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  1. I have owned the A7R body since around October, 2014 with absolutely no issues at all until the beginning of June 2016. Since June, a white streak has appeared in the vast majority of photos taken with the body and any of the three lenses I own (28-70, 70-200 and Batis 18mm). The streak is increasingly prominent when using faster shutter speeds. Please let me know if you have any idea what the streak may be from and what steps should be taken to correct it. Any feedback welcome! (the attached photos are straight from camera, by the way).
  2. I have an open doors helicopter ride over Manhattan coming up. I will have a Canon 70D with 70-200mm f/2.8 and a Sony a7r with me. I cannot change lenses during flight for obvious reasons. Does anyone have thoughts on the widest lens for my a7r? I've heard that too wide and you get the copter rotors at the top of the frame. Some of my options are: Canon 17-40mm f/4 (with Ommlite E-Mount adapter, thus no auto focus) Sony FE 28mm prime f/2.0 (autofocus) other?
  3. Ok, I'm going nuts to get to the bottom of this, so here we are. I have this weird shadow* that appears on both short sides of the frame (even if in this picture is more evident on the left side), with the exact same weird shape, and with several kinds of adapters but ONLY with long lenses (the Contax 100-300 @ 200 and up and the Leica 180). *I don't want to call it "vignette" because it doesn't look like one, it looks more like a piece of transparent foil was in the way; please keep in mind that to make it this visible I cranked contrast and clarity, otherwise it is a problem only with the sky in that portion of the frame Every other lens is fine, with the same adapters. I've tried flocking the inside of the adapters, using different kinds, I even cleaned the sensor in the off chance it was some sort of halo on it that was causing this, but I'm still getting the "shadow". Any idea of what the hell might it be? My (wild) guesses are: a - that the camera lens mount itself might be a tad too small, and it interacts in some way with the parallel light rays projected by the long legacy lenses (I know, it's far fetched but I'm at a loss for more reasonable explanations). b - that the sensor is reflecting back a ton of light, and this interacts in some way with the back of the adapter and the mount of the legacy lens
  4. If you wanted to buy a Sony a7RII and had to choose between two sellers at the exact same price, which would you choose and why? - Grey Market model from long-established US seller with thousands of positive reviews on eBay - Refurbished model from long-established US seller with thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. Refurbish work and 1-yr warranty provided by seller, not Sony
  5. I will admit i do love the sony alpha cameras for many reasons, and coming from shooting with Nikon higher end bodies expect quality in my files. Having said that i still find myself at times wondering if my sony will turn on each time i get it out. Let me explain, and i have already said i love shooting with them for reasons of light weight , smaller footprint, EVF, and wifi, but at times when the camera is turned off and in my camera bag i will get it out to start a shoot and turn it on only to have to wait for a couple of seconds while it does whatever its doing, its like i woke it up from a long nap or someting and it has to gather its thoughts before it knows what its supposed to do LOL.... Seriously thats the one thing about the sony well my a6xxx series and a7rii , they take such great shots but i just worry as will they last and be durable like im used to having with my Nikons? Whats your thought on durability? had any glitches , weird instances or all been good so far?
  6. Hello, I have the original Sony A7R and am unable to connect my camera to my IPad, Imaging Edge App. I have tried what has always worked before. (Application List/Smart Remote Control). All I get is WiFi Standby. (The little "wheel" goes round and round without progress). I do not see the camera's wi-fi in my IPad wi-fi settings. In the past, whenever I was lucky enough to get a QR code on my camera screen, it was an easy connection to Imaging Edge by just taking the photo of the QR code with the IPad. Nothing has changed with either the camera or IPad. Is there any way to "force" the camera to bring up the QR code? I have talked with Sony about this. We have tried everything they have suggested, to no avail. All I want to be able to do is to trigger my shutter remotely...sometimes out of camera "sight," thereby negating a hand-held remote control. I also hesitate to get a new camera just to solve this problem. (For example, sometimes I will trigger my shutter while standing in another room). Thanks in advance for any helpoful advice. -Dave
  7. This fault has been growing more frequent and today it's every 5 mins, I can't tell if it's the 16-35 or the camera, I have not yet replicated the problem with the 24-70fe attached. I would love this hear from anyone who has had a similar problem or has any view on what the problem might be? When shooting the focus blurs, Aperture value goes blank to --, viewfinder goes pure white over a few seconds as though exposure is bent dialled to the max and I need to reboot ti fix it. Sometimes it happens after I open the shutter, the camera freezes fir 15 seconds with it open as though I was doing a long exposure but when the shit is finished there is no photo and the aperture and ISO settings get back to what they were before I tried the shot?
  8. Hello everybody! I just uploaded this travel video primarily using the Sony A7RII! I would love for you to check it out and give feedback! Good day! https://youtu.be/GWYUYpmwXy8 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/GWYUYpmwXy8?rel=0" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  9. When I plug in the intervalometer from the Second Shooter to a Sony Alpha A7x, the Sony camera ceases to allow changes to Shutter/Aperture/ISO until I physically unplug that cable and press the wheel button to snap it out of its trance. The intervalometer works, but I can't do anything else. At first I thought this was a Sony problem, but then I found that this doesn't happen when I plug in another remote/timer to the same port, which does the same thing. I can change the settings while the Vello Shutterboss does its thing, for example. Does anyone here know enough to say what exactly the Second Shooter is doing on the INT -> Multi port that is locking Shutter/Aperture/ISO controls on the Sony A7x series? I've posted to the Kessler forum but haven't received a response.
  10. Good morning, i am writing with frustration in my eyes and fingers i need your help. I recently got the Sony A7R and for the life of me i cant seem to get it pass the flash sync speed of 60. I want to know if it is default to that speed or there is something in body that i can fix to get rid of it. Was on a photographers link up and i used my Nikon version of the Godox trigger and it fired each time and i am sure i was over 60, All Lights used was the Godox AD600. Now i am trying again and its not working, i want to know if there is a setting that i can change inbody to move the shutter from default 60 to atleast 1/160 i am also trying HSS and its not working and i know my Godox have that capability as i used it all the time with my Nikon D750. Dont want to be buying different flashes and triggers all the time as i have the YN flash and Triggers too suited for my Nikon. So is it a case where as i need to get the Sony Version of the AD600 trigger as my friend suggested then i can do that or i can just use a filter instead to get the results that i need, even tho i will be shooting action soon & will need that HSS Capability.
  11. From the album: Landscapes

    Lugano under sunset from Cross Peak on Caval Dossa area. Down left the cross, you can see the piramid of Monviso, a peak 280km far from where we were! I worked with a graduated ND filter to get a darker sky, then I left the colour as much as were in reality, working on contrasts to have the best effect on the ray coming behind the mountain. Last aspect I worked to are the blacks, that I made darked and deeper.

    © Luca Fontana

  12. From the album: Landscapes

    Just before the night. Pictore took on Caval Dossa peak (1600m) just above Lugano, waiting snow that this year is coming late. I worked hard to give the idea of the true colour there were in front of us, with the night coming in the valley and the last sun of the day lighting the yellow grass of autumn.

    © Luca Fontana

  13. luca.f

    Late View

    From the album: Landscapes

    On our way back from Blinnenhorn we got a great view of Greis Lake just before golden hour. Walking with no track in wilderness is one of the most incredible experience, and this kind of landscape is the reason we explore. I worked hard on colors, to get the best balance between saturation and contrasts.

    © Luca Fontana

  14. From the album: Landscapes

    An hiker make a picture of Greis Lake, with Greis Glacier and Bleinnenhorn (3374m) on the back. The light was just perfect with great contrasts of coulor all around the picture. I also loved the moment for the great proportion, with the long cloud that creates a circle that go to the mountain, than to the long glacier, to the hiker and at the end back to the sky. I tried to desaturate a bit the colors to get a deeper effect on all the picture.

    © Luca Fontana

  15. From the album: Landscapes

    The very wild landscape of Greispass was changed by the dam and the wind turbine. I included these anthropic elements in the composition. Usually people try to avoid everything made by man in landscape photography, but we are part of the world. I also tried my best in contrasts to give the deep effect of the picture and to underline the lines on the right mountain.

    © Luca Fontana

  16. luca.f

    Falling Sun

    From the album: Landscapes

    We were climbing Denti della Vecchia near Lugano when a sublime scenary appears to us, with a orange sun hitting the autumn trees. Mountains on the back are Alps, with Monte Rosa, second peak in europe. I worked hard with ND graduated filter in postproduction, adding nothing to saturation. All the colours seen are as appeared to our eyes.

    © Luca Fontana

  17. From the album: Landscapes

    Climbing Adula (3408m) we had a spectacular sunrise all over the alps. In the picture the first light of the day hitting Vogelberg (3200m). I worked this picture with a cold light, heating up the part of the sun. In this way we have a great contrast between the light and the dark. Light is life, and when you are walking on high mountains around 0C° it makes a great difference in your feeling. I also strongly worked on contrasts and clarity, to give better the sensation of how much big was that landscape in front of us.

    © Luca Fontana

  18. From the album: Landscapes

    Two alpinist walking on the South-Est ridge of Adula, highest peak of Ticino (Swizerland).

    © Luca Fontana

  19. From the album: Landscapes

    Alpinists on the glacier walking to the summit of Adula, highest mountain of Ticino (Switzerland).

    © Luca Fontana

  20. luca.f


    From the album: Landscapes

    Alpinist taking a selfie ascending on Mount Adula, highest peak of Ticino (Switzerland). The day and situation was just perfect, with a sea of clouds and colors of sunrise. Modern times: he is taking a selfie instead of a landscape photo.

    © Luca Fontana

  21. luca.f


    From the album: Landscapes

    This picture is took from Colle San Carlo looking to Colle del Piccolo San Bernardo, the mountain passage from Italy to France. France sells every year tons of electricity through this cables, and fog is coming too from there. I used particularly desaturated colors to give more the idea of post-the-sunset atmosphere. I had also 2 choices: or to make a closeup of the fog and cable in the back, or to leave the picture as I tooken, with the tree in the middle. I preferred the second way, to give more deeper effect and in this way you can see the cables going all through the valley.

    © Luca Fontana

  22. From the album: Landscapes

    Autumn is coming on Italian Alps and a fisherman is enjoying the Lake of Arpi with no turists around. Dealing with light was very difficult, as mountains on the back are much higher than the lake. On the lake we had golden light of sunset, on the mountains there still was a strong light, so I used polarizer and graduated ND filter. I also used a quite slow shutter, to get the idea of fishing line movement.

    © Luca Fontana

  23. From the album: Landscapes

    Wild valley near Piz d'Agnel (Julierpass, Graubunden, CH).

    © Luca Fontana

  24. From the album: Landscapes

    Hong Kong is a unique place: a ultra-modern city is perfectly melt with a wild jungle. Hiking outside the tourist route, I found the "true" Victoria Peak place, 550m above sea level, in the middle of about nothing. This atmosphere is much more unique with the feeling of Maniland China at the doors, with its factory and complitely different culture. I choosed to have a strong presence of jungle in composition of the picture to underline the importance of nature in Hong Kong. I choosed also to use Black & White to work better on contrasts, because Hong Kong is a city full of contrasts. In this way the photo has more impact and more surreal ambient, giving more conceptual attitude.

    © Luca Fontana

  25. From the album: Landscapes

    Alpinist walking on Chuebodenhorn glacier with Pizzo Gallina (3150m) on the background.

    © Luca Fontana

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