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  1. I don't have that camera, but from my a6500 experience... The default behaviour of the AF button is to toggle AF on/off, ie to switch between AF and MF. If you have AF on, focus the camera, and press to turn AF off... the focus stays where it is. Isn't that what you want to happen? General Sony button-menu language is that hold holds while you hold, and releases when you let go. Toggle switches between two (or more?) states and remains on the one that you pick.
  2. I don't know. But I know an app that does! I don't know if this is available for iphone, but I use an app called Magic Sony Viewfinder, to see what a suitable focal length might be ...and to day dream about what lenses to buy! The 50mm lens is nice, but on an a6000 it is actually a telephoto lens. You will need something much shorter (wider-angle).
  3. What an amazing place! Very nice pic. Sorry: I'm not going to try and count the bees in this one 😂
  4. A6000 -> A6500, I bought the David Busch book, even though I had the a6000 one already. There is enough new that you want to know about, some of which you probably will use. There were even one or two things that I learnt that I then discovered had been on the a6000.
  5. It's the only thing I ever tried to use NFC for... could have been the phone.
  6. My current phone doesn't have NFC... but no, I never managed to get even a glimmer out of NFC with the a6000 and my previous phone. Nothing.
  7. Or like the time I had connected two computers, but the connection absolutely would not work. Eventually, I pulled the wire, and it came until I had the plug in my hand. Both computers had a wire connected: just.... it wasn't the same wire. 😳 😂
  8. 🤔 The OM1 (OM1n actually) in my cupboard was made by Olympus. The camera is amazingly compact and light for a film SLR of its time --- but a long telephoto lens, probably not so much. I wish I could trace my photography experience back to such a young age. In fact, it feels like I forgot everything over a long period of digital P&Ss until I started "real-camera" stuff again just two or three years ago. With an a6000. I upgraded to the a6500 fairly quickly, but since then, no more body upgrades: lenses are, and will, take the money out of my pocket for the next several years.
  9. We've all been on the wrong side of the Did you turn it on question at some time 😂
  10. I vaguely remember there being some reason why I didn't upgrade to the latest. I also vaguely remember having a hard time getting the connection going first time, and being raltively easy after that. There are third-party remote apps, but I suspect that if you want stuff like the GPS co-ordinates transmitted to the camera, you need the Sony app up and running reliably.
  11. I have imagingedge 7.2.1. on Android 8.1 (mi a1 phone). It was working last time I looked, which was when Coronavirus was still the other side of the horizon. Was using it with my a6500. I think it still worked with my a6000.
  12. lol :) I don't think people come here for romance, and the mouse-over text does say "like." Actually, the one I find odd is the cup (prize) for "thanks."
  13. Very nice. Tell her... Prettiest ghost! For me today: only crows modelling at feeding time.
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