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  1. Hi Guys, I just wanted to share a Behind the Scene Video I've made back in 2014 and some recent Fashionshoot with a german actress well know for the Netflix Series "DARK"
  2. Hi Sony Users, I'm new to this Forum and I've got a question concerning using the Timelapse app from Playmemories and Premiere CC. I have tons of timelapse videos that I made with my A7s, using the App but premiere doesn't accept the AVI format. Does anyone has a clue? Do I need to convert it to a specific format? Thanks in advance for your help. Florina
  3. Hi, from this angle it´s hard to tell what kind of rig this is, but I have a hint. It looks to me that it is a Rig from Movecam and on Top of the Handle it might be the Sony Device called XLR-K1M. https://www.sony.de/electronics/cyber-shot-kompaktkameras-mikrofone/xlr-k1m. https://www.bpm-media.de/de/EB-Live-Production/Stative-Rigs-Support/Rigs-Schulterstuetzen/Komplett-Kits/Movcam-A7SII-A7RII-Cage-Kit::371747.html I would highly recommend the Rig from Tilta: Cheers, Florina
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