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  1. Any word on a mark IV for the Sony A7??
  2. Sony A7 IV coming out soon??
  3. Thank you. I was thinking the photolab price wise would be a better decision than a monthly subscription. I edit only a little but have LR6 on one of my mac’s and just didn’t want to be disappointed when it may not have a feature I’m used to....like going backwards!
  4. Thoughts on DxO PhotoLab vs. Lightroom. I currently have LR6 and don’t want the monthly cost to upgrade my LR, can anyone tell me their thoughts or opinions on DxO PhotoLab? Current users that have switched from LR-is it basically the same/different? What do you like/dislike?
  5. I am new to Sony, I purchased Sony A7iii recently. I need help/advise about transferring my raw images to my Mac. I am accustom to a Nikon and the software that came on the disc with that camera to transfer images. No disc with the Sony, what program should I use? Can you upload straight to Lightroom? Pleas help me get started in the right direction.
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