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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all I'm curious about your experience regarding bluetooth connectivity on the Sony A7 III. The reason why I'm asking is that when I lent a Fujifilm X-T3 it would always instantly connect to my phone and start to geotag my photos. I don't think the app was running in the foreground even. But with my A7 III I need to start the app, sometime force-quit it, turn on the camera and start the app again. The sequence is very important because if I open the app before I turn on my camera it won't work. This is very annoying because I like to geo-tag my photos all the time, but this is such a hassle that I don't. I would like it to work as fluent as fujis system. I've deleted and reinstalled the app I've removed the connection between my phone and Sony A7III and reconnected I've reset the connection on my camera Phone: iPhone Xs Max and iPhone 7 Camera: Sony A7III What is your experience? Should I get my camera serviced?
  2. Hello everyone. I have a Sony A7s for almost a year. I wanted to buy the Lens Compensation from Playmemories and they do not allow me to buy this app because message says: "Signed out since the service is not distributed in the Country/Region of your account." I am from Greece. But this was not a problem when I gave my money to buy the A7s. My country is now a problem because I want to buy an app? Does anynone else here had same problem with no servise due to region/country account? Does anyone have an idea of how else I can buy this app? Thank you George Lens CompensationLens CompensationLens Compensation
  3. Is it possible to zoom in (say 5x or 10x) to check focus via the Playmemories App? Not zoom the lens I just want to be able to double check focus when the camera is mounted out of reach. The app seems to be woefully simple (or limited) when compared to the A series cameras, example no way to set up an HDR bracket??? I ask because I am wondering if I am missing obvious setting that the app can in fact do? Any help is appreciated. thanks,
  4. I recently started a thread at Fred Miranda about the new Sony bracket app that I found lacking. Glad I did because that's where I learned about a web site that has other independent apps for Sony cameras, including a focus bracket app that allows for far more than 3 shots. It isn't perfect - some camera freezes when trying the maximum number of shots allowed, but could still be a huge time saver for many applications. This shot was done in my backyard: A7rII, 70-200mm f4 at 79mm, f8, 1/30, 10 shots, stacked in PS.
  5. Hello, First time poster here. I'm struggling to find answers to a weird bug i have with the time-lapse app, and wondered if you all had any thoughts. Having set the app to create a movie, and with tracking set to mid, it almost always crashed about 20 shots in. Having changed settings, it seems i have fixed this by selecting AEL instead of the tracking mid setting. What might be causing this? All ideas welcome Jan PS I am using the Commlite EF-NEX and a Sigma 70-300. I am about to change lenses to see if this is part of the problem as have read elsewhere that the adaptor might be an issue.
  6. Hey all, I own the Sony A7Sii, and I'm on the most up to date firmware (v2). The timelapse app is on v3.11. Whenever I try to shoot time lapse via the app, it will only shoot in jpeg no matter what I try. This is what I've tried: 1. Internal is set to shoot raw only, no jpeg, app set to either still or stills and video, but will only save jpeg. 2. The same as above with raw + jpeg. 3. Tried on shutter, aperture priority and manual; no ability to change. I've looked at old videos of the app on a7s and in the app, submenu 2, you could set to raw. In mine you can only set to large, medium, small jpeg. Help?
  7. I really would like to put the remoted app on my Galaxy S4 smart-phone (I already have PM's latest version on it), so that I can use it to control my Sony A7R2, but the only way it seems is to scan the QR code from the bottom of the camera! This is the problem - in that the code is very small and, perhaps not as distinct as it should be - despite my camera only being a few months old. Consequently, all my attempts have failed - I guess as the magnification isnt big enough (or, at least, that's what I presume!). Has anyone had this same trouble? If so, would you mind sharing the resolution of the problem with me please. Anyone who can suggest other rsolutions are also welcome to comment. I must confess that I am very dis-heartened by PM, especially as it won't even work on my new Mac - apparently is too old and crude for the latest OS! (or am I alone in getting a tad P****d off with it!)
  8. In my latest video review i´m comparing the Sony Smooth Reflections App vs. a ND1000x Filter. If you never used it, you will be surpised how good the results with this apps are! Get some Lemonade and Sandwiches and have a look! http://www.dsphotoblog.com/?p=1158 ‪
  9. In my latest review i´m taking a look at the Sony Sky HDR App which you can get for 10€ in the Sony Appstore and use on your sony cameras like the A7II, A7rII, A6300... but is it really worth it? Get some coffee and Donuts and have a look! ‪ http://www.dsphotoblog.com/?p=1118
  10. If I sell a body with a couple of purchased apps do I remove them first so I can reinstall that on a new body? Has any done a upgrade to a newer model and done this ? how do you go about it?
  11. Let me preface this by saying I have not received my new a7R II yet. But B&H just got them in stock, so my order should arrive any day now. I see a lot of reviews complaining about the a7R II's on screen menu system, saying 1.) There should be a touch screen 2.) Items are hard to find 3.) A lot of the items are confusing. Since the a7R II has WiFi built in, why isn't there an app that controls only the menu system. I know that there is already an app for IOS and Android that lets you do live shots. But it doesn't let you configure the menu to saved settings or what you need at a certain point. Here are some of my ideas for a phone/tablet app: 1.) Saved preset settings: So if you shoot one way in a studio, but shoot another way in the park, and another way in the street, there should be a screen that allows you to set all your settings to the scene you need. So if I want to shoot JPEG + RAW, ISO 100, auto review off, etc etc in the studio, I just have to push the Preset label "EvanWasHere Studio" and the camera is instantly configured. When I go outside, I hit another preset, and it again, instantly reconfigures. 2.) Customizable menus: Say there are only 10 settings you really change a lot in your camera. But they are all over the place, deep in the menus. But you now can save all these menu items onto 1 main menu page. You can also remove options that you don't use. So say you only want to have an option for RAW and Raw + JPEG Fine, you can remove all the other menu choices, so there is less to scroll through. 3.) Info about greyed out items: So some items may be greyed out because you have a setting that won't allow another setting. Clicking the greyed out option, will bring up a "hint" field that tells you what setting is blocking it. Having all this on an app would be great. I have my Android phone and Android tablet constantly near me. Being able to select menus via touch screen quickly and easily would be much easier. Again, I don't have the camera yet, and while I have installed the Android app, it won't let me see what the options are on it, but from what I've been told, the above is not available. Maybe there is a Sony developer here that can add it to the current app? Or a solo developer can create it themselves (If you do make this, I want free use of it!). And if this IS already available on an app, then please tell me where, so I can use it as soon as the camera is here!
  12. I wish Sony would come out with a focus stacking app. How great would that be for macro? You could select your close and far focus points and just hold the camera steady while it automatically refocuses to get everything in-between sharp and in-focus. Then it would reassemble in-camera, and ideally export as raw. Not only would this be a game-changer for macro, but it would be incredible for landscapes and many other types of photos. And it seems so simple. What do you say, Sony?
  13. I'm about to pull the trigger on the A7R and was investigating the multiple exposure app. Turns out the Sony can only do two images with the ME app. I shoot interiors and sometimes like to pop multiple flashes on one frame to get the right look (sometimes with filtration,etc). Anyone know of another app that can accomodate more than the two exposure limitation of the Sony app? Any direct channels with Sony and their developers to request this as a feature for any future updates? Thanks
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