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  1. Hi, i just bought a Sony a 7r II and are looking to buy a wide angle lens "Zeiss Batis18mm" for landscape photography, has anyone got this lens. Would you recommend it or rather the Sony 16 - 35?
  2. Hi, i just bought a Sony a 7r II and are looking to buy a wide angle lens "Zeiss Batis18mm" for landscape photography, has anyone got this lens. Would you recommend it or rather the Sony 16 - 35?
  3. Hi everyone ! Here is another picture from Lyon (taken with a Nex 6 + Zeiss 24f1.8), or, more precisely, North of Lyon : this is Île Barbe, and Notre-Dame church, one of the few last remnants of what was once the first abbaye of Gaul. If you want to know more, you can check my blog : https://pierrepphoto.wordpress.com/2017/01/28/lyon-ile-barbe/ Ile-Barbe, Lyon, France, at sunset by Pierre P. Photography, sur Flickr Cheers !
  4. Hi everyone ! First of all, I wish you all a very happy new year ! May you be successful at what you do, in your personal life, and of course, get more splendid shots to print and show to all. To start this new year, here are some photos of Lyon I took during the holidays. Most people who come to France tend to only visit Paris, the Chateaux de la Loire, and sometimes the French Rivera, but there are many other cities to visit that are worth a detour, and Lyon is one of them. Its Renaissance district, its numerous bridges which cross over the Saône and the Rhône, its two hills of Fourvière and Croix-Rousse, and of course the famous gastronomie lyonnaise make Lyon a nice city to visit for a weekend (though 4 days are better). I hope these pictures will convey my love for this city to you, and make you want to come and visit Lyon ! Cheers ! Lyon, Quais de Saone by Pierre P. Photography, sur Flickr Road to Saint-Georges by Pierre P. Photography, sur Flickr Fourvière, vue sur Lyon au petit matin by Pierre P. Photography, sur Flickr Fourvière, vue depuis les toits du Vieux Lyon by Pierre P. Photography, sur Flickr Lyon, Saint-Jean et grande-roue de Bellecour by Pierre P. Photography, sur Flickr
  5. Hello, I have had my NEX-5 for the past 6 years and have loved but I am now looking to upgrade to either the 6000, 6300 and 6500. With the recent release of the 6500 there is a huge price gap from the 6000 to the 6500. Has anyone had hands on experience with both of these cameras and can let me know pro's and con's? With that there seem to be a lot of newer lenses which are only compatible with the 6500 (though I am not exactly sure how accurate the Sony website is on this front as some lenses seem none compatible to any camera!). Which lenses would people recommend for the someone who loves being out and about taking shots of landscapes and nature (both from afar and as close as one can get/dares!)? Thanks, Stuart.
  6. Some pictures and video-frames from a Portugal roundtrip: Nazaré, Portugal Ponta da Piedade, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal Camilo Beach, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal Cabo Espichel, Portugal to be continued...
  7. Hello Forum, I love reading the Sonyalpharumors and I love my Sony A7. Enclosed you will find some shots with the Loxia 2.8/21mm. Should anyone be interested in seeing more photos from me, I uploaded some more here: flickr 500px Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky by Holger, on Flickr The Church and the Frozen Lake by Holger, on Flickr Blue Hour Frankfurt by Holger, on Flickr Gailingen am Hochrhein - Blue Hour by Holger, on Flickr
  8. Few days ago I saw a video ("Tony Northup calls the A-mount a dead system") where on Sony Alpha Forum some expert said SLT/A Mount system is gone. May be Sony is not serious on this as they are basking in the success of the Mirrorless A7 thingy.... I am not a professional guy but I have seen many system in past, with my limited income source and Photography as a serious hobby I have used Canon, got opportunity to see some Nikon system, then moved to Sony in 2016 when I bought A99. Then I made a decision in 2016 to move to mirror less, now I have A7R and A7Rmarkii..... What I have learnt in last 20 years is we need an Artist inside us, these are tools to express our Imagination and creativity, they will always have limitations but as an Artist there is always a way to express through limited resources. May be SLT is gone, we may say 'SLT is dead Long Live SLT'..... I am still having A77Markii and have seen at many places where this system is far better than A7 in response. But who gonna tell Sony that refine it and take it above Canon and Nikon. May God help Sony. Artist like me can't ......... Now, why I said all these things............. because I still use it, its quite reliable and output is also great.... See this Video (its using A mount system): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0eW_oXp0aE&feature=youtu.be
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1pNsjgGMGw This is my first video I have ever done and therefore also my first Youtube upload. I hope i can improve in the future and deliver better videos. Please leave some critic All i can say is that the A6300 creates some stunning video, even without using the sharpest lenses or SLOG Profiles. Love this little thing!
  10. hello I would like to share a few landscape shots. All with 16-35/4 on A7II. Location: Melchsee-Frutt, Switzerland ~ 2000 m Sound of Silence by Mathias, auf Flickr Calm down by Mathias, auf Flickr Tarn by Mathias, auf Flickr Barrier Lake by Mathias, auf Flickr Over the hills and far away by Mathias, auf Flickr
  11. Sunrise on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota. The lake is still frozen but temps are warming!
  12. Mathias

    Just some shots

    Hey guys I would like to share some of my latest shots. Equipment used: A7II, FE55/1.8, FE90/2.8M, FE35/2.8 Divided by Mathias, auf Flickr Into the Mist by Mathias, auf Flickr Pencil by Mathias, auf Flickr Ablaze by Mathias, auf Flickr Withered by Mathias, auf Flickr Swiss Mountain Panorama by Mathias, auf Flickr Dark Side by Mathias, auf Flickr
  13. we where very early to see the magical sunrise above the rice fields. We loved it... Sunrise @ Rice Terrace - Bali Indonesia by Daan Wagner Sony a7R II + 16-35 and Lee Little stopper - Lee landscape polarizer
  14. Went for a walk to Lucerne yesterday. Beautiful, clear weather, despite the cold wind that blows down the lake. Here's the view towards the mountains as seen from the border of the lake: Lake Lucerne by Mathias, auf Flickr A7II & FE35/1.4 Cheers
  15. EXIF: Sony a7s | FE 55mm F1.8 ZA ƒ/9.0, 1/160s, ISO 125 Just walking around the Blue Mosque area when I saw this and luckily captured the framing before the first woman got too far out the frame. Unfortunately I wasn't aligned perfectly – it was really a second shot more than anything – but I can't tell if the slight alignment 'issues' give it a more dynamic feel? Or if their impact is negative altogether... Anyway, thanks for looking
  16. From the album: Water Falls

    A lesser visited falls in Western North Carolina, yet very beautiful after a heavy rain. A must to shoot when overcast to avoid harsh shadows.

    © ©JBC Photography

  17. From the album: Water Falls

    Looking Glass Falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Western North Carolina. Must get there EARLY for photography without tourists all over.

    © ©JBC Photography

  18. From the album: Water Falls

    Catawba River Falls rarely has this much water flow. Heavy rains in the area allowed this scene to happen.

    © ©JBC Photography

  19. From the album: Old Scanned Photos

    The Montaza Lighthouse in Alexandria - Egypt, 2003

    © Taher Abouraya

  20. From the album: Travel

    The miraculous growth of root from granite rocks

    © Taher Abouraya

  21. From the album: Travel

    Woods in Krimmel near waterfalls, Austria

    © Taher Abouraya

  22. From the album: Travel

    The Alps in summer near Zell Am See, Austria

    © Taher Abouraya

  23. From the album: Travel

    Fountain in Karlsplatz, Munich, Germany

    © Taher Abouraya

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