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Found 12 results

  1. I recently bought the a7r ii. It's great camera and I'm super excited to be using it. Unfortunately, I just noticed that the level gauge is not accurate and was wondering if I'm doing something wrong if someone knows of a quick fix. I already called Sony support and they told me to re-initalize the camera. I did that and nothing. I also removed the battery and no change. So what's happening is if I take a picture with the camera at eye level shooting straight ahead, the level gauge seems accurate. If I start to move the camera down, say to shoot something on the floor, as I move the camera down the digital garage indicates more and more that the camera is off level more and more as I tilt it further down. It's end up being that I would need to rotate the camera to the left about 45 degrees for the camera to be "level." It's the same if I shoot up. So as I'm shooting something up like someone on top of a stair case, the further up I shoot, the more the garage says I need to the tilt the camera to "level" it off. Hopefully, you can picture what I'm trying to describe but it's a little weird. I've already got a case number and plan to send it into Sony for repairs but just curious if anybody has had the same problem and if they sent it in for repair or if they figured out how to fix it themselves. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hey Sony Alpha community, I am planning a landscape timelapse project in British Columbia for this summer and I have a Sony Alpha 7S II. I know that all the good landscape photographers out there use the A7R II or a camera with similar resolution for landscape photography. In my case, though, I will export a 4K video file for which my 4240 × 2832 still image size of the A7S II should be enough. I will not print my photos in large formats like most landscape photographers. So my question is, how important is the resolution of my camera when shooting a 4K timelapse video? What is the difference in the final image quality when exporting a 4240 × 2832 (A7S II) image file in 4K compared to exporting a 7952 x 5304 (A7R II) image file in 4K? What really matters is the resolution of your export, or am I wrong? Of course I understand that using a A7S II over an A7R II will limit my ability to crop in the image while still keeping enough resolution. I hope you guys understand my problem and can help me. Cheers, Flo
  3. Since the introduction of the excellent Sony α7r II this year I cant help but think of the features that the next iteration of the camera will bring, and set a new bar for Full Frame Interchangeable Lens Camera once again. Althougt the α7r II seems to have many and killer features, there's still a lot of room for improvements. With that said here are the 17 things I like to see for the successor of the a7r II, that will keep all of the features of the 7r II, but also add these 17 things that will make it the best Full Frame Camera... Ever made! #1. New Name Ok, I work at one of the biggest camera stores in my country and even my boss when talking about the Sony cameras many times confuses the names. 7a II, ar7, as7 and so on. He never gets confused with the Nikon cameras. Why? because they have simple names that's why. The alpha 7r II or how Sony likes to call it the ILCE7RM2/B. Huh?! What's that? Sony is absolutely terrible at naming their products. So I want a new name simple enough that even my grandmother can remember it. Get on it! #2. Dual SDXC Card Slots Even though the α7r II is aimed at pro's. Having just one card slot is not professional at all. In fact, it's amateur. I, and I think all of the pros, would like to see this changed. #3. Revamped Menus and User Interface Ok, this is the most complained about feature of the Sony Cameras. the User Interface. Everybody is complaining about it and nobody likes it. I own and have own many Sony products myself over the years and the one consistent thing that has been bad about Sony products is the UI. Sony... if you cant do it yourself, which you obviously can't, please, acquire a company that can. And have that Time-Laps app by default in the camera for Christ sake! #4. Faster Start-Up time Faster start-up time helps to capture that fleeing moment in life. And makes you confident to keep the Camera turned off to save battery and know that it will come back to life immediately when you need it. #5. Touch Screen OLED Screen Nothing is more intuitive than touching to focus or to change a setting or to zoom. The iPhone has been demonstrating this since 2007. And no screen has better contrast to review our stills and clips than an OLED screen. #6. Large Battery Capacity What is inside that grip area of the body? Just cram a huge-ass battery inside there. Because 270 shots in a modern pro Full Frame camera is just laughable. Especially when you think that it shoots 4K video also. Which btw brings me to the next feature request. #7. 10 bit RAW Video (internally of course..) and Unlimited Recording For that ultra flexibility while editing in post our amazingly artistic videos with no time restrictions. #8. Unnoticeable Rolling Shutter or Global Shutter Action or fast moving subjects look absolutely abysmal with that god awful Rolling Shutter. Do another Innovation and make the first Pro Full Frame camera for Action movies. It will be another huge innovation Sony! #9. 16 Stops Dynamic Range, Stills and Video The current α7r II has a decent 14 Stops of DR in photos, but let's live up to the potential and promise of digital and finally leave film and its 15 Stops in the dust. (The D810 is almost there with 14.8 DR). Color depth is great at 26 bit. No complaints there but your're welcome to improve it even more. #10. Faster Autofocus Who doesn't like fast? Do your thing and add more of those cross focusy things to make focusing as fast as lightning. #11. 10 fps Continuous Shooting I don't mind the current 5 fps, but if you want to get those sports and wildlife pro's on board, and get all that cha-ching $$$, gotta have the speed to keep up with their demands. #12. GPS Apart from when, I also need to know where exactly I took those cat photos! Come on GPS is in everything these days. The cheapest phones have them! It's useful for reference and organization that the pro's need. #13. AC WiFi Again. Who doesn't like fast? Gotta transfer all that 42MP files fast and effortlessly. For better workflow and freedom. #14. No Overheating The fastest car in the world, (Bugatti Veyron), has like 10 fridges in it. Why can't you cramp on of those fridges in the new body but still keep it small and lightweight? Come on Sony, if you can't do it... somebody else will. #15. RAW Histogram and Preview Many of you may not know this but the photos that you see on the viewfinder or the LCD screen of the camera are actually Jpegs of the RAW files! Which are of course not representative of the real RAW captured data. No more lies Sony! Give us the true previews and histograms of our RAW images! ;P #16 Variable Low-Pass Filter Sony has done it in the RX1R II! Now just put that thing in the next alpha 7 model. No more R's and two models of the same camera, with and without Low Pass filter. #17. Get rid of the mechanical shutter Why do we need a mechanical shutter in an all digital camera? I don't get it. (I also don't care so don't bother explaining it to me.) Getting rid of that mechanical shutter will not only make the camera more reliable but also more power efficient, and ninja silent of course, so we can creep around and attract no attention whatsoever... Mooohahahahahaha. Ok, pretty big list of feature ha? But I know if one company can do it it's Sony. For whoever is reading this feel free to add more feature suggestions if you want.
  4. Hey folks, Since our last photo set was so popular Hilary decided to come back to the studio to shoot another one. We did it a little different this time, no strobes. The A7R II obviously performed admirably at the higher ISO settings we used for these fun shots. I hope you enjoy. Full Gallery: Hilary Riley Session Two (possibly NSFW depending upon where you work)
  5. Hi im interested in buying a Sony a7r ii but have a problem!!! im a wedding photographer and use allot of off camera flash which means i need a trigger that suits sony i am a canonist and have yn 622c triggers, when put on the sony fires just well but ofcourse no ttl or hss even though the yn 622 does support ttl and hss. but when i put a flash above the yn trigger on the sony the flash syncs upto 1/125 and not above even though the flash even supports ttl and hss is there any soultion that can make my triggers work with combination to my flash on the trigger when attached to the sony or is there any other trigger that i can put any flash on the trigger when attached to the sony and which will at least sync 200 or 250 not mentioning ttl or hss priorities i want an answer regarding triggers that can work with the sony keeping in mind 3 things: 1. there is no sync connection on the sony 2. they support ttl or hss or both 3. that i can attach a flash on the trigger while attached to the camera thanks allot and hoping to get a solution in order that i can decide to go on my purchase
  6. Had the chance to work with a model named Clare Cochrane recently whose been getting some good work projects for herself. We were able to bang out a pretty wide variety of images in a short time span, and she is the only model I've ever shot that brought an Axe to the shoot. Seriously. (see the video on the last page lol) Full Gallery here: http://www.kyleandrew.com/in-studio-with-clare-cochrane/
  7. Tara is the third instalment of my Home Invasion series, and it was the most random one so far. We were supposed to shoot in studio but an electrical problem made that temporarily impossible. But she was ready to shoot. So we did. Full Gallery Here: http://www.kyleandrew.com/home-invasion-tara/
  8. I once again shot with Mackenzie, one of my favourite persons to shoot, however this time it was without the assistance of studio lighting equipment. She (and her adorable cat Cleo) is the latest subject in my Home Invasion series. Full Gallery at link below: http://www.kyleandrew.com/home-invasion-mackenzie/
  9. Hey folks, So I wanted to share this image shot on the A7R II last week on Christmas Day at my family gathering. It was shot with a metabones IV adapter and a Canon 70-200 2.8IS II. The full details are ISO 102,400, F2.8 and Shutter Speed of 1/4000th. I have not processed this in anyway whatsoever other than to downsize it for posting. I have included a link to a full gallery of the images from that day on my website, where you will see this image again processed as I would any other. However here is the link to my website, and the 102,400 ISO image untouched. Unfortunately I had to save it at JPEG 7 to get it to fit the size limits of the forum. Full Gallery Here
  10. Hey folks, I recently had the good fortune of working with Ridha Yoshinori in my studio and we got some great shots. She was a bundle of Joy and as usual, the A7R II performed flawlessly. Here are a few of the images, and you can see a full gallery and write up of the shoot itself on my website below: http://www.kyleandrew.com/SFRidha
  11. This is my first post on this forum site. I am new to photography and have owned a couple canon dslr cameras (EOS 40D and 70D). Forgive me for my formatting. just got a used Sony A7R ii, which worked perfectly according to the previous owner who sold it on craigslist in pristine condition with all documentation purchased from B&H. I saw it autofocus and take pictures with his own native E-mount lens, which he was selling, albeit at a $1500 price point, and I was already a little hard pressed for cash. I did not have a lens, so I went ahead and purchased the Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART lens with the canon EF mount. I needed some kind of adapter, so I also bought the Fotodiox Pro Lens Adapter from Amazon. I read on this site: http://briansmith.com/sony-a7rii-canon-ef-smart-adapter-tests/ that the Fotodiox adapter should perform alright with the Sigma lens. Once I received everything (today, May 26th), I mounted it all on and took my first picture. Autofocus was... nonexistent. Second shot in better light proved more promising with pretty snappy autofocus. Then I tried to take another photo and when I pushed the shutter down, the screen turned true black and then the "artificial black" for about 5 seconds. When it returned to normal, there was an audible "clicking" or "readjusting" of the whole system. I took the lens and adapter off, put on the lens cap, and I was firing away normally, so it leads me to believe that the lens or adapter is causing some kind of lag. This happens in both manual and autofocus modes. It seems to happen randomly, but it happens more than 75% the times I have tried to take photos. It also happened a couple times when I pressed the shutter half-way. I also thought it could be my SD Card. I am using an old SDHC I SanDisk Ultra 30 mb/s 8gb card. I have a 64gb Lexar 1000x 64gb U3 card coming in a couple days from Amazon.
  12. You have the A7R2. You have the RX100M4. So what do you do? Shoot the different shutter modes of the A7R2 in super slow-motion with the RX100M4. Click below for some hot Sony-on-Sony action, totally mirrorless. https://youtu.be/v5HyT_KgFT4
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