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Found 15 results

  1. I have a Sony A7ii Camera and recently I formatted a new memory card on my camera and the battery was around 40%. During the format process, the camera turned off and when I tried restarting it again, it won't show any firmware in the camera and would just flicker once with the live view display and then go black. I have been trying to solve this problem and have no success till now. Please help out if any of you have any idea how to get this fixed.
  2. My camera wont connect with my macbook since I upgraded to Sierra. I understand there are software snd firmware updates but cant find it.
  3. Hey everyone, just made this topic for people to post suggestions as to what they think would be good changes to include in a future firmware update for the Sony a6500. I'll kick it off by linking this video here, which makes some valid points and suggestions, most of which make a lot of sense and would be very helpful: Suggest away...
  4. Anyone else having problems with lenses after firmware update on A6500? My Sigma's are working well but my Zeiss 12mm F2.8 Touit has stopped responding and focusing.... even manually Any ideas team? Gonna call Zeiss tomorrow...
  5. I own both an A6500 camera and also a NEX-3N for backup. Because I recently bought a new primelens I had to update the firmware on both cameras. With the A6500 there was not a single problem. But attempting the same procedure with my NEX-3N resulted in an error message. See attachment. Downloading the photo's by means of USB (Mass stoarage) is not a problem, so there must be a connection between camera and PC. Does anyone recognize this and perhaps know a solution? For instance by means of use of the programfile on my SD-memorycard?
  6. I am on my fourth try at installing firmware v4 on my A7rII - Using a Mac with OS X 10.11.6 - Following all instructions - no memory card, battery at 100%, USB set to Mass Storage - at initial stage in installer of "Connect the camera and computer" I soon get the message on the camera screen "check the connected device" - this is after it confirms that Mass Storage is on - I wait a bit and nothing more happens (should I be more patient) then the installer software says "Could not find the camera for this update" and tells me to shut down, start again - I have
  7. Hi - does anyone know of an update on the diabolical file numbering system and camera identification on the Sony A7s mk 2? This is a total, total pain in the butt for multi-camera video sessions. Compare this to the obvious simplicity of the Canon system - indeed, pretty much every other manufacturer - where files are consecutively numbered and each camera has a unique identifying prefix. I moaned about this some while ago, and passed this message on to Sony. Any news of a firmware update that may resolve this infuriating problem?
  8. Sony recently gave us Sony A7II owners an amazing christmas present :-) The Firmware Update 2.0. This free firmware update transforms the A7II in the little brother of the A7rII, which allready has Phase Detect AF. In this first part of my 2 part review i take a look how good the Sigma 24mm 1.4 Canon Mount with the Commlite Adapter works in Single and Continues Focus modes. https://dsphotosblog.wordpress.com/2015/11/23/sony-a7ii-firmware-update-2-0-review-part-i/
  9. I am trying to apply the newest firmware update to my A6000 but it appears Windows 10 won't follow through on the process. The camera's USB storage is also not recognized by either my desktop or laptop (both win 10). Any suggestions or work arounds that anyone might have to upgrade my firmware? Also, my camera is currently not saving pictures to JPEGs that will open....hence my desire to upgrade the firmware....any additional suggestions? thanks in advance, Miguel A. Jax, FL
  10. Hi everyone! I have a Sony A7Rii and I want to update the firmware. The issue is that it WON'T connect to any of my computers. I tried Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac, and Windows 7. I also tried 2 different cables. I also made sure the USB Connection was set to MASS STORAGE on the camera. I also tried it with a SDHC card rather than a SDXC. Using the same cable, I connected my A7S to the computer, and no problem, a screen comes up on my A7S saying I'm connected to the computer. So I know for sure it's not the cable. So my issue is that it won't mount to any of my computers so
  11. Hello, Sony has just released an 1.21 firmware update for the A7/M2/R/S/6000 products. For the moment, the update is only available on the Sony Japan site, but as usual, it should be deployed to North America and Europe sooner. Note that the update files are the same for the whole world. Links for A7/R/S/6000 version for WIN and MAC. Links for A7M2 version for WIN and MAC Changelog which seems to concern better support for new 24/240 lens : Google translate :
  12. On the sony support website, it says that the firmware update 1.20 .... " Provides support for the SEL70200G lens: - Supports the "Fast Hybrid AF" function and future Fast Hybrid AF compatible E mount lenses - Adds the "Focus hold button" function " I had this lens in use on the A7 before the update and do not notice any change. I have even the impression that the autofocus is somewhat slower than before the update, but this may be subjectively ill-founded. So - does anybody know, how this "Fast Hybrid AF" function now newly manifests itself (how did it work before ?) when one is u
  13. I tried to do the firmware update on my a6000. I got a message that said aborted, remove and replace battery and start again. When I put the battery back in, the camera wouldn't turn on. The red light by the battery compartment stayed on even when the camera was turned off. The only time the red light goes off is when I remove the battery. I tried other batteries and had the same issue. Suggestions, please. Thanks in advance.
  14. MacOS users BEWARE!! I just bricked an A7RII ILCE-7RM2 trying to update from 4.0 to 4.01 using my MacBook Pro with Catalina 10.15.3 VERY CAREFULLY following Sony's instructions. I had updated this camera with this computer but an earlier OS successfully in the past. About 1/3 way done, the camera just disconnected from the computer (volume disappeared from desktop), the little red light would not go out, and the camera would not reconnect. I tried pulling the battery. I read where some folks had to run the update more than once, but I couldn't run it again on the Mac because the Mac would
  15. Hi all, Sony offers a Wifi enabled remote view/control which I find myself often using, due to what I shoot. However, the ImageEdge / Sony Alpha (A6400) camera firmware combination turns out to be very unreliable (not only to me, but to many others I read). Often when my phone screen goes off, I will have to go Back in the camera menu, find the remote menu item, reveal the QR and rescan, otherwise it won't work. I have hit the 'report issue' function each time (which triggers a flimsy error code in the error report (ironically) and I keep hoping this will finally be fixed someday. Fo
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