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  1. Hi, my lens is back from the Repair. I added a detailed explanation of the problem/trouble shooting i did/.... The local shop send the lens to Sony and they changed the OPTICAL BODY. The last days, I tested the lens (32-35'F / 2-5'C; that's the temp range when the issues started) and the lens is working. I have no issues anymore! Lets hope for temp below freezing the next days... for few more tests. Peter
  2. Hi David, my lens is now the the 2nd repair shop. I added a detail information on the repair claim. (Setup/Situation/fault Evaluation/...) I keep you posted. Happy holidays
  3. Hi, Im using the Canon 85F1.8 with the Sigma MC11 on my a6500 and a7Riii. For me, it works fine. AF 80..90% fast and ok. Peter
  4. I agree with your idea about the colour and the different temp. workflow. But the same happens, when I place the equipment in a backpack on my balcony (no sunlight) and wait till the EQP is getting down to the ambient temp (around 0'C / 35'F). I take the EQP (in cold conditions) out of the backpack and the 70-200 dosent work, all other lenses works. And Im pretty sure, that the 70-200F2.8 GM Lens is for professional photographer desingt and not for indoor only.... 😉 I found a Photostore here in Hoboken and they going to support me. They going to send the lens to Sony for detail inspection. Keep you posted. Peter
  5. Hi, I'm using the Sony 70-200F2.8 (bought SEP/2018 @BH NYC) with my a6500 and a7Riii. The last weeks, I used the lens in temperatures around freezing (0-3'C / 35'F) and I noticed that the communication between the body and lens stopped working after approx 30..45min. AF/F stop changing/... dosen't work anymore. Back home in the warm surrounding, the lens started working again. I went to B&H (Store Manhattan) and they addressed me to the Sony service store in NYC. They checked the lens and according them, the lens is ok. But I can't believe this! I tried it several times, on a total of three Sony bodies and I can reproduce the fault every time. All other lenses (sony/sigma/..) working without any faults in the cold, on both bodies! Any ideas or recommendations? Thx Peter
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