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  1. Hehe, thanks for the input, I know 200 is not ideal, but as I said before this is not something I will do very often, so I can't motivate buying a "bigger" lens... We bought the A6300 anyway, my gf wants her own camera and I think it's very good that we have these two types of cameras to switch between anyway. Mine for landscape, her for nature/weddings etc. Btw, the crop factor will affect the effective focal length, but will it also affect the needed shutter speed to prevent hand movement? In my mind it should, as the sensor size is smaller and then smaller hand movements could do more effec
  2. I went and tested in a store and I agree, not a huge difference. However, the AF on the 6300 was most impressive I must say...
  3. Have to ask, as it is a big worry for me, will I be very disappointed with my relatively short focal length? I'm almost thinking about getting a A6300 as an extra camera just to get the crop factor. What do you think? Getting longer lenses is not as interesting as wildlife photography isn't something I do very often.
  4. Ok, thanks for the help! Will test it out!
  5. Ok, will look into that, right now I have MF/AF switch there. So basically all you need to to is to change the AF.MF/AEL switch on the camera and then you measure light manually with another button? Will my back button focus stop working as I use the button on that switch now? I mean, will that switch change the function of my button as well? To clarify, I have set up the button on the right as back button focus button: http://blogdozack.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/SONY_A7II_28.jpg
  6. Yes, I will definitely experiment some more with that. Just one thing I am confused about. How does AEL work together with back button focus (that I currently use), does it affect at all or it is completely separate?
  7. Really? I just bought one of course, but what you're saying is that it will shake to much if the engine is on I guess? In that case handheld is better? Will ask about turning it off then of course, thanks for the tip.
  8. I took your advice and did just that, went to the zoo and practiced a lot. Ofc, there is not much action there but I noticed that my biggest issue seem to be too slow shutter speed. I used shutter speeds from 1/500 to 1/1250 there (hand held still animals to moving sea lions) and got the results I wanted, i.e. very sharp details. I will look into AEL lock, I kinda know what it's for, but haven't tried using it yet.
  9. And I of course know it depends on situation, but then I would be greatful if you could give some example of a situation and what settings you would use...
  10. I'm going on a safari to Kenya soon and I don't feel I know enough about taking pictures with my Sony 70-200/f4 (on a A7II). I know it would be better with a longer focal length, but this is what I've got. But to make sure I get as good pictures as possible with my setup, could you give me some hints on settings both for the lens and for the camera that could be useful? I'm guessing it is mostly day time photography from an open car. Planning on getting a bean bag for some support also. Greatful for all help I can get!
  11. No, but I will definitely try it this week. Will let you know how it went. Thanks for now!
  12. Good points too, I will just add some questions about your statements: 1. I agree, I just feel like if occasionally a picture gets really crisp, then I feel like the lens has a potential to take really good pictures and I want to improve the number of pictures that are that good. 2. I'm sure I have a lot to learn here, I just feel that taking still images of people being lazy in the sun with AF-S and fast enough shutter speed should be kind of easy. But even then I see most pictures as soft. 3. Please ellaborate. I thought this lens was as sharpest aroung 5.6 and up? 4. Ok, goo
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