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Found 14 results

  1. Hi All, I have been trying to shoot anything on video but my footage is grainy regardless if it is outdoors or indoors, it does not matter how low my ISO is, and I also reduced the details to -7, but still no luck. The footage should be smooth and crispy, but they look dim and grainy in a weird way. The interesting thing is, I have no issues at all with photos, they come out as clean and sharp as expected. Can someone have any idea if this is just a setting issue or an issue with the camera? I attached 2 images for reference. Your help is truely appreciated. Best regards, Krisztina
  2. Very interesting video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ATasDimJg8
  3. Hi everybody :) Newbie Alpha user here... I recently got my a6400 and loving it. I'm planning to use it for some (music) videos soon, and I was hoping that I could get a few things bit more clarified by someone more experienced. As I understood, to get more cinematic-like effect I should stick to 24p(in NTSC mode), so my options are: When File Format is set to [XAVC S 4K] -> 24p 100M or 24p 60M When File Format is set to [XAVC S HD] -> 24p 50M ... So, is 100M gonna get more data than 60M which is gonna enable to create a slow motion footage in 4K..? Or I should - If I wish to create a slow motion footage - select one of these (while in [XAVC S HD]): 120p 100M/100p 100M 120p 60M/100p 60M Then slow it down in Premiere, and convert it to 24p..? ... I got a bit confused with all these options, apologies if I'm asking anything too obvious :D Thanks a lot for all the help!
  4. Hi. Until I can scrounge up $2k for the 200-600, my little 55-210 is my go-to for landscapes that require zooming. Unfortunately, my circular polarizing filter will not work with the lens hood that came with this lens. I hate to choose between lens flare and water reflections. Any knowledge about how to get them to work together? - Jared
  5. Quick question: My a6400 stopped making the on and off chime sound. I can't find any menu options for that sound. Any suggestions?
  6. Hello. I use sony A6400 and noticed about some blocky artifacts when use 25fps andISO more than 3200 and object move quiclly. i used good transcend card 128gb v30 and this problem is not in low bitrate. I test some cases and discovered what this artifacts become on all PP besides SLOG2 and SLOG3 and only on 25,30,50,60 fps, not 100-120fps, ISO > 3200. Anybody has this problem or it's defect of my camera? This example includes settings: HLG1 4k 25fps, ISO 5000 https://yadi.sk/i/7GE68PqfjElfgQ
  7. Hi all, Sony offers a Wifi enabled remote view/control which I find myself often using, due to what I shoot. However, the ImageEdge / Sony Alpha (A6400) camera firmware combination turns out to be very unreliable (not only to me, but to many others I read). Often when my phone screen goes off, I will have to go Back in the camera menu, find the remote menu item, reveal the QR and rescan, otherwise it won't work. I have hit the 'report issue' function each time (which triggers a flimsy error code in the error report (ironically) and I keep hoping this will finally be fixed someday. For a modern camera in this class, we should expect this to work. Additionally, I also tried ImageEdge for desktop to wirelessly transfer / preview data during shoots. After many restarts, reconnects, reinstalls it doesn't find my A6400 at all. (this would make a massive difference opposed to cable or worse; take my camera off my balanced gimbal and remove the SD card because sometimes the USB connection doesn't respond). In other words; Sony has is lacking big time when it comes to modern day wireless features (mobile monitor / transfer, desktop monitor / transfer). Does anyone know if there is better 3rd party software available with the capability to do this with a SonyA6400. Or; if Sony is rolling out actual fixes on this soon? Thanks! - Vinesh
  8. Hi all. I've seen a setting video on youtube, but the sound I have after intital set up isn't the best I think. What are you setting when using h1n with sony a6400? Mic output volume and internal sony recording volume? Also what are you preferable mic gain settings? How do you set both up for the best sound? Thanks
  9. I have sony a6400, and i want absolutely steller quality from my prime lense ( will use for portrait , street portrait category ) the options i can see is 1. Sigma 56mm f1.4 for apsc 2. Sigma art 50mm f1.4 for FE I might upgrade to full frame may be in next 4-5 years, not immediately, will sigma art 50mm f.14 will provide better image on a apsc body than 56mm ? In both photo and video ? As the 50 art costs 2X than the 56mm, i am a bit confused.. but it that will provide that better image / video quality i am ok to pay the difference. If anyone has used sigma 50mm art on APsc for photo and video please let me know.
  10. I Am new to using Sony A6400 and also got Courtenay Computaflash 1000c Speedlight/Flash, But does not have the Sync Cable. The flash does work when pressed on test. So please help me how to solve this problem and how to connect it to the Sony A6400. Thank You
  11. Hi, Fascinated by photography for over 40 years. After a cleanout of the "museum" of cameras and leaving the darkroom behind, settled on the a6400 as the one to rule them all. Have since added the sel18-135, Sigma DC DN 16, Sigma DC DN 30, and Zeiss Touit 50f2.8 Astounded by the image quality off the body and primes, even though expectations were high. Even the zoomer is not a complete slouch. I take pictures for myself. I don't need the endorsement of the twitterverse or whatever, but am always up for learning how to use kit better.
  12. Hi All, Newbie question here... I have an a6400, and I just bought a Fotga DP500IIS A70TL 7” touchscreen field monitor, and I am also thinking of getting a Samsung T5 500GB SSD (as I see a lot of video people using these to record to) and I am just curious as to how you would set that up? I believe the Samsung T5 is USB-C, how do you connect and record to it? Thanks
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