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Found 27 results

  1. From the album: Liguria

    © Giacomo Faccio

  2. SGM59

    Map of Snow

    From the album: January 2017

    © shani mootoo 2017

  3. Wolf1984

    Ice road

    From the album: 2016

    Lens: Sony E 18-55mm f3.5-5.6

    © Ivan Milanković

  4. From the album: a6000

    shot with a6000 and kit lens 16-50

    © All Rights Reserved

  5. From the album: Landscapes

    An hiker make a picture of Greis Lake, with Greis Glacier and Bleinnenhorn (3374m) on the back. The light was just perfect with great contrasts of coulor all around the picture. I also loved the moment for the great proportion, with the long cloud that creates a circle that go to the mountain, than to the long glacier, to the hiker and at the end back to the sky. I tried to desaturate a bit the colors to get a deeper effect on all the picture.

    © Luca Fontana

  6. From the album: Landscapes

    The very wild landscape of Greispass was changed by the dam and the wind turbine. I included these anthropic elements in the composition. Usually people try to avoid everything made by man in landscape photography, but we are part of the world. I also tried my best in contrasts to give the deep effect of the picture and to underline the lines on the right mountain.

    © Luca Fontana

  7. another video, handheld this time, gimbal didn't enjoy the snow! :-(
  8. The last video from a series about Father Frost. Holidays ended, but not for his. The kind lord of winter and a frost comes back home to themselves to gain strength and to prepare gifts by New Year. Thank you for watching!
  9. On the road in Iceland an EPIC sunset suddenly occurred! I cant wait to go back to iceland, theres so many sights and potentially amazing photos to get. a7rII + 16-35mm f4 davidmolinaart.com
  10. This was taken at the end of January in a park near where we live.
  11. Sony A7 and Sony 28/2.0. Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Winter St. Petersburg by Ivan Pavlov, on Flickr Winter St. Petersburg by Ivan Pavlov, on Flickr Winter St. Petersburg by Ivan Pavlov, on Flickr Winter St. Petersburg by Ivan Pavlov, on Flickr Winter St. Petersburg by Ivan Pavlov, on Flickr Winter St. Petersburg by Ivan Pavlov, on Flickr
  12. luca.f

    To the Summit

    From the album: Landscapes

    Alpinists on the glacier walking to the summit of Adula, highest mountain of Ticino (Switzerland).

    © Luca Fontana

  13. From the album: Wonderful Dolomites

    Sunny view of Champinoi valley.

    © Yury Biryukov

  14. From the album: Wonderful Dolomites

    Sunny view from viewpoint of Porta Vescovo lift.

    © Yury Biryukov

  15. From the album: Wonderful Dolomites

    Sunny view of Belvedere valley not far from Canazei in Val di Fassa.

    © Yury Biryukov

  16. From the album: Wonderful Dolomites

    View of one of lifts not far from Arabba in Val di Fassa.

    © Yury Biryukov

  17. From the album: Wonderful Dolomites

    View from lift Col Rodela on valley.

    © Yury Biryukov

  18. alphaboy

    Winter 2015

    From the album: 2015

    first shot in 2015 on the 01.01.2015

    © blueworldpixel

  19. Hi, new to the forum and the camera! The image is what I got with the handshake SCN settings, trying to get the background closer to white. Can anyone tell me how to set white balance? I'm doing some studio shots with a white background. Over time, I will invest in studio strobes. Right now, trying to push the camera, to both see the background as white, and also not blow out the subject too much. I'm thinking some kind of combination with HDR and exposure adjustment? Any advice?
  20. An insight into what the Brits get up to the moment it snows!
  21. We recently got our first real taste of snow here in Sofia and I decided to do a torture test of my A7 and my girlfriend. Conclusion: they both don't really like snow, but they survived All taken with the A7, Samyang 85mm 1.4 and Canon FD 200mm f2.8. As it was still snowing when I took these I had to resort to some plastic bags and rubber bands for the lenses. The body itself got pretty cold and wet, but in the end it performed admirably. PS: I did both color and b/w versions of these, but I really don't want to spam. DSC02521 by Angel Angelov, on Flickr DSC02494 by Angel Angelov, on Flickr DSC02541 by Angel Angelov, on Flickr DSC02487bw by Angel Angelov, on Flickr DSC02490 by Angel Angelov, on Flickr DSC02639bw by Angel Angelov, on Flickr
  22. Visited the monkey park in Nagano province earlier this month. The monkeys love hotspring bath after their meals in these snowy days. A7S with FE 1635/4 Zeiss and Leica R 60/2.8 Macro Elmarit
  23. mytakeontech

    Snow Play

    Here are some photos from a recent trip to Big Bear, CA. A7R2 with the 55 f1.8
  24. Hi there at SAR, I'm a photographer from Austria, been shooting with Sony gear for the last couple of years and figured it's time to show some (ok...just three) of my more recent shots. Taken last weekend with my A99 & Tamron 24-70 2.8 in the beautiful Dolomites during the so-called "King of Dolomites" freeride photography contest. Hope you like it, I'll post some more of my work during the next few days.
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