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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! I recently bought an A7III and shoot some footage with it but I can't seem to find the location of it on my computer. Where do I go to find the footage? Also, I can't preview the raw images I've captured. If I want to see the images, I have to open Lightroom. However, I seem to be having no trouble at all with my a6000. Any help will be appreciated!
  2. Does anyone know if the a6500 is able to remember settings between the separate video/photo functions? I’m running into the problem where I will dial in the settings I want on the video function, take a video, then switch over to Manual (or aperture priority), and readjust the settings to take a picture. When I move back to the video function, my original video settings are now replaced by the more recent settings that were used to take the photo, leaving my frantically readjusting to get back to the proper video settings originally used.
  3. Having some issues while shooting video with my A7s, which I've only had for about 4 months or so. There are these downward moving color shifts that go from warm to cool that show up in every clip. They are much more noticeable against whites, and a little hidden against blacks but definitely still there. The lenses I'm using are a Sony 28mm f/2 lens, and a Vizelex ND throttle adapter with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 and 105 f/1.8. The issue happens with any of these 3 lenses so I'm pretty sure it's not the adapter or Nikkor lenses causing the issue. Video settings are MP4 and 144
  4. I boght a Sony A7RII 3 days ago. I love this cam but now I am so angry because I can't create timelapse video! My cam is connected to WiFi and my PlayMemories account. I am searching in apps(on cam & on Playmemories website) but there are not TIMELAPS app for install !!! Sony removed this app on A7RII ???
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1pNsjgGMGw This is my first video I have ever done and therefore also my first Youtube upload. I hope i can improve in the future and deliver better videos. Please leave some critic All i can say is that the A6300 creates some stunning video, even without using the sharpest lenses or SLOG Profiles. Love this little thing!
  6. Hi, This might be a total n00b question, but we can't figure it out and it's hurting my brain. Hoping someone can help. We shoot multi-cam video on 2 separate a7s cameras. A lot of interviews and double coverage etc. What we are noticing is that when you format the SDXC card before the shoot it starts the record naming convention as: C0001.mp4, C0002.mp4, C0003.mp4 etc The problem is that both of our cameras are doing this so we have identically named clips within our edit projects and it can become confusing. Is there a way to reset the naming convention of recorded media on the c
  7. So from what I've gathered about shooting SLOG2 is that you should overexpose by +1 or +2 stops. Been getting good results but wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing the exposure metering jump when you hit record. Example: Before hitting record my meter will read +1, but then when I hit record the exposure metering jumps to +2 or above. My Question: Which metering should I trust A: Before hitting record (or) B: After hitting record? I don't own a light meter so I can't really do the tests myself. Thought maybe the community might have some insight on this. Thanks!
  8. I have recently bought an A7II and I am loving it. I have never got into video before, but would like to give it a go. I have a question about the autofocus in video though. When in video mode I am locked into either AF-C or MF, but when I press the shutter button in AF-C it locks focus like AF-S does in stills mode. If I use the 'Center Lock-On' autofocus it tracks (poorly) until I press the shutter button (when again it locks focus and stops tracking), whereas it tracks really well in still mode with the shutter half pressed. Is this right? Am I missing something in the settings? Sho
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