started shooting. Again after some time I realized that the sky was changing constantly in such rich colors. So I kept on for a about 1 hour. At the end I wanted to merge all the experience into one image. Therefore the name “60 Minutes“. If you want to know more about my worklflow, please visit my blogpost. Thanks! http://www.msphotomaniac.com/2014/04/60-minutes/ Software used 6 Panoramas - 3 Exposures each / Lightroom / Photoshop / Photomatix Equipment used Sony A65 Manual Focal Lenght: 18mm Shutterspeed : 1/8 Aperture: f8 ISO: 100
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