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  1. What camera? Are you talking about the Memory-Recall settings that are stored on the SD card? Maybe your camera hides those files. Try looking at the SD card using a card reader. (Location also Chennai, India: Hi! :) )
  2. No, it is not possible. The a6000 does not have that feature. And for the cameras that do... Please note that it is not quite as simple as powering the camera from the USB port. What happens is that the battery powers the camera, and the USB power charges the battery. This means that there must be power in the battery, and it will run down while the camera is being used, just... slower than without the USB power attached. For true external power you need the dummy-battery device for all these cameras.
  3. Takes me back fifty years to student days. We got into this habit: one of us would start on some topic we knew little about, we'd flounder around for a few minutes, and end up chorusing, "Buy a book on it!" And hey, very often we did. Those days, there was no internet, no google and no youtube. That was great for the book trade! Have to say, though, that with a new, complex camera, my first instinct is still to get the book. An actual, printed book. I consider it a shame that they don't come with printed manuals any longer. Well, the manual is online, and it certainly should be one of our resources, but it is a dry thing indeed: a set of short technical descriptions with very little about how or why we might want to use (or not use) a setting or function. The books come with added personal experience and advice. Well worth having. Second to that (well, equal, in a way, just a different way) is the wonders of youtube. There will be reviews and tutorials for your camera. Watch several: get different viewpoints on the same stuff. Even watch elementary, beginners stuff about your new camera! Third, for personal contact and specific questions, online forums are hard to beat. But no-one can take you through the whole thing, like a book can, or go deeply into one aspect like a youtube video can.
  4. Move Exposure modes PASM I don't do video, but I remember seeing this, and dug out my a6000 to check that it is true for this model... In Video mode (video-film symbol on the mode dial) you can change P-A-S-M: Menu: Camera-symbol -> p6 -> item "Movie" Function Menu set: Assign one place to item "Shoot Mode." This would be the easiest regular-access method Either of these bring up an on-screen display from which you chose your desired exposure mode. It is not, as far as I could see, assignable to a customisable button. It isn't on my a6500 either.
  5. It's there, and can easily get activated accidentally, by a finger, for instance :)
  6. I guess you've been menu staring enough, but just in case you missed... Working on a6500 menu options, your camera might have more, but probably doesn't have less. You can (could have?) set a programmable button to Deactivate Monitor, Finder/monitor select, or monitor brightness. You can (could have?) set Finder/Monitor menu item to finder. You can Set monitor brightness menu item, but it doesn't seem possible to set it to zero. First make sure that sensor is clean and unobstructed as per Olaf W. Then maybe set a button to Finder/Monitor select: this might help diagnose a dead lcd screen. I'm suggesting a button rather than the menu item, to make it harder to get stuck in monitor mode if the lcd is dead.
  7. Very nice results. Thanks for making that available. I have not found it so impressive on my a6500, but it may be that i could get better results with outdoor pics in good light at lower ISOs. Thanks for encouraging me to try that.
  8. Customisable buttons and controls... If what you want is on the menu for that button/control, you can have it: if not, you can't.
  9. It would have been nice if you'd said. But never mind, like I say, sometimes I enjoy reading manuals for other people's cameras. And trying to get to grips with Sony's model designations. No problem. Hope you find a fix. I fear that, all too often, when knobs and buttons simply do not do what they should do, it is a hardware problem, and the answer is the service centre.
  10. 🤔 I don't have the camera. I just, sometimes, have this compulsion to read manuals! 😳 edit... WAIT... The thread title is A7r ii. Now I'm thinking... you have an A7ii?
  11. My guess... it'll be like the a6500, which says you have to have charge in your battery while USN-"powering" and that the battery will be running down. Explanation: the USB is not actually powering the camera, it's charging the battery which is powering the camera. You're going to get enhanced runtime, but not forever. For that, you need the dummy.
  12. On that camera, you guys have a lock button in the middle of the mode dial, right?
  13. If I want to delete a lot of stuff (eg, occasionally I have deleted all the raws but left the jpegs on the card so I can see them on the camera) I do it on a PC. After replacing the card in the camera, use the option to repair the image database.
  14. Good. The bigger question is why they would think anyone wants sounds like that anyway! Because they actually have nothing to do with each other. Silent Shooting only turns off the mechanical shutter and and turns on the electronic-only system... for stills. It is true though, that your camera isn't very silent if it beeps whenever it focuses. Power-save certainly works for stills. Maybe it's different for movies. And, also, there are differences between movies in movie mode (on the dial) and just pressing the red button any time (which I actually disable: it is too easy to press by accident).
  15. a6500: Same menu setting, same beep. Covers, as far as I know, all "control" sounds made by the camera. Having just checked that (mine is always "off" from day one) I can understand how annoying that beep, bidaly-beep movie start/stop noise would be. I'm expecting that identical-feature menu settings on different models will be much the same...
  16. Hi there, Brother Thad, Don't have your camera, so not able to help much, but your steadyshot on/off menu item looks to be the same as mine (a6500). Off doesn't work? Weird.
  17. I'll admit that I wouldn't have taken to time to watch, say, a one-hour video, but 3:41? I suppose it's ok for those with a sub-second attention span, but when you have so many wonderful subjects in front of you, at least give us a few seconds of each shot, please?
  18. ok, this is a silly question of the "Are you sure it is plugged in?" kind, but here goes... Could you have done something with the exposure compensation setting without noticing? No? Thought not. But it's always worth asking the obvious stuff. I have a6000 and a6500, but I don't have that lens. I have a Sigma 30/1.4 and a Sony 50/1.8. The big-eyed kitten in my avatar was taken in a low-lit room using the Sigma. In the absence of a silly-mistake setting, I think there must be a fault in your camera or lens. Sorry that has given you bad experience of this camera.
  19. A quick google reveals that the maximum length for a USB 2.0 cable should be no more than 5 metres. That's under 17 feet. These things tend not to be black and white: some applications/environments might give up before the maximum, some might run over longer lengths. Looks like you have discovered that you can't run 20 feet already. Don't buy cheap cables for this... but don't buy expensive brands, like the hifi people do. You just need something that is built to spec. My quick google threw up this: USB Cable Length Limitations And How To Break Them. If you must run longer lengths, there are ways to do it via eg powered hubs. I didn't check out that page/company, so not vouching for it specifically. Just pointing out that this stuff is out there. Hope it may be of use to you.
  20. Sometimes there are amazing hack fixes for problems, but in the absence of anyone knowing and posting one, all these "this switch/button/lever/wheel doesn't work" problems end up with one answer: the service centre. Sorry not to be more useful, or to suggest anything potentially less costly. At which point we get to, you'll never know if you don't ask. And asking, at least, shouldn't cost you anything. Should you take that route... Or find a fix some other way, do please remember that googlers may find this thread in the years to come: please post an update!
  21. There is no compromise for "normal" shutter speeds. If I remember rightly, Long-exposure NR takes a black frame, with the same shutter speed, and uses it to compute and reduce the noise in the image. Thus, it always takes at least twice the shutter-speed period. A shutter speed of 15 seconds will take at least 30 seconds to process. Working backwards, if your camera is taking 30 seconds between shots, the shutter speed must have been around 15 seconds. Thus your blur. There is a minimum shutter speed at which your camera will do this process. at higher (normal daylight) shutter speeds, the setting is not relevant. On my a6500 it is 1 second. Googling Long-exposure Noise Reduction and your camera model should take you straight to the manual entry
  22. That animal looks deceptively innocent! Lovely composition and result.
  23. Grim! But that's nature. Excellent photograph.
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