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Found 4 results

  1. This is my composite of the eclipse reaching totality. Each photo is about 10 minutes apart until it reaches totality. I love the detail of the sun's corona. Seeing the picture after witnessing the eclipse is incredible. I feel so fortunate to have captured this magical moment. Gear used: Sony Alpha a6300 Orion ED80T Celestron AVX mount
  2. Hi all, I'm a Mirrorless NUBE and am very close to making the switch. Quick background, I was a sponsored climber and traveled 40+ countries rock climbing and mountaineering. This is before budgets for camera crews/person and social media. It was all up to me to grab photos and I'm not a pro. Over the years I've got some great pics and learned how to use manual settings, light, etc. I have shot on a Canon T2i for a long time. Here is the problem. Weight is a big issue for me when hanging on a wall or being in high altitude. If I'm carrying a camera that size and weight, heck! I could be carrying an A7rii ! I am no longer sponsored but still always climbing and traveling and want to start taking my photography seriously. Good thing about the Canon T2i is that I have beaten it into oblivion in the harshest environments and it is still going (flash is broken but I never used it anyway)! A huge benefit is that I can charge it at home, and take it on a 3 week expedition without charging it again. I realize, most of what I am doing is more point and shoot and if I were setting up shots it wouldn't last that long. Lastly, would love a full frame option but thinking the a6500 may be a good bet based on my needs. Other climbing photographers can afford multiple 5DMiii/IV with lots of lenses, but they also have people rig ropes ahead of time and they post up all day. I don't have that luxury and am taking pics while leading groups, fixing ropes, etc. My priorities: weight, size, but also durability, weatherproofing, a solution for short battery life What I shoot: landscapes, portraits, people (climbers, mountaineers) in landscapes, travel A7rii is out of my budget (unless there is a big Black Friday sale ha). The A7ii is doable with one or 2 lenses. Was thinking a pro 50mm or 35mm. a6500 may be a great way to get used to Sony mirrorless then could eventually get an A7rii to compliment it when price decreases in a year or 2). Is full-frame that big of a deal for what I am doing? I appreciate all of the help! Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi everyone, I own a Sony A7 and I'm preparing a trip to Singapore. Considering the weather there, extremely hot, damp and rainy, and considering the weather sealing (or lack of...) of the A7, do you think it could be risky for the camera and the lenses ? I'm more worried about condensation than rain. Advice or experiences will be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. I am of the firm belief that there is no such thing as 'good weather' for taking a photograph. Even a grey day with drizzle offers an opportunity to capture an interesting image. This was captured with Sony's FE24240. A great choice as a walkabout lens when you don't really want to be changing lenses when it is raining :-)
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