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  1. Made a video taking a closer look at some of the images:
  2. Shot in the Strip District of Pittsburgh, PA Sony A9 Sony 24-70 GM 1/2000s f/3.2 ISO 640
  3. MTRezNIN

    Rainy Day

    Emilie on a rainy day.... Shot with Sony A7RII + Sony 24-70 G Master 1/160, F3.5, ISO 800, No Flash
  4. Portrait shot with Sony A7RII + 24-70 G-Master 1/160s, f3.5, ISO 1250, No Flash www.twotwentystudios.com @two20studios Thanks
  5. Exposure Settings: 15s, F4, ISO400, 24mm Unbelievable detail from the A7RII - Love it!
  6. Shot with Sony A7RII + Sony 70-200 F/4
  7. Image from a recent portrait shoot using the Sony A7Rii and the Sony 70-200 FE F4 Lens. Chuck Meyers Two Twenty Studios www.twotwentystudios.com Thank you.
  8. I know it's not Alpha.... but thought I'd post... Shooting some test video with the new FDR-AX33 HandyCam: www.twotwentystudios.com
  9. 46 Consecutive Frames of a Train Passing By.... Sony A7 Mark 2 AF Testing
  10. It is so awesome to be able to shoot hand-held in low light and still get amazing image quality! Love the A7M2! This image was shot at 1/15s. Lens: Zeiss 24-70 @ 24mm
  11. Sony A7 Mark 2 Firmware 1.10 SteadyShot Video Enabled 24p 1/50, f/20 Zeiss 24-70 Sony Shotgun Mic Attached Note: Disregard the intro - the shakes were added in post, lol. Thanks.
  12. This is a photo of St. Mary Church on the Mount in Pittsburgh, PA. My A7ii camera settings for this image: ISO 500 24mm f/5.6 1/5s Handheld! Sony A7 Mark 2 w/ SteadyShot Sony Zeiss FE 24-70 Lens
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