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Found 10 results

  1. https://woobox.com/yx7abb/gallery/Q4y9raDlf98 Hello everyone, I’m an amateur film maker who moved to Thailand a few months ago to teach science. The company I am with is hosting a video contest, and was the first chance for me to try out my new Sony a6300. I would love any tips, comments, or suggestions, as this is my first venture into the filming and editing process. Video is shot only using the kit lens, and a Hero6 for the POV shots. I would also IMMENSLY appreciate a vote on the website, which you can do every day! Doing so would allow me to bring a friend to visit as well as get a little cash to invest in a new lens! Thank you all, I look forward to your comments!
  2. From the album: Voigtlander 15mm MKIII

    The local BTS train system in Bangkok, Thailand

    © Toni Laird

  3. From the album: Voigtlander 15mm MKIII

    Offices along Sathorn Road, Bangkok, Thailand

    © Toni Laird

  4. From the album: Voigtlander 15mm MKIII

    Queen Sirikit Park Lake, Bangkok, Thailand

    © Toni Laurd

  5. From the album: Satit P

    © Satit Putarakkit

  6. Traveled to Khao Yai, Thailand recently and took some landscape shots. Using the new SEL35F18F: Bloom by RICO Lee, on Flickr With the SEL85F18: Day by RICO Lee, on Flickr
  7. anonsailor


    Angsuma, rooftop pool/garden, Pattaya, Thailand...
  8. anonsailor

    Arty Nan

    Arty Nan, from a shoot in Bangkok, Thailand,
  9. After shooting some more 'typical' photos in Bangkok's iconic Hua Lamphong train station the other day, I decided to try something more creative. Shot on an empty track late at night, using some of the available (spot) light sources, the idea was to change the mood from an overly bright and harsh lit station into a more retro-looking, moody place. Shot with A7II x Tokina 17mm f/3.5 RMC.
  10. Hey Folks, i'm pretty new to this forum so i thought i'll just share two stories how i experienced travelling with the a6000 through thailand and cambodia. I bought mine exactly for this trip since i didnt want to carry around my D600. Let me know if you got questions or got anything to add: http://passportsandlenses.com/hello-bangkok/ http://passportsandlenses.com/walking-with-tourists-in-cambodia/ All the best, Alex
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