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  1. Hello, after a 3 month experience with the Voigtlander Nokton 35 1.4 Classic, where I disappointed from the curve focus plane (see this page), I decided to sell it and to find something else. I tried for fun a Samyang 35 F/1.2 lens (which is an APS-C lens) on the Sony A7II in Full Frame mode, and... wow! At the lowest distance of focus (around 38cm) the coverage of the sensor is almost complete, at 2.8 the vignetting is really small and the center sharpness is very good. At infinity, the vignetting is a little more pronounced, with dark corners. If you crop the image a little bit (I think
  2. I'm quite happy with how these turned out so I felt like sharing them with you guys! Make me think of cinnamon buns or a crazy wizard waving his staff. A7ii + Laowa 15mm f2 @ f2.8 8s ISO800
  3. First two with Canon Macro 100mm f/2.8 and the last with Rokkor 58mm f/1.2+extension tube Centaurea tchihatcheffii Centaurea tchihatcheffii Muscari azureum Listera Ovata
  4. A wet day @ the City Park in Lynden, WA back in December 2016. Shot with my Sony a7II w/Minolta MD 28mm F2.8. Love the results I keep getting from these MF gems! View the full size photo and others on my Flickr page here https://www.flickr.com/photos/135213168@N07/with/32017713060/
  5. Hey there Captured on Zugerberg in Switzerland. Shot on A7II & 35/1.4ZA Sea of Fog by Mathias, auf Flickr
  6. Sony A7 II, Zeiss Batis 85mm 1.8 ƒ/2.0 1/400 ISO 100 available light only Model: Ines
  7. Hi there I would like to share a bunch of shots from my latest short trip to Venice, Italy. What a beautiful, photogenic city! The first photo shows the painted houses of Burano, a lovely, colorful small town on an island reachable only by boat. I highly recommend visiting it if you’re nearby. The complete album can be found here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/58422351/Venezia All shot on A7II & FE 55/1.8 Thanks for stopping by. Burano [explored] by Mathias, auf Flickr Gondolas by Mathias, auf Flickr Venezia by Mathias, auf Flickr
  8. I used my new Sony 70-200/f4 on a weekend trip recently and took a lot of street photos using this lens. Looks OK on screen and also at home, until I zoom in. Then most pictures are a little bit un-sharp, like if it isn't really focused. I used f-values between 4-7.1 and shutter speed of at least 1/400, so I don't think movement is a problem. And the edges are not fuzzy, it is more like you can't see the smallest details, like pores in the skin etc. Is my lens in need of calibration of what can the problem be? I'm very new to this kind of tele-lenses, so I don't know. I use AF single with medi
  9. I have had my A7II for a while and I really like it. But there is one issue that makes me so mad I sometimes consider changing camera just because of that. And I just want to confirm that there is no workaround for this that I have missed. The issue is that I'm always use back button focus and that seems to prevent me from taking HDR bracketed images in a good way. The reason is that the camera does not allow to take HDR bracketed images using timer (like the A7RII does) and then you need to use a remote to not shake the camera. However, the remote doesn't allow you to take pictures if the AF
  10. Hi, I've set up my A7II as follows: Back button focus using the AF/MF button - normal AF when lever is up, Eye-AF when lever is down. Now, I've read on this forum that the phase-detect sites only work on AF-C. As I never use AF-C, it was a revelation to me to see that AF-C is much faster then AF-S, using the FE 28/2 with back button focusing - I don't see the hunting and 'breathing' that I see when using shutter button AF. Now, my questions are, is there a reference anywhere with all the AF alternatives? And what does 'Center Lock AF' do, and how to use it? Also, what's the poi
  11. I'm going on a safari to Kenya soon and I don't feel I know enough about taking pictures with my Sony 70-200/f4 (on a A7II). I know it would be better with a longer focal length, but this is what I've got. But to make sure I get as good pictures as possible with my setup, could you give me some hints on settings both for the lens and for the camera that could be useful? I'm guessing it is mostly day time photography from an open car. Planning on getting a bean bag for some support also. Greatful for all help I can get!
  12. Last month (May 2016) I can bid for a Minolta lens on Ebay, which I previously had before: Minolta RF 5.6 / 250 mm. The lens is in mint condition and works very well on my Sony A7II. The manual focusing is a pleasure with focus-peaking. But it´s not easy because of the small depth of focus. As my picture example proves you can get great results with this combination.
  13. Mathias

    Portrait Time

    Hey there Portrait time with my Fiancée Melissa. Lighting: Indirect off-camera flash (Nissin Di700A & Air Commander). Sony A7II & FE 90/2.8 Macro @ f/2.8, 1/250th, ISO100. Eye AF (though the room was pretty dark, so it struggled quite a bit). Cheers Melissa by Mathias, auf Flickr
  14. From Kew Gardens with Tamron 90mm f/2.5 on A7II Flames Tulipa clusiana var. chrysantha All photos on Listera Ovata
  15. Shot with Sony A7II and Sony Zeiss Distagon FE 35mm F1.4 during the middle of the night. One of the first pictures of that evening I took: And here would be my favourite shot of the weekend, this is "music festival" for me: You might find other interesting works on konzty.deviantart.com ... or not. Have a great day :-)
  16. First two with Vivitar 135mm f/2.8 CF, remaining with Tamron 90mm f/2.5 52B all on A7II. Anthemis cretica Prunus avium Erythronium OoF by Listera Ovata
  17. Hi, i have the problem, that in Auto-Mode for Viewfinder/Monitor the Monitor of the camera often change to the EVF if i hold my camera to look at a picture or make some adjustments. The sensor seems to recognize my chest or in other words it is too sensitive. There seems to be no adjustment in the menu to regulate the sensivity but i know there is a trick, which i've read in a post about the Alpha 7MII before i bought it - but now i can't find the solution. Changing from auto to EVF or Monitor ist not the best solution for me. Thanks for help. Torsten
  18. I recently bought an A7II and have been busy trying to figure out the best settings for the custom keys and function menu. Wanted to share what I've come up with so far, but I'll most likely be changing things around as I use the camera more. I thought we could use this topic as a way to share setting with others who might need a quick starting point. I only have manual/legacy lenses so far, so any AF related settings are not relevant to me. I'm primarily a JPG shooter, but will use RAW for more serious/important shots. I rarely use flash, and only off-camera manual strobes when I do.
  19. All shot with the mighty 35/1.4 on A7II. Golden Lucerne by Mathias, auf Flickr Mystical Pond by Mathias, auf Flickr Autumnal Portrait by Mathias, auf Flickr Cheers Mat
  20. Went for a walk to Lucerne yesterday. Beautiful, clear weather, despite the cold wind that blows down the lake. Here's the view towards the mountains as seen from the border of the lake: Lake Lucerne by Mathias, auf Flickr A7II & FE35/1.4 Cheers
  21. Mathias

    Macro - Gibson LP

    Hi there These were shot with the Sony FE G90/2.8M on the A7II. I used the little HVL-F20M flash in bounce mode. Both are at F/5.6. Tuner by Mathias, auf Flickr Pickup by Mathias, auf Flickr Cheers
  22. Mathias

    Just some shots

    Hey guys I would like to share some of my latest shots. Equipment used: A7II, FE55/1.8, FE90/2.8M, FE35/2.8 Divided by Mathias, auf Flickr Into the Mist by Mathias, auf Flickr Pencil by Mathias, auf Flickr Ablaze by Mathias, auf Flickr Withered by Mathias, auf Flickr Swiss Mountain Panorama by Mathias, auf Flickr Dark Side by Mathias, auf Flickr
  23. Hello everyone ! my name is Raviv and I am new here. I use Sony mirrorless cameras from the very beginning - the NEX3. As for now I have an A7II and I'm very happy with it. I also have a Kooka adapter for Canon FE lenses thats works fine with Canon 17-40L. But this lens is not what I hoped for... I am thinking of buying a Tokina 12-28 (it's for APS-C, I know) and use it with the adapter. Has Anyone tried this combo (A7II + Kooka + tokina 12-28) ? Does the AF work properly ?
  24. In this video, This guy got ISO102,400 and higher on A7II. Is it even possible?
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