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  1. Try to reset your camera to factory settings and then go back and see if both slots are working. Also check your read and write settings to your slots.
  2. This has nothing to do with the camera. It has to do with how light is reflected off metallic paint and the shapes of the particular body panels. This is why white is not affected.
  3. I do not think the lens is fully engaged/locked in place on your A7riii. Check and make sure the the lens is completely locked position. The release button should not have play in it. The f__ is an error message indicating an issue with communication. I would also clean the contacts with a soft clean cloth. Stay away from erasures or anything abrasive that could damage the contacts.
  4. Your rear monitor is turned off. Go to menu cogwheel 4 finder/monitor and set it to auto. This will allow you to automatically switch back and forth between the viewfinder and the rear LCD. Make sure the rear IR sensor above the viewfinder is not blocked or dirty.
  5. I have had my 100-400 for almost 2 years. I have no issues with it focusing at 400. I have used it on an A7rii and A7riv. I would look at how your camera is set up ie focus setup. For Small distant objects, I use spot focus and choose what I want to focus on, or I manually focus. I do not know if your lens is in warranty. Lenses from Sony have a one year warranty. B and H usually gives some warranty on used equipment. You can check the firmware for the lens and see if it is the latest. If it is not the latest, it can be updated with your lens attached to your camera. Check the Sony website for
  6. What Type of SD card are you using? Using a UHS-II Card will greatly increase your read write speed. I use Sony Tough G cards with my A7R4 and shoot uncompressed raw and a jpeg file for each of my shots and it does not take 5-10 secs to clear the buffer.
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  11. I previously was a Canon film user since age 15. Switched to Leica Film in my Late 30s.At age 50 Bought a Nex 7 at when it came out to Use my Leica lenses on a digital body. Got hooked on Sony. Have owned an A7 as well as an A7rii. Currently shoot with an A7riv and 6 different Sony Lenses. Great stuff. Sold all of my Leica gear.
  12. You may have issues with firmware updates. Firmware updates are designed for the region your camera was built for.
  13. I would stay away from them. They sell grey market. Not worth the savings. They charge for items that are normally included by the manufacturer. If you cancel your transaction, I would. Use a Sony authorized seller.
  14. This is a great price for this camera. I own one and it is fantastic. My only concern is that the price May be to good to be true. Please make sure it has a USA warranty. It could be a grey market camera and will not have a factory warranty and will be expensive if it has to be fixed.
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