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  1. I've had the Sony SEL 1018 wide angle lens sitting in my Amazon wishlist for the better part of 7 months while I save up enough money to buy it. When I added it to the wish list the price was ~$750. I finally have enough money to buy it and now the list price is $848! What gives?? Does anyone know about how/when Sony raises and lowers the prices on their lenses? I don't get why it would go up and down. They don't raise the prices on their cameras...
  2. I'm not sure what setting I change or when I changed it but my a6300 now sounds like it's bracketing shots every time I take a photo. ISO is set to AUTO DRO/AUTO HDR is set to off Picture Effect and Picture Profile is set to off I hear it when I put the drive mode into single shot. I've tried resetting the defaults but that didn't seem to fix anything. Anyone else having this problem or anyone know how to fix it?
  3. @jbproflm, I noticed that in your test video your lamp has what looks like a LED bulb. I was running a test in one of bedrooms with LED lighting and had a similar problem. Have you tried using another light source?
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