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A6300 slow / delay issue

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Hi everyone!


I've had the A6300 now since September, switching from Canon 70D. Something I have really experienced is how slow it is. Starting up takes several seconds and switching from my custom modes or to other modes, like manual to shutter priority seems quite slow. I've noticed it's slower after filming a lot so I guess that has to do with the buffer but it's still surprisingly slow, even when I haven't filmed and switching.


Is this just how it is, a bit slower because of all Sony stuffed in it or how are your experiences? Also, sometimes with like focusing or waking up from sleep mode if I haven't used it for more than 10 seconds seem a bit slow too. It's like the "brain" can't keep up.


Thanks for all help and advice!

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I have the very same problem.

My (very new, 3 weeks old) Sony a6300 takes 3-4 seconds to turn on and about 1.5 seconds to turn off! 

When the camera was in EVF mode when shut down (I cancelled the EVF/LCD auto-switching), turning it on again starts the LCD monitor, and after some time switches back to the EVF...

I have firmware version 1.10


3-4 seconds startup time is completely unacceptable! Sony must do something about it because many shots are going to get lost.

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