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  1. My Sony SDXC UHS-II card arrived yesterday, put it into slot 1, and it worked as it is supposed to work. So now I have a 128GB card in both slots. Going to Gdaughter's house today and take some pictures.
  2. So I am not alone or crazy. I await their fix, but in the interim, I await my new Sony SD UHS-II card that hopefully will arrive today. Thanks
  3. I am waiting for my Sony SD card to arrive, probably tomorrow. Then I should be ok. I guess what bothers me most, is that I have not heard this from anyone else, yet Sony cust service said they are aware of the problem.
  4. Tinplater, Did just that. Called their customer service, and Josh said Sony knew of a problem with Sandisk SD cards, and told me to get a Sony 128GB SF-M series UHS-II U3 Class 10 SDXC ($86.91) for slot 1, and use my Sandisk 128GB Extreme in slot 2. I mentioned that their user manual does not specify using Sony SD cards for their camera to work. I just ordered one, so now I currently have two Sandisk Extreme 128GB SDXC cards, one Sandisk Extreme Pro 64 GB SDXC card one Sony (in the mail. Just doesn't seem right does it.
  5. The plot thickens. I drove to Best Buy and bought a 64-G Sandisk Extreme Pro SDXC card, opened the package, inserted it into slot 1, and got the same message 'unable to read SD card, reinsert card". So now I am really frustrated. Out of a whim, I put the Best Buy 64-G Extreme Pro into slot 2 and it recognized it, so I formatted it in the camera. Removed it, put the 128 GB Sandisk Extreme into slot 2, and it recognized that one also, so I formatted it also in the camera. I then removed it from slot 2, and inserted the 128 GB Extreme into slot 1, and got the "can't recognize card, reinsert card' message. I did the same thing with the Best Buy 64B Extreme Pro into slot 1, and got the "can't recognize SD card". Yet it does recognize the Sandisk 8G Ultra Plus in slot 1, but it is an SD card, not a SDXC card. According to the manual, slot 1 is the default slot, and can be used with both UHS-1 and UHS-II SD cards while the slot 2 can be used with UHS-1 cards. All my cards are UHS-1 cards.. Manual also reads that if only one card is used, use slot 1. This does not seem normal to me, or is there some setting I need to turn on or off??
  6. I took one of the new Sandisk 128G SDXC cards, and formatted it in my computer, exactly like the 8G SD card from my old S100 point and shoot. I then inserted it into slot 1 of Sony a7iii camera, and same message appeared, unable to read, reinsert SD card. Did this several times on just the one new card, but to no avail. I know the camera works, but for some reason does not seem to recognize the SDXC card. Any other suggestions.
  7. That is good to know. I see that I did no harm in shooting in P mode. Thanks
  8. Tinplater: I took your advice, and found an old 8 GB SD card with tons of pictures from a Nikon S100 camera. I moved all the pictures to my computer, and formatted it on my computer. I put this super slow, low capacity SD card into slot 1 of the camera, and it read it, so I then formatted it in the Sony camera, and took about 20 pictures last night. I have not looked at them as I was trying to figure out what all the knobs do. Today I will take the one of the two SDXC cards that currently don't work in the Sony, and format them in my computer and then put them into my Sony to see if they will work. I find that the Sony instructions manual leaves a lot to learn elsewhere. For example, nowhere, that I have found, do they explain the mode dial markings. My camera was on P, whatever that means, and probably should have been set to Auto. I have been viewing a lot of youtube videos.
  9. My lens arrived today with two Sandisck Extreme 128G SDXC cards. They are class 10, U3, 90MB Read, 3o min/60max write speed. Camera is a Sony a7iii and when I installed one into slot 1, camera says unable to read SD card, reinsert it. Did that several times, no good. Tried to format it as directions say, but camera format is turned off, so it won't allow me to format it. Both cards react the same, cards from Adorama, say made in China on back, and have grey locking tab. Can't believe both cards are bad, maybe not compatible with my camera. What am i doing wrong, or what do I need to do?
  10. I got so confused looking at lenses, zoom, prime, cheap and expensive. So today, I bought the Zeiss 85mm F1.8 Batis. I hope I never have the need to put something else on. Thanks for the "help".
  11. Chrissie, I am not sure I understand what you said, other than it may be dangerous to take a picture of a brown bear at 50 yards. Sorry.
  12. I think i will buy some protection. Money is tight because I am starting with nothing, and have to get everything so factoring in a new lens, SD cards, battery charger, and what not, I think I will be broke. thanks again,
  13. Thanks for your reply. So the Zeiss 24-70 will allow me to take good pictures of Mt Denali from afar, and also of a brown bear 50 yards away? Any suggestions on SD cards while I have you.
  14. Second post: I received my a7iii today, and in the box was a strap, NP-FZ100 battery, plug in ac adapter to USB to charge my battery in the camera. I bought just the body, so now I need to start buying the rest of the stuff I will need. I am riding my motorcycle across Canada into Alaska next summer, so I am limited to what I can carry. I am looking for one good lens and thought maybe the Sony FE 24–105 mm F4 G OSS Lens at $1300 would allow me to take pictures of mountains, and wildlife along the road. I need two SD cards, and don't have a clue what to buy for this camera. Should they both be the same, or different. No idea how many pictures I can store on these cards, and I don't plan on taking a computer so won't be able to move them. Maybe I will need additional cards, what do you think? I need a battery charger, and Sony offers the BC-QZ1, is this a good one? Since I will be on my bike most of the day, thought a second battery would be a good investment. I currently have a 12V DC charger for my phone, and wondered if one is made for this camera vice plugging it into an AC outlet or putting the battery on a batter charger plugged into the wall outlet? I need a camera bag. Any suggestions? I have a tri-pod already, but can't figure out how I could take it with me on a motorcycle, but have 8 months to figure that out.
  15. Yesterday I ordered the Sony a7iii camera body. As I was ordering it, several levels of insurance policies were offered, which I did not buy as money is tight. My question is whether I should have bought one of them. First camera, so not sure what is the norm.