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  1. FLHTC

    How do I view RAW files

    OK liveshots, I hope this is what you are asking, File Format XAVC S 4K Record setting 24p 100M
  2. FLHTC

    How do I view RAW files

    Eureka, I down;loaded Imaging Edge and can see my RAW files. Very nice. Now if I can just get the focusing to focus on what I want, instead of what it wants, my pictures will be better. The saga continues. Next question, I took a video of my Gdaughter's school play. The Imaging Edge didn't seem to recognize the video. Any suggestions on how to view a video on my computer?
  3. FLHTC

    How do I view RAW files

    I just downloaded Imaging Edge from the link you provided. Is that what you use to see the RAW files?
  4. FLHTC

    How do I view RAW files

    Strange, I don't remember getting any software with the camera. I have an HP computer with Windows 10.
  5. FLHTC

    How do I view RAW files

    Well you and I have one of the same cameras, Sony A7III. What do you use when shooting RAW with the A7III?
  6. FLHTC

    How do I view RAW files

    In the future, that's what I will do, but right now I have pictures I can't access.
  7. FLHTC

    How do I view RAW files

    Well my camera is a Sony A7iii. I have been just shooting pictures to get used to it, and this was step 2 for me. This camera has been a real challenge for me.
  8. I shot some pictures at my Super Bowl party Sunday, and decided to try shooting them in RAW format if that's the term. When I put the SD card into my computer, it didn't know what to do with them. How do I view my pictures when taken in RAW?
  9. FLHTC

    Black Friday Deals

    Black Friday is starting earlier and earlier each year it seems as retailers try to one up their competition, and one has to wonder after seeing some exposes on whether the deals are really good deals or not. Some just repackage and say lowest price of the year, but unless one has been looking at a specific item and knows what the real price is, it may not be a good deal. Guess time will tell.
  10. Black Friday is now about 17 days from now. Does B&H or Adorama offer some real good deals on this day, or is it all hype?
  11. My Sony SDXC UHS-II card arrived yesterday, put it into slot 1, and it worked as it is supposed to work. So now I have a 128GB card in both slots. Going to Gdaughter's house today and take some pictures.
  12. So I am not alone or crazy. I await their fix, but in the interim, I await my new Sony SD UHS-II card that hopefully will arrive today. Thanks
  13. I am waiting for my Sony SD card to arrive, probably tomorrow. Then I should be ok. I guess what bothers me most, is that I have not heard this from anyone else, yet Sony cust service said they are aware of the problem.
  14. Tinplater, Did just that. Called their customer service, and Josh said Sony knew of a problem with Sandisk SD cards, and told me to get a Sony 128GB SF-M series UHS-II U3 Class 10 SDXC ($86.91) for slot 1, and use my Sandisk 128GB Extreme in slot 2. I mentioned that their user manual does not specify using Sony SD cards for their camera to work. I just ordered one, so now I currently have two Sandisk Extreme 128GB SDXC cards, one Sandisk Extreme Pro 64 GB SDXC card one Sony (in the mail. Just doesn't seem right does it.
  15. The plot thickens. I drove to Best Buy and bought a 64-G Sandisk Extreme Pro SDXC card, opened the package, inserted it into slot 1, and got the same message 'unable to read SD card, reinsert card". So now I am really frustrated. Out of a whim, I put the Best Buy 64-G Extreme Pro into slot 2 and it recognized it, so I formatted it in the camera. Removed it, put the 128 GB Sandisk Extreme into slot 2, and it recognized that one also, so I formatted it also in the camera. I then removed it from slot 2, and inserted the 128 GB Extreme into slot 1, and got the "can't recognize card, reinsert card' message. I did the same thing with the Best Buy 64B Extreme Pro into slot 1, and got the "can't recognize SD card". Yet it does recognize the Sandisk 8G Ultra Plus in slot 1, but it is an SD card, not a SDXC card. According to the manual, slot 1 is the default slot, and can be used with both UHS-1 and UHS-II SD cards while the slot 2 can be used with UHS-1 cards. All my cards are UHS-1 cards.. Manual also reads that if only one card is used, use slot 1. This does not seem normal to me, or is there some setting I need to turn on or off??