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Found 17 results

  1. From the album: Panoramic

    © andreasson360.se

  2. From the album: Autumn Landscapes

    © Dave Everett Photography 2015

  3. From the album: Autumn Landscapes

    © Dave Everett Photography 2015

  4. Somewhat overcooked in camera HDR, with the Industar 61

    © Mike Kanssen

  5. From the album: Pounding Mill Foggy Sunrise

    Fog is beginning to break up at Pounding Mill Overlook from 5000' on the BRP
  6. Hi all, I am wondering what are the specific options for shooting timelapses in HDR. I don't mind buying new hardware, mobile apps or using existing bracketing options in camera. What I like to achieve is programable timelapse, when each shot is shot in multiple exposures. My camera is Sony Alpha A7SII. Cheers for any input, JC
  7. I have had my A7II for a while and I really like it. But there is one issue that makes me so mad I sometimes consider changing camera just because of that. And I just want to confirm that there is no workaround for this that I have missed. The issue is that I'm always use back button focus and that seems to prevent me from taking HDR bracketed images in a good way. The reason is that the camera does not allow to take HDR bracketed images using timer (like the A7RII does) and then you need to use a remote to not shake the camera. However, the remote doesn't allow you to take pictures if the AF is not enabled for the shutter button (i.e. when I use back button focus, the remote doesn't work). Is there a workaround for this? In my opinion ever serious landscape photographer uses back button focus (or manual), so it's a deal breaker to not be able to take HDR in any sane way with this enabled...
  8. I had a goal during the eclipse. To create and HDR photo of it. You can easily make out the surface of the moon, the suns corona and two large prominence's located at 1 and 3 o'clock. This image was created with 8 photos, processed in LightRoom and PhotoShop. This was my first eclipse and first time photographing an eclipse. What do you guys think? Gear used: Sony Alpha a6300 Orion ED80T - 720mm equiv Celestron AVX Crooked River Ranch, Oregon
  9. In my latest review i´m taking a look at the Sony Sky HDR App which you can get for 10€ in the Sony Appstore and use on your sony cameras like the A7II, A7rII, A6300... but is it really worth it? Get some coffee and Donuts and have a look! ‪ http://www.dsphotoblog.com/?p=1118
  10. An HDR pic I made the other day with my Sony a6000 and Sigma 19mm. So far I am loving the camera. I am having troubles finding the sharpest settings for the lens though. Any tips, help are much appreciated. Bryan
  11. Pole Panorama taken from 3m height with an A6000 / Samyang MFT 7.5mm lens converted to eMount ( There's another one for comparison: http://www.mopswerk.de/2015/07/roaming-over-a-sea-of-grain/ )
  12. Why the name “60 Minutes”? About 1 Month ago. I looked out of the window of my home-office and saw that the Venus brightly glowing above the Moon. So I grabbed my camera and tripod and started taking some images. After some minutes I decided to create a panoramic image to show the whole spectrum. So I positioned all and started shooting. Again after some time I realized that the sky was changing constantly in such rich colors. So I kept on for a about 1 hour. At the end I wanted to merge all the experience into one image. Therefore the name “60 Minutes“. If you want to know more about my worklflow, please visit my blogpost. Thanks! http://www.msphotomaniac.com/2014/04/60-minutes/ Software used 6 Panoramas - 3 Exposures each / Lightroom / Photoshop / Photomatix Equipment used Sony A65 Manual Focal Lenght: 18mm Shutterspeed : 1/8 Aperture: f8 ISO: 100
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