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  1. Chrissie,  I need to humbly ask for some advice.  I have the Sony a7iii with the Zeiss Batis 85mm lens.  I want to get either a 24mm or 35mm lens to take with me to Alaska.  Instead of me buying a lens to find out I bought the wrong one, knowing that I have the 85mm lens, which of the two lens do you  think I should get?


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    2. FLHTC


      Bought the 24mm Gmaster lens, but on back order.  Wish it would get shipped.

    3. FLHTC


      Just in case it does not show up in the next 20-30 days, do you have a second choice lens?  Thanks

    4. Chrissie


      Well,  I picked the 16-35 GM for myself, and do not have a prime of nearly that focal range.

      I do not know what your preference is, but please have a look at DXO's lens database, which I have prefiltered in this link for the focal distance range you seem to be interested in. You can sort by any column property of the result table by clicking on its column header. 

  2. Just an update, I finally updated the software on my Sony A7iii camera to the latest version and now the SanDisk cards that did not work in slot 1 before, now do work in slot 1. . Looks like the Sony software upgrade did the trick.
  3. Just updated my firmware from Version 1.01 to 2.10 for my Sony A7III. I followed the instructions where it says to put the USB Connection to MASS STORAGE. However the instructions don"t say any about returning it back to AUTO????. Now I assume I should, but shouldn't the instructions tell me to do that?
  4. OK liveshots, I hope this is what you are asking, File Format XAVC S 4K Record setting 24p 100M
  5. Eureka, I down;loaded Imaging Edge and can see my RAW files. Very nice. Now if I can just get the focusing to focus on what I want, instead of what it wants, my pictures will be better. The saga continues. Next question, I took a video of my Gdaughter's school play. The Imaging Edge didn't seem to recognize the video. Any suggestions on how to view a video on my computer?
  6. I just downloaded Imaging Edge from the link you provided. Is that what you use to see the RAW files?
  7. Strange, I don't remember getting any software with the camera. I have an HP computer with Windows 10.
  8. Well you and I have one of the same cameras, Sony A7III. What do you use when shooting RAW with the A7III?
  9. In the future, that's what I will do, but right now I have pictures I can't access.
  10. Well my camera is a Sony A7iii. I have been just shooting pictures to get used to it, and this was step 2 for me. This camera has been a real challenge for me.
  11. I shot some pictures at my Super Bowl party Sunday, and decided to try shooting them in RAW format if that's the term. When I put the SD card into my computer, it didn't know what to do with them. How do I view my pictures when taken in RAW?
  12. Black Friday is starting earlier and earlier each year it seems as retailers try to one up their competition, and one has to wonder after seeing some exposes on whether the deals are really good deals or not. Some just repackage and say lowest price of the year, but unless one has been looking at a specific item and knows what the real price is, it may not be a good deal. Guess time will tell.
  13. Black Friday is now about 17 days from now. Does B&H or Adorama offer some real good deals on this day, or is it all hype?
  14. My Sony SDXC UHS-II card arrived yesterday, put it into slot 1, and it worked as it is supposed to work. So now I have a 128GB card in both slots. Going to Gdaughter's house today and take some pictures.
  15. So I am not alone or crazy. I await their fix, but in the interim, I await my new Sony SD UHS-II card that hopefully will arrive today. Thanks
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