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  1. It is a great personal-economy truth that it is always cheaper to buy only once. Sometimes considerably. Just less than two years after buying my a6000, I have no upgraded to an a6500. The main reason for this choice was that I wanted IBIS more than the new bells and whistles of the a6400. No doubt a Sony camera with bells, whistles and IBIS is on the way, but nobody knows when it will arrive, and, when it does, it has to be priced more like the a6500 a couple of years ago. At least. Is the IBIS worth it? I'd say yes. I can now hand-hold my heavy, old Tamron SP 90mm instead of needing at least a very firm elbow rest.
  2. Doh! I was wondering what the effect of a whole new electro-mechanical assembly would be on size, weight and price. I'm an idiot: the mechanism is already there. Just close the shutter when the lens is being changed. (read elsewhere today. Sorry, I don't remember the source for credit)
  3. The dancing focus points and the grey rectangles are not the same thing. Dancing focus points: Lock-on AF: Expand flexible spot. grey rectangles: Centre Lock-on AF Confused? I am! After two years with an a6000, which has the latter. I recently got an a6500, which has added the former. I am not at all sure which is intended for what, but I think that the Centre-lock-on rectangles are inted for people. Could be wrong, probably am!
  4. Wow: the most magic thing is that you were there to see that! It is my very humble opinion as a viewer that the video would be even better at half the speed (twice the duration)
  5. The last real camera I held had film in it: an Olympus OM1n, which I still have, but has not been touched in a long while. I wanted to get better pics than "compact" and carry around less than "super-zoom" Never found phones good for more than quick snaps, because you have the thing with you. I bought an a6000, with the two kit lenses, about a year ago. Damn, real cameras not only allow a person to make mistakes, they encourage it! I go to a lot of South-Indian classical-music concerts, and that is where most of my photography happens. I have added a lens or two, including toying with adapted manual stuff. In fact, and old second-hand Tamron SP 90mm Macro has become one of my favourite concert-portrait lenses. Add me to the list of those who don't think much of the 16-50 kit lens. Add me to the list of people who do like the 55-210. Add me to the list of people saying... Hello!
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