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  1. Sony A7 and Sony 28/2.0. Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Winter St. Petersburg by Ivan Pavlov, on Flickr Winter St. Petersburg by Ivan Pavlov, on Flickr Winter St. Petersburg by Ivan Pavlov, on Flickr Winter St. Petersburg by Ivan Pavlov, on Flickr Winter St. Petersburg by Ivan Pavlov, on Flickr Winter St. Petersburg by Ivan Pavlov, on Flickr
  2. Phaethon


    I think it could be in color also.
  3. Dasha - Winter Portrait. Sony A7 and SEL28F20.
  4. Anya - Portrait at Night. Captured on Sony A7 and SEL28F20. Russia, North-West region, Vologda city.
  5. Early, I am asked the similar question and I made experiment with focusing and AF Illuminator (lasser pattern from flash). This combination didn't have advantage in focusing speed and accuracy - http://www.sonyalphaforum.com/topic/4088-metz-52-on-sony-a7-af-beam/ Probably, requires a new type of AF-assistant. And may be Sony will make it in first professional camera, also are named as "A9".
  6. Do not worry, I almost understand that you mean And the same time I learned English Yesterday I attempted to get focusing in dark at the flat white wall and "wood" floor with laser pattern AF-assistance from YN-568EX II mounted on Canon 6D (lens with cap). On the same time I pushed on shot buttons on both camera: Sony A7 was trying to get the focus and YN-568EX was emitting red-laser pattern on the wall. So, can I tell? It is definitely not work Today evening I will add a couple samples photos from my experiment. (by Moscow time)
  7. Thanks for answer! You are Englishman and you have perfect native English, but that is a little complicated for my intermediate level... I will try the autofocus at Sony A7 with help of laser pattern from YN-568EX which will mounted on Canon 6D soon
  8. As far as I know automatic magnification does not working with lens without electronic link with camera and working with lens on E-mount and with several electronic adapters (except Sony LA-EA).
  9. I use Metz-52 AF-1 on Sony A7. Build quality and flash work is very good for me. But AF-beam (focus assist) from flash unit is not activated. I did "On" at "AF-beam" in flash settings and "On" at "focus assist" in camera setting, and still red diode work from camera only! What is wrong? All firmware is up to date. Sony A7 - V3.1 and Metz-52 - V1.2. PS: I was using YN-568EX on Nikon D7000 with laser AF-assist two years ago (before I moved from Nikon at Sony). This couple work very good: camera is focusing in any dark even at long range.
  10. Fifth photo at f/2.5 and other at f/1.8
  11. Thank you all! No used flash or bounce/reflectors; only Sun with clouds. LR and PS
  12. Zeiss Batis 1.8/85 and Sony A7. EXIF saved.
  13. Batis 1.8/85 and Sony A7. All EXIF saved. f/1.8-2.8-3.5 mainly f/1.8 Thanks for watching!
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