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  1. I am using a Sony S7 R2 in the studio setting. I have used this 90 mm macro lens for portraits before with strobes and no problems. Prior to trying today I was using a 24 to 70 G. It fired my strobes every time with no issues. When I attached the 90 mm, the strobes stopped firing when I push the shutter. All strobes fire when hitting the button on the receiver. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. fute77

    Emilie in studio

    Hi all, here is a part of my last photoshooting with Emilie 1- En rouge & noir by Fabrice, sur Flickr 2- Emilie : un regard by Fabrice, sur Flickr for these 2 pictures I used a simple clamshell setup one main Elinchrom 1000 with an 95cm octobox on the top right of the picture (f/16) + an Elinchrom D-Lite 4 with a 60cm square softbox on the front (F/8) Let me know what you think of it Fabrice
  3. fute77

    Portrait : Jane

    Here is a portrait of Jane made some time ago Jane by Fabrice, sur Flickr Let me know what you think about it Fabrice
  4. Hello! A very beginner question : How do you generate a colorbars from the A72? We want to calibrate an external HDMI monitor in our studio. Thanks!
  5. fute77


    Here are some picture from an previous shooting I made in 2010 1- Marine by Fabrice, sur Flickr 2- courbes / shape by Fabrice, sur Flickr 3- Marine by Fabrice, sur Flickr It is a shooting that I have always been happy with I made some more recent work on number 2 let me know your thoughts
  6. Hey folks, Since our last photo set was so popular Hilary decided to come back to the studio to shoot another one. We did it a little different this time, no strobes. The A7R II obviously performed admirably at the higher ISO settings we used for these fun shots. I hope you enjoy. Full Gallery: Hilary Riley Session Two (possibly NSFW depending upon where you work)
  7. Here is a picture from a photo session I made in june Camille de dos by Fabrice, sur Flickr Setup : key light : on the upper left (octobox 122cm) with Elinchrom style FX 400@180J backlight : bowl with honeygrid onan Elinchrom D-Lite 2@60J Sony alpha 7 Sony 70-200/4G @158mm iso 100 1/160s f/10 let me know what you think about it Fabrice
  8. Hi, new to the forum and the camera! The image is what I got with the handshake SCN settings, trying to get the background closer to white. Can anyone tell me how to set white balance? I'm doing some studio shots with a white background. Over time, I will invest in studio strobes. Right now, trying to push the camera, to both see the background as white, and also not blow out the subject too much. I'm thinking some kind of combination with HDR and exposure adjustment? Any advice?
  9. Hi all, Here is a picture from my last shooting Cindy by Fabrice, sur Flickr Light setup : Key light on top left (shower ??? sorry I am french) - Elinchrom 1000@250J + octobox 47" and grid back light just the 7' bowl + honeygrid D-lite 2@100J Alpha 7 + SEL70-200/4G iso 100 - 76 mm - 1/160s - f13 Let me know what you think about it
  10. Natural light shoot with A7ii and Zeiss 85/1.8 and Sony 35/1.4 Ig: @mirco_in_nyc
  11. From the album: Satit P

    © Satit Putarakkit

  12. From the album: Sparkie

    Sony A7RII, Canon 85 1.2II L Lens, Metabones adapter, Phottix Indra 360, Phottix OdinII TTl MIS for Sony.

    © Copyright 2016 William Sparkes

  13. From the album: Taken With Sony Alpha

    © Dan M Lee Photography

  14. Hi all, Here is a picture form a photo session with Soon at her airbnb Photo setup : Interfit Ex150 MkII @150J with a whyte umbrella 40" in shower on right side Soon by Fabrice, sur Flickr Let me know what you think about it Fabrice
  15. Hi all, Here is another photo from a studio photo session made in august Jane by Fabrice, sur Flickr Let me know what you think about this picture regards, Fabrice
  16. Hi all, Here is a picture from my last studio whooting Cristina is an Italian judoka Let me know what you think about it : Cristina Piccin by Fabrice, sur Flickr Sony Alpha 7 + Sony FE85/1.8 Exif : iso 100 - f/8 - 1/160s light setup : - key kight : elinchrom EL-1000@250J with stripbox + honeycomb - backlignt : elinchrom style 400FX@250 with standard bowl + 30° honeycomb
  17. Hey folks, Got a chance to work with a rookie client back in early December, a friend of mine named Hilary. She was an absolute natural and so so easy to work with. I look forward to using her for upcoming projects. Full gallery available on my website, link below. All images shot on the Sony A7R II with a combination of the 55mm Sony/Zeiss 1.8, the 28mm Sony and the Canon 70-200 2.8 IS II through a Metabones IV. HIlary Riley - Full Gallery Here
  18. test photoshoot with model on new canvas background. laminate floor a99v, zeiss 85
  19. So I decided to put together a post with all of my own favourite images of the year from 2015. This past year was the time that I decided to go pro full time, and i've never shot more in my life. Quite the ride, leaving one career for another. Most importantly, it finally gave me the chance to post this picture of the Mayor of our city crushing a Jelly donut haha! I hope everyone has an amazing shooting year in 2016!!! Full gallery here: http://www.kyleandrew.com/my-favourite-photos-of-2015/
  20. Hey folks, I recently had the good fortune of working with Ridha Yoshinori in my studio and we got some great shots. She was a bundle of Joy and as usual, the A7R II performed flawlessly. Here are a few of the images, and you can see a full gallery and write up of the shoot itself on my website below: http://www.kyleandrew.com/SFRidha
  21. fute77

    Emilie in studio

    Hi all, here is a picture from my last photo shooting Sportswear by Fabrice, sur Flickr Exif : Sony Alpha 7 - LA-EA4 - Minolta 100/2 iso 200 - f/8 - 1/250 s Let me know what you think regards, Fabrice
  22. Here is a picture from my last studio session with a former athlete Delphine Delsalle by Fabrice, sur Flickr Let me know what you think about it
  23. A fun shoot with Lymari Torres also known as Princess Lymari. A7II with 55 1.8 and 2 lights. https://500px.com/Maher Jim Maher
  24. fute77

    Studio : Marie

    Here is an extract from my last photo shooting Dame Marie by Fabrice, sur Flickr let me kow what you think about it
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