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  1. I had the same issue and when I turned off the silent shutter, problem solved.
  2. The RX100Vii looks like a perfect street/always-on-board camera. 24 MP is plenty and the optics are probably good. The eye focus would be the deal maker for me.
  3. I'm going from an A7Rii to the new iv. Don't really "need" a new toy, but I guess cameras are my sports car/boat/time-share/motorcycle/etc. Be interesting to see if Sony can keep the high-iso noise at bay with all those pixels. They claim they can. If you can mention Sony and Hasselblad in the same sentence; that says a lot. I was a Nikon guy until the A7R came out and I have always thought that Sony was on the right track for new camera gear. Nikon and Canon seem to be obsessed with the past. I am hoping that by ordering on the first day (actually, the first hour) that pre-orders were accepted, maybe I can get in the first shipment. We'll see. Good luck, have fun.
  4. I have to agree the feel of the camera with a big f2.8 lens is a little cumbersome. I have sort of gotten used to it over the years. We travel a lot and the size of the Sonys suit us. I'm sure you will find a buyer for your Sonys. Have fun.
  5. I preordered from B&H in NYC. My wife and I have been using A7's since the first A7R came out. I'm a resolution person so looking forward to the new sensor. Anyone else considering?
  6. For portraits I would look at the 85 1.8. Good focal length for headshots. Most people are comfortable with people shooting their portrait from that distance.
  7. A7R, purchased 4 or 5 years ago, A7Rii, purchased 2 or 3 years ago. Just preordered an A7Riv.
  8. Like so many things, it depends on your priorities. I own the 16-35 f2.8 GM and absolutely love it on my A7Rii. I also drive an 11-yr.-old car and love it. They both serve my needs and fancies, perfectly. Yes, it is worth the $$$, if quality matters. Good luck. Happy shooting.
  9. I bought a little Rokinon aka Samyang 12mm f2.8 e mount lens from B and H. It's manual focus and manual aperture, but it satisfies my occasional desire for CRAZY WIDE. It's a fish-eye, but I also got a little Fisheye-Hemi program which turns the image into just a crazy wide angle shot. So for under $400, I can do those ultra wide shots and use my 16-35 and 12-24 for the bulk of my photo. Might take a look at it. It is actually a very sharp little lens.
  10. All photographers are grumpy. Most plumbers are grumpy. Some bakers are grumpy. A few millers are grumpy.
  11. Actually, I got the Samyang/Roikinon for $350, no tax or shipping from B&H. But those images from the Venus were close to distortion free.
  12. I think you will love it. There is some pretty strong distortion at 16, as you would expect. I use a Fisheye-Hemi correction program from Imadia Software and it eliminates most of it.
  13. Since you don't need AF, you might look at the Rokinon 12mm F2.8. I use it for landscape and architecture. I use a little cheap program called Fisheye-Hemi from Imadio Software. ($32 with tax on-line.) The program takes out a lot of the fisheye look, but you still maintain the full 180 degree view. I just set the aperture manually at 5.6 or 8 and set the focus ring to 2ft. to infinity and the camera is basically a pt. and shoot. Pretty sharp little lens for $350.
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