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  1. In the meantime I read that the green focus points are only for taking pictures. Not for video. It works best to use the camera just with manual focussing. For this the camera is quite nice. Even if you don't use picutre profiles. Besides that, it's a bit tricky that there are barely any people using the camera so far (e.g. here in this forum) and you can hardly get any information/recommendations on the usage.
  2. I am new to Sony Alpha cameras. The promotion video of the A6300 by Sony made it look fairly simple to record video. There were these green little boxes floating around a subject (e.g. the dog on the beach) and they followed the subject when it was moving. Unfortunately I fail to see these green boxes when recording video. I would like to track a subject when filming and really struggle finding out what would be the right settings. I used a large af point to select a person I wanted to track and then pressed the record button in film mode (film stripe icon). But obviously the af point
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