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Found 9 results

  1. Hello. Can Sony make firmware to use DJI stabilizer without IBIS off. When i try to connect my gimbal using cable, camera disable built-in matrix stabilization. Lens is Tamron 28-75 2.8
  2. Event season is starting to pick up finally, so I have some extra $$$ to spend to expand my gear. My photo side is pretty well fleshed out for my needs at this point, so I've been looking to expand the video side. Already have wireless mics and off-camera LED panels from some on-tripod static videos I've been shooting (reviews/testimonials), but nothing for movement yet. Been looking at a DJI Mini 2 or an equivalently priced gimbal (wide selection I need to narrow down). Wondering which I should go for first. Real estate jobs seem pretty cut and dry: camera photos on the ground, drone photos in the air, and drone video everywhere else, so I was considering getting the drone first. I've already figured out hacks to substantially improve the DJI Mini 2's RAW images, so there's no issue on that end when lining up against my A7 III's IQ for real estate level IQ. Weddings pay more for video work, but in return, also take up much more time, and are mostly run and gun/spur of the moment for gimbal use. Both would require extra batteries and factoring in time to learn, both in handling and shooting. AFAIK, I'd have to pay for a drone operator license once I was ready to use the drone for pro work, but recreational/practice use doesn't require one. And in the end, I'll end up owning both in the future, as that will expand my usefulness to clients even more than just one. Just wondering how people who own one or both are doing pro-wise.
  3. Has anyone successfully rigged up this gimbal setup? Currently having quite the time... Gimbal: Ikan Beholder EC-1 (Holds up to 4.5lbs) Camera: Sony A7sii (1lb, 6oz) Lens: Sony Vario Tessar Zeiss 24-70/f4 (15oz) Additional: Sony XLR-K2M XLR Adapter kit (13.1oz) Any thoughts or links that might be helpful? I've watched the Ikan setup video but they use a 35/2.8 lens and no XLR mount.
  4. another video, handheld this time, gimbal didn't enjoy the snow! :-(
  5. Hey guys, Here is another example of the Sony a6300 with the Zhiyun crane v2.. this gimbal has come down in price with the crane 2 announced. Still, a very capable gimbal and Zhiyun continue to provide firmware updates to keep it up to date.
  6. Hey guys, first time on this forum, not sure if this video will show properly or not, just looking for some honest feedback. anyone using 120fps? I feel the quality simply isn't quite as good as shooting on 60fps. Anyone think the same? Anyways, camera used was the Sony A6300 shot at 120fps. Shot on a pretty cold and wet (typically Scottish) day! Let me know what you guys think, not a masterpiece by any means, just simply testing the 120fps shooting mode. Thanks for watching, and HELLO from Scotland!
  7. I did an experiment at Times Square in New York using my sony a7s2 with a very old canon 20-35mm lens I used the Moza Air 3 axis gimbal with an external intervalometer attached to the camera , impressed with the results!!
  8. Any recommendations for a good - hopefully under $700 gimbal, or a really good stabilizer for a lot less, for an a6300? Preferably, I would also be able to use it with an a7ii as well. I plan on primarily using an a6300 with either the 10-18 OSS or the 16mm pancake or the 12mm rokinon. Thanks in advance.
  9. I am using a Sony a7r2 with the 16-35 f4 and have a weird issue with triggering the camera with IR on a drone I can trigger the camera with infra red if it’s handheld or on a tripod but as soon as I place it on my gimbal it will only fire in manual focus mode. I’m using a servo to trigger an infra red and if I tilt the camera down about 45 degrees the camera will fire in autofocus, however if I tilt it up it won’t fire. I have tried every setting imaginable and also shielding the IR with no success. I am using the exact same set up that I had with a Sony A7R, it fired every time in autofocus with the Sony A7R, but not with the Sony A7R2, I’m forced to use manual focus.
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