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Found 16 results

  1. I purchased my A7S recently, and I think I have a problem with the LiveView Display when camera is in still mode. My LiveView Display setting is set to ON. [table] Setting LiveView Display Actual Photo S 1/5, F22, ISO1000 LiveView works up to 16000 ISOS 1/5, F22, ISO16000 On higher ISO values LiveView doesn't seem to workS 1/5, F22, ISO409600 On movie mode, the display and footage matchS 1/5, F22, ISO409600 [/table] Is this the normal behavior of LiveView, or did I messed with the camera settings? I tried to reinitialize the camera and reset the settings, but nothing changed. I remember it was working before. My firmware version is 2.00
  2. From the album: A7s with LEICA SUMMILUX 35mm f1.4

    I took this foto in Madeira, Santa Cruz (Camacha) with a Association of traditional recreation Bailinho da Madeira - the most famous dance of this island. The kids name is Francisco...

    © Daniel Saraiva Gil

  3. From the album: Still Photos

    I was at a Lunar New Year festival and saw this woman with her monster eyes contacts. ISO 8000 and the camera was just getting warmed up!

    © 2015 Anthony Dalesandro

  4. My canon lens's image stabilization isn't working ONLY when recording video in 24fps. In every other frame rate the image stabilizer will work for both photo and video. Image stabilizer works for photo when video is set at 24fps. Does anyone have a similar issue?
  5. Hello everyone, I've a Sony A7S II and noticed a strange flicker on some highlight area when I recorded a footage. Camera settings below: A7S II + Sony Zeiss 35mm F/1.4 Recorded in full frame 60p 50M S-Log2 1/100s f/5.6 The flickering problem is seen on the windows of one of the building's facade. Exact location of the problem is seen in the screen grab at the end of this post. While these are the footages that's having the problem. Problem is most apparent when videos are downloaded (5.5MB each) instead of streamed. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gd802gfudikbzqd/TESTFLICKER_RAW.mp4?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/836neifw6dmzvxl/TESTFLICKER_GRADED.mp4?dl=0 Does anyone know what may be causing this to happen? Much appreciate any comments and ideas to resolve this. Thank you! Ray
  6. Looking through a Telescope , it opens up entire new world . There is always the “ WaW “ factor , I can’t believe that I’m actually seeing this. Since my childhood I’m addicted to the night sky and its glory above . This Self-portrait image under the MilkyWay was captured in Jabalshams ( Mountain of Sun ) in Oman on 26th September 2016. Notice the Milky Way starts to disappear near the horizon because of the light pollution from Al-Hamra nearest city, if we don't act from now, this glory will be part of history. Jebel Shams or the Mountain of Sun as called in english is the highest Mountain of the country and reaches elevation of 3009m at the north summit. The temperature in summer, is around 20 °C (68 °F) and in the winter it drops to less than 0 °C (32 °F). Single exposure image at 20Sec, ISO6400 Sony A7S with Zeiss Batis 18mm F2.8.
  7. Two female filmmakers, one writer and director, one director of photography, are proud to present you ... AMBIVALENCE is a short that tells the story of Nora, who lives a very eccentric life. She looks at her life as if it’s a rollercoaster that's only going up. But Nora doesn’t realize that her cheerful nature might also have a very dark edge. Shot on A7S. Samyang VSLR lenses - 24/35/50/85. 1080HD / 25 and 50 fps internal recording. Grading in DaVinci Resolve. No animals were harmed https://vimeo.com/200845601
  8. Hi, Previously I had another copy of commlite adaptor and used it with the older A7S, the canon IS was working throught the commlite on the canon 24-105L & 70-200 2.8 L Now, i bought another copy of commlite, and am using it with the newer A7Smk2 with the same lenses 24-105 & 70-200 but, I can not seem to get the lenses IS working, even when I turn off IBIS and restart camera. If the lense has IS I prefer it to IBIS for zooms. Can anyone confirm that lens IS should work commlite on the A7Smk2 Thanks.
  9. For me and my Sony A7S (mk1), I concluded that S-log was not useful for my purposes in most circumstances. I do mainly wildlife and nature stuff, so while I do a bit of color correction, I rarely give my footage a color grade as I usually need all the colors to look as "realistic" as possible. The main problem I had with S-log on the A7S was that while it did offer extended dynamic range, I was struggling to get the contrast and saturation back in the mid tones of the image during post, with or without various LUTs applied. I was actually struggling to get the mid tones to look anything like they do straight out of the camera with PP2 or any rec709 PP applied, which has good contrast and saturation in the mid tones, but lower DR. The main reason that I put this down to, was that while s-log is great for those of us wanting to apply creative color grades, and especially for people who want a lower contrast image, s-log2 and S-log3 are really meant for 10bit video files. As great as the Sony A7S is, it still outputs an 8bit signal, which means that some compromises need to be made in order to capture that extra detail in the shadows and highlights. I feel that compromise becomes apparent when you then try to put contrast back into the mid- tones and get them to look how they would if you had recorded in a rec709 profile. The 8bit image just doesn't stand up to the pushing and pulling required to get that contrast back like a 10bit or raw image would. Therefore, I concluded that the S-log profiles on the A7S would only be useful for me when I have no other choice but to shoot in super high contrast situations, and I absolutely need detail in both highlights and shadows. The rest of the time, I'm going to be exposing my rec709 image carefully, and getting my highlights under control before I start shooting. The reason why I chose to post this here is that I see very little conversation about this problem. Most posts about s-log are from the viewpoint of people applying creative grades which, like I say, is totally valid. But, there is very little conversation about how S-log on the A7S is less useful for those of us needing to capture rich mid tones and maintain a greater accuracy in our images, and if there is any conversation about it at all, then it's being drowned out by people raving about S-log as a feature. Don't get me wrong, I love that Sony is pushing the boat out and cramming in so much to these tiny cameras for such a great price! In some ways it's a shame, because I often find myself at the mercy of the weather and other conditions, and a true high dynamic range profile would be really useful, but then again, I also understand that this is what you pay all the extra money for, when you buy a camera that can shoot 10bit, or raw video. Anyway, I would love to hear from others in a similar situation if you have any thoughts on this. Do you shoot docs (and I don't mean those low contrast, color graded hipster docs), and have found a practical use for S-log on an 8bit video image that looks good? I would love to be proved wrong and learn how to get the best out of it. I've just purchased the A7Sii so I'll definitely keep experimenting, but I wont be using S-log2/3 for any wildlife video soon. Like I say, I'm not really interested in being told how great s-log is from people shooting fiction, advertising, art films etc, unless you can demonstrate that contrast and color in the midtones can be brought back to the same quality as the mid tones in a rec709 image in a side-by-side comparison. I'm looking for a sensible, open discussion, not a shouting match between fanboys/girls. Thanks,
  10. Hello, My 35mm 2.8 lens is acting crazy on my A7S making weird noise and focus don't work. I can't even select aperture. Here is a video of the problem including the weird noise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfg4Nvz7jsU Anyone ever had this issue and know how to solve this? Thank you!
  11. This is barely better than the original A7s - any frame rate improvements (120 fps) include a 2.2x crop factor and the camera can't output any frame rates higher than 60fps for recording via HDMI anyway. Any reasons to keep this thing? I love the stabilizer, but I'd rather have it on the A7R2, are there any advantages to the S2 other than iso?
  12. Hello fellow Sony Shooters, I've been following the boards for awhile and this will be my very first post here (but not the last!). I wanted to share with you images I took during my time covering the earthquake disaster relief in Nepal during the month of May. I've been using my Sony A7s for about 9 months now – but this disaster really pushed it to its full capabilities! I'll be writing a different type of review on this camera – not about the fancy specs – but a photojournalist perspective of using this camera. Please check out my Flickr gallery of more than 300 photographs during my 3 weeks in Nepal: https://www.flickr.com/photos/imagehero/sets/72157651736088794 I've also written a blog post about the hardships I've witnessed from others and faced myself while over there on my website: http://image-hero.com/journal/2015/5/30/an-image-that-inspires-action-my-reflection-on-nepal-earthquake Very Respectfully, Jonathen E. Davis Image Hero
  13. I shot this video about a week ago within my last trip to Beijing. These are all behind the scene footage and wasnt meant for a film or any particular use. I thought i'd edit something has i really like these footages. Gear used: Sony A7s Sony 28-135 Commlite af adapterl + Canon 16-35 Please comment/ Share is you like, Thanks.
  14. I recently was being a tourist in the city I live in. I was taking pictures of the Sydney Opera House when i turned around and saw a bike under a lamp. I took a picture at an eye watering ISO of 16000 and it turned out to be my favourite image of the night. Taken with the A7S and the Zeiss FE Sonnar 35/2.8 'A bike at the opera'
  15. Hi there, I had a shoot in Florida two weeks ago and shot with my A7S I and A7S II. The weather wasn't terribly humid but definitely more humid than where I am in California. On the first day of the shoot, towards the end of the day the LCD and the viewfinder on my A7SII both went black. The camera was still functioning as I was recording through the HDMI to external recorders but the LCD wasn't so we obviously couldn't make changes to the camera. The following day, my A7SI had the same thing happen where the LCD and viewfinder both went black as well. I had no idea what was going on but since the same identical problem happened to the two bodies, I was thinking maybe it had something to do with the humidity. I got back after the shoot and sent both in for repair. The A7SII is under warranty and the A7SI is not. Precision Camera sent the A7SII back to me which I received today with a note saying that they are "returning unit unrepaired. unit is 'beyond economical repair' due to corrosion". They A7SI is still getting looked at. I called Sony and they said they would escalate the situation and have someone call me back. A quick search on the web revealed others with a similar problem although most of the ones I found were situations where they dripped liquid on the LCD. Here's the Question: I'm just writing to find out if anyone had this problem before and if so, if you had any success dealing with Sony to replace or repair their cameras? I did not expose either camera to liquid and only to mild humidity so I'm bummed at the idea that this would not be covered by warranty. Feels like we should be able to use these cameras in mildly humid conditions. Again, these conditions were not extreme. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance. max
  16. I'm just wondering from all of you who own a Sony A7S, what is the largest print you have produced, that you are satisfied with the detail in the image? Also, if there is a large size you tried to have printed and realized it wasn't to your liking, in other words a cut off for maximum size of where you would take your prints, by learning first hand. My background with shooting and printing large was with the Canon 6D and I believe its just over 20MP, and the largest print I had done was 30x40. I don't think I would take it any farther than that, unless I learned how to upscale an image. I purchased the A7SII for mainly video, but wondering if I should go for it with photos too? Thank you in advanced.
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