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    Outside of family life I'm interested in most forms of photography, from UV to NIR, & microscopic to astro including adapting lenses not intended for my cameras (or even any camera)
  1. Somewhat overcooked in camera HDR, with the Industar 61

    © Mike Kanssen

  2. Adapted Industar 61

    © Mike Kanssen

  3. I know the threads a bit old (at least its just 15 months) but I can add a little that might be relevant. Sony is one of the few camera makers who have introduced switchable IR sensitivity. Their 'Nightshot' feature does exactly this and was available on quite a range of models some years ago. My first truly IR sensitive camera was one of them the Cybershot DSC V1, a compact camera with a tiny 1.5" rear screen. Although this camera was introduced back in 2003 Sony were already starting to cripple the IR capabilities. (It applies an awful green color cast to the images, and the nightshot mode will not activate if the filter adapter is screed in... Apparently there had been news reports that IR can be used to see through clothes - I've never had it achieve this, but it does often see through the dyes on them as well as through sunglasses, biro ink etc. After the fuss it created in the late 1990's Sony increasingly crippled the feature & then dropped it all together. It's very unlikely Sony will introduce this feature again.
  4. I spend far too much time on multiple photographic forums, so have gone though the new member routine quite a few times. As it happens I only joined this one today, and the post approval happened within half an hour. Very quick! Forums usually have a moderator available to approve first posts in less than 24 hours (moderators have lives too!) A few forums are much more involved than this one, sometimes taking so long that I'd forgotten what aspect of that particular forum had caught my eye... Here I was allowed to type my first post straight away solving that issue.
  5. Actually it's only the ability to adapt to such a wide variety of lens mounts that interest some of us. It's given me a wide variety of lenses to choose from for less than the cost of a single native lens. While the native lens line up has increased dramatically it still doesn't have options that match the capabilities of some of my toys. Coupled to a rangefinder lens a mirrorless camera will manage much better than a DSLR. Sony's longest lens is 400mm, I have 500mm, 600mm & even 1000mm options even without using teleconverters. There are a couple of native tilt shift lenses from 3rd party manufacturers, but they are fully manual too so don't offer much advantage over adapting with a tilt/shift adapter... I don't use AF when adapting lenses, but there's even an adapter that allows ANY lens to AF on later Sony bodies (the Techart Pro) Sony may prefer us to all buy their lenses but using adapted lenses is quite realistic and far more fun.
  6. I don't know of any adapters with this feature (there are some that control the aperture linkage but these are designed for lenses without aperture rings at all. The good news is you can usually focus perfectly well with the lens stopped down using magnified view & peaking - if focusing at wide apertures is needed there are a few lenses that will work for you. OM mount lenses have a DOF preview button on the mount that will shut down the lens. Many M42 lenses have an auto/manual switch or a separate pre-set ring too.
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