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  1. Wait for Sony to release firmware with fish eye autofocus? But seriously... this sounds like a job for manual focus and an aperture that gives sufficient depth of field. Maybe first, make sure that face detect is turned off.
  2. Browsing and the butterfly mind! For no particular reason, just browsed the exiftool output on a raw file from my a6500. Yes, the firmware version is there "Software" and... it is just amazing how much information is stored. Among many, many other things, it claims to have both camera and ambient temperature. The camera has an ambient temperature sensor? The number looks reasonable.
  3. Because you moved it? Accidentally? I find that flexible spots tend to move because I have brushed my thumb or hand against the control wheel. Or (a6500) accidentally touched the screen.
  4. It's a big lesson, and I am never going to take my a6500 close to salt water. Sandy beach maybe, although probably I shouldn't do that either.
  5. Oh yes, I suppose it would be! Now I feel silly!
  6. Does it need a lens cap to be on to do that? Does it know if it isn't?
  7. Yes, a two-second delay does help. My phone has an IR transmitter. it works well with a simple app as a remote release: no touch, no vibration. My last macro was (an attempt, it didn't go well) some bagworms in the house. The camera had to be cantilevered out from the tripod. Very shaky. That didn't spoil my pics, because of the remote, but I couldn't get the exposure right. Maybe I should stick to bolts! My extension tubes came from China. Including contacts. They did not cost much, but they do work. So would a Pringles tube, I guess... Fully manual and no power zoom 😂
  8. Isn't a limitation of depth of field? Not that I'm experienced: I've done occasional experiments with the a6000, kit lens, and extension tubes, snapping flowers, and things out of the desk drawer like bolts. If you focus on a bolt there won't be many threads that are sharp, but among those that are, you can find tiny hairs and dust specs. Macro is one of those things I've always meant to do more of and is in the big getting-around-to-it queue, which can remain stationary for years sometimes --- but a set of extension tubes, even with e-mount contacts, so you don't loose camera control and function, is a nice intro point that doesn't cost much and is not hard to use.
  9. Glad you got sorted. It might indeed make sense to send raw photos to a phone. I suspect there are photo viewers capable of viewing, even editing them. But, even more than that, the phone is the gateway to the rest of the world, and one might want to upload/send the raw file.
  10. It sounds as if you are missing... the raw photos! 1. Is your camera set to take just raw, or raw+jpeg? 2. Where and how are you looking?
  11. Oh my god. Phones can literally destroy cameras?
  12. If it was something on the surface of the sensor, would it not be visible? Can you see anything there? If not, something must be amiss below the surface, which sounds expensive.
  13. How low-key does low-key have to be? I like both, but I prefer the highlight in the first photo.
  14. As you haven't got an answer yet, I'll pitch in with my first thought when I saw your post yesterday... You have two choices: warranty or glue.
  15. In the date view, with the cursor on the let-hand bar, click the centre button. You will get an additional field to select what you want to see. (the camera in my hand is a6500: I'm guessing the a6000 is the same on this)
  16. Such a lovely, nostalgia-inducing pic!
  17. Nothing fancy, or even pro. Just the sort of thing you do when making/learning music with a few people: stereo mic into a portable recorder, back in the days of minidisc. Then I messed around with using a small mixer. But I haven't done that stuff for over 15 years now. I'm quite envious of the portable hand-held stereo recorders, even the basic stuff, that are available at affordable prices now compared to then. I have a Shure SM57 and a Rhode something at the back of a deep cupboard.... that I used to play my own little instrument into, the morsing, which is simply the Indian version of the European jews harp. But that's a different story!
  18. As is probably to be expected, you have more choice/power with the a7 series. No such choice on the a6500: zoom goes to the focus point, and that's it. But that's what I like, and probably what most would want. Another nice touch is that the dial displays forward and backwards keeping the same place in the images. Well, I like it! As to playback or view, Chrissie has put his finger on my discomfort with "playback!" I guess it is what the > symbol on the button has come to mean --- and may be more movie than stills oriented. Although "view" works for both too. Mustn't grumble! Sony manuals may not be exactly chatty, but Japanese documentation in English has come a very long way in a few decades.
  19. Based on a6500, I do not know what other models have this feature.... Press the zoom button in playback mode and it goes to the area of focus and zooms in on that. I have no idea how accurate this is: there is no mark or anything to tell you that you got the eye rather than the nose, but you can certainly tell if you got the face, or the right face face. In other words... sort of. I guess that the imaging post-processing software just looks for contrast and marks that.
  20. More information? Sony A7 and Google Photos don't seem to go together, so I am guessing what you mean is... Sony A7 -> Mobile Phone -> Google Photos? Here's my guess/hunch: Maybe they are now being put in a different directory on the phone? Go to Google Photos settings, where you can select the directories to backed up, and make sure that the right one is checked.
  21. You got it right the first time! Disclosure: I have neither horse nor personal interest in this race. I do not use Windows, so this software is not available to me anyway. Hey, I'd actually love to try Capture One! But not at the cost of what would be a very difficult Windows installation, not to mention the money. And, as far as I know, Windows still wouldn't read my ext4-file-system files anyway. If I was still in the Windows world, I'd probably have given Photoshop and Lightroom a whirl, at least, by now. But not now, ever. Subscription models and economics as a pensioner don't go together.
  22. I can't comment on video, because I'm a stills man, but I've recorded audio in the past. I would not like to have that job plugging the mic input straight into a camera, or any simple recording device: I'd want control over those levels before they got near an ADC. I'd want separate sound recording. I'm guessing there's a portable recorder that will do the job. I'm sure there was when I last looked, and that's a while back. Or is that making a two-handed job out of something you want to do, on your feet, with one hand?
  23. The main point is selling it, and the concept of software as a service takes that to whole new levels. That is not to say that it is not of any use. It has all the uses it had before anyone called it "the cloud," and more. But people should be very careful before letting themselves being sold a cloud version of something that they are doing very happily already. From Google Photos to Dropbox and more I use all sort of things, but will always follow what is now an old-school computing model: my data, my programs, my hardware. I'd feel and follow the same, for primary resources, if I was still working in IT.
  24. Don't think you can, you can only choose EVF, Monitor or Auto, So if you are using the LCD, you can turn off the EVF completely. Also, there's a pre-auto-focus thing. I think that is started by the sensor. Make sure that is off.
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