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  1. I'm waiting for the RX100 mark 8, in hopes, that Sony offers an upgrade path to people who prefer a shorter and brighter lens, like the mark 5 had. But with the chip shortages and many other economic issues, who knows when that might become available. Fans of this powerful portable camera thought the RX100 mark 8 was overdue since 2019...
  2. A7SII's AF isn't as reliable or fast as the A7RII. And for 4K video, watch your ambient temperature. If its a hot day, you might get trouble very quickly.
  3. I don't know if I'd sell you another insurance after all that... I would have refused your claim due to gross negligence: You should have had the sense NOT to power it up while "the innards were soaked", but instead immediately remove the battery and the card. That act belongs in a fail compilation on YouTube. Short term exposure to liquid does not damage electronics, unless you apply power before its been completely dried (after a week stored in rice for example). Just like you shouldn't drive a car without license, you should know some basics on how to treat electronics that got wet before rushing out to drop 3 grand on an extra-sensitive type of electronics. Getting a grey market replacement for a warranty claim is a bit fishy, but then, if you have third party warranty for it anyway, it doesn't matter so much. MACK at least claims all the work they cover will be done by Sony's own service centers (Or whatever horrible place Sony has farmed such services out to, like "Precision Ripoff" some name close to that anyway). Otherwise, your saying you called them daily just makes you sound pushy and like an annoyance to any customer service center. Yes, what they do doesn't happen instantly and their turnaround on stuff doesn't always coincide with impatient customers who voluntarily hosed their gear. And no, I don't work at such a place and I get annoyed by slow service too, but there's different levels of "slow"...
  4. Its not much of an investment anyway for Sony APS-C lenses... between all the currently available models, they all average out to about $225 a pop. Nothing you couldn't get rid of on eBay any day of the week to those who just want a decent camera and don't care if its a currently selling model or not.
  5. I'd love to see someone compare the a6300's copper-connects sensor with the RX100m4's BSI sensor. Aside from being able to swap lenses, I'm not sure if the a6300 takes better stills under what conditions.
  6. - you can't have "extensively" tested a new camera after having it for 1 day, even if you spent the full 24 hours 1 - you may have a defective unit. I can hardly imagine all these other people wouldn't have complained if it was like that with every a6300 2 - Sony really needs to fix that or people are going to try to jailbreak that freaking camera OS, just to neuter Sony's insanity. 3 - I wonder if Google or Jason Lanier might know a workaround 4 - that would be a lousy ratio, but then, 3/10 is just too small a sample size - and probably shot in a single session. 6 - Sony's menus are definitely not about convenience... blerk
  7. The least Sony could have done would be a smartphone style connector, if they were short on space. There is a soggy workaround however - you can use an HDMI to audio adapter from Amazon or eBay... Clunky, but better than nothing. Better would be connecting a 7" HDMI monitor and plugging your headphones into that. Of course now, you loose any size and weight advantage the A6300 has and might as well just wait to buy an A7S Mark3...
  8. For you personally, you mean. Or have you not grasped that different people care about different things, and that each of their different concerns are equally as valid as yours?
  9. True, but do you think pro shooters for the Olympics will go there with a crop sensor unit as their main camera? Maybe as a secondary...
  10. None electronically, no TTL, no HSS, none of that. Only optical trigger - which works fine: - Have to fire the little built-in flash on the RX100IV and set your Nissin or Yongnuo to be optical slaves, either SF or SD mode, iirc. You should be able to find optical trigger instructions in your manual. You use one or the other mode, depending if your built-in flash does pre-flash(es) or not.
  11. Yeah, this argument is impossible to dispute... A camera that's excellent at shooting sports, that can use all that new high end glass has to be Sony's strategy... Even the RX100V and A7 III may not come out 'on time', taking a back seat to that. They'll have to start selling it well in advance of the Olympics, since nobody would take a new camera they couldn't test extensively first.
  12. I know that the RX100IV doesn't have any interface, but it has a small built in flash... Thanks to Apollwnios' hint, I found several flashes that will work in optical slave mode. These flash units can slave to the built-in little flash of the RX100IV - they detect the light of the flash and fire. This works for some Yongnuo flashes and it works for the Nissin Di700, the Nissin Di40 and the soon to come Di60. I think I will probably get the Di40, cause its a fair bit smaller and lighter than the Di700 and it also doesn't have any menu, just two rotary knobs to pick your settings. I like that. There's 2 optical slave modes I discovered, one for flashes with pre-flash and one for flashes without, so you can just set it to the mode that matches how your camera's flash works and bingo!
  13. For APS-C, I'd like a 35mm Pancake to walk about (Samsung managed to make one for their APS-C cameras, why can't Sony?) 85mm Zeiss OSS And well, if Sony makes some FE OSS lenses, I'd use those with the IBIS-lacking a6300 I think Sony shot itself in the foot not putting IBIS into the a6300: - All they're doing is curtailing sales of their higher priced full frame glass. - Sony also misses out on the additional excuse of an FE glass owner to eventually upgrade to a full frame body.
  14. Awesome, thanks a lot! I went to Amazon and found a reviewer who also talked about using it that way. I guess some Yuonuo?? flashes can apparently also do that, but most people said the Nissin Di700A was just full of awesome in every way... So I'm gonna order the Sony version, so I can use it with my A7S mark3. I'm sending a magic spell in Sony's direction every morning to hurry up with that.
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