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  1. sumeshsenan

    A group shot with the A7R2 and 24-70 f2.8 canon lens

    it was to print in a brochure.....the whole idea was to show the people with the workspace .... hence not close up of the people
  2. A group shot with the A7R2 and 24-70 f2.8 canon lens.... The 42 megapixel helps with these kind of images especially for print purpose
  3. Architecture Interiors Photography with the A7R2
  4. sumeshsenan

    Cargo over Singapore Harbour - Sony A7 + Sony 16-35

    love the composition andrzej ...I have flown out of sin a couple of times and its beautiful...never had a camera in my hands though unfortunately
  5. sumeshsenan

    Morning jogger

    simply brilliant...well spotted and a very nice silhouette
  6. Hello Paul yes..i have been owning the ts 17mm for a while now and mostly on the 5d mark3. Now i use it on the sony a7r2 .... just couple of shoots and honestly i havent seen a significant difference in the image quality...yes ..definetely more details when you zoom in But in terms of functionality no problem...using it with the metabones adapter cheers sumesh
  7. I had just made the switch from Canon to Sony Only Ambient window light
  8. I had just made the switch from Canon to Sony The metabones adapters gave me a lot of focus issues during this shoot in India for a mannequin manufacturer. So most of the project had to be shot in manual
  9. sumeshsenan

    Cousins ... portrait of 3 children

    Cousins ... portrait of 3 children
  10. sumeshsenan

    Taking a dip - Indian style

    Taking a dip - Indian style shot with the A7R2
  11. actually i shot it a little underexposed because of the four lights at the top .... they just lose the impact if more lit
  12. Photographing Interiors - A7R2 with Tilt / shift 17mm Canon lens
  13. i guess the eye af and many other focus features work best only with sony lenses...i switched from 5d to sony a7r2 few months back thinking i could use all my existing L series lenses...But i am not getting accurate focus guess i need to steadily start investing in used sony lenses cheers sumesh
  14. sumeshsenan

    Best Settings for 120 FPS - Sony A7rii

    hi will i am puzzled with the same problem...recently did this video with my daughter and there was noise..but i was shooting slog 2 and here i think iso is 800 automatically.... also i guess its not hd 1280 x 720 ..... i am yet to try out the 60 fps hd though do connect on fb thanks sumesh