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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I have a problem on my A7S device. When I perform the white balance. Here is what I have: Do you have an idea?
  2. Hej hej! I have an A7II with firmware 2.0 and I'm having the following issue: In a studio setup I want to set a custom white balance. I use a grey card from xrite. - When I set/measure the WB using the card, it is off the actual WB measured via Lightroom/CaptureOne/Photoshop (5800K G2 in cam vs 6250K M1 in software) - When I set the WB manually to 6200K, the raw files I shoot have a WB of 5700K set, when I open them in Lightroom) This is annoying - has somebody else seen this behavior? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help! Sebastian
  3. Hi, new to the forum and the camera! The image is what I got with the handshake SCN settings, trying to get the background closer to white. Can anyone tell me how to set white balance? I'm doing some studio shots with a white background. Over time, I will invest in studio strobes. Right now, trying to push the camera, to both see the background as white, and also not blow out the subject too much. I'm thinking some kind of combination with HDR and exposure adjustment? Any advice?
  4. To set custom white balance I go to Still mode, select wb, scroll down to SET, put the circle on a white or gray card and hit Enter (center button in wheel), it shows what the white balance is on the bottom - assuming the top number is from a previous setting. It then offers where to store it, I select Custom 1 and hit Enter. Whether I stay in Still mode or go to Movie movie the custom wb setting I just saved is not there, it is still on the previous setting. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  5. Greetings all, I couldn't find an answer to these problems I have been having lately with the A7iii, so hopefully you guys can help! I am shooting real estate on an A7iii with a 16-35 Zeiss F4 and a Godox V860ii-s hot shoe flash in TTL mode. Here are my problems: For one, if I leave the camera in auto white balance and even on a tripod, the camera will produce two completely different images if I take two pictures. One shot will be properly balanced color and the other will be all orange/red. The other issue I have is with my exposure and the communication from the A7iii to the flash. My colleague shoots using a Nikon Z6 and Canon EOS-R. Both cameras have native 16-35 F4 lenses on them and both are using the same hot shoe light. What's frustrating me is, despite setting all 3 cameras to 1/30, F8 and ISO 640, his Nikon and EOS-R produce far better exposed shots than my A7iii. It's obviously not the lenses or our exposure settings, so I must have missed a hidden setting on the A7iii menu system or the communication between the A7iii and the Godox flash. Either way, I'm frustrated with having to either crank the ISO to 1,600-2,000 or waste time/money with figuring out the manual flash settings on the Godox for each room of the house. Is there any advice anyone can give me to help solve these issues?
  6. What picture profile or customized profile is comparatively better for street photography? I have seen some Fujifilm user doing great with street photography and portrait. Is there any way to get that colour out of my Sony a6400? Is there anything to do with my white balance by customizing it? if yes then what is the setting? I need this help. I would be kind enough if someone help me. Thanks.
  7. On my camera (ILCE-7S2M2) the Custom 1-3 SET butten is missing The senter butten puts me back to cancel. Any ide whats wrong? Firmware 3.0
  8. Hi All, I usually shoot product in a studio with Bowens strobes and xrite color checker profiles, for my wife's shoe company, habbotstudios.com. I usually have excellent colour reproduction with this workflow. I am looking to take my photography out of the studio into mixed light conditions and have a question about white balance variations. I have attached three simple test shots, low res, identically framed and with the same camera settings. I was wondering why they were rendered by the camera with distinctly different colours. The middle of the three shots is clearly more green. I took the shots in continuous shooting : low, because, I will be shooting a model under constant light and will want to shoot at a fast frame rate to capture small changes in her stance. Settings were 1/50 f5.6 ISO 10000 White Balance 3800K M2 (set via a white balance custom test shot) Shot on a sony a7rii with an FE 2.8/24-70 GM lens. I realise that shooting RAW I can play with color in post, but I would like to start with consistency in my color use in camera. Thanks for any help. It is much appreciated. Dan Abbott
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