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    South-Indian (Carnatic) classical music. That's when my camera gets used the most.

    Oh, and cats of course.

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  1. Cheers! Always nice when a guess turns out good ?
  2. Just a guess... Is there an OSS switch on the lens? If so, it may not be controllable from the camera menu, which might explain the grey item.
  3. You want to manually focus, and then have the autofocus system tell you if you got it right. It's an idea, I guess... but not not one that Sony have had so far (as I know). Focus peaking is as close as it gets.
  4. The hold may not be as comfortable as the cabin, but I'm told it is heated. Our baggage is not subjected to -40C or worse of the outside sky.
  5. Quite. That would be an ordinary camera taking ordinary pictures. You might notice that other pictures do not have stuff reversed right to left. What I can't understand is why selfie (phone rear) cameras take mirror images. Whoever started that? it is a nonsense!
  6. Even a fully manual lens will benefit from IBIS. It even helps with the task of manual focussing itself.
  7. It's worse than cars! I suppose the only way they justify this high repair cost is not having to. ?
  8. I'm not able to understand the fox problem (lovely pic!) but with your son's hair, it looks as if someone has drawn hair-coloured lines on his scalp, underneath the hair. Very weird. Sorry, I haven't a clue either.
  9. That final photon. The one that is one too many. It's what gets us all, in the end, isn't it?
  10. No clue what that means, so no idea what you did. If you mean all blurred, then maybe you just changed the shutter speed. Own up. Maybe she knows the camera well enough to just fix whatever you did.
  11. As you have compared to another camera which does not misbehave, it looks like a fault. I think you should take it up with the supplier. Vague hopes that something might put it right in the future might remain just that.
  12. Possibly... eye-autofocus, for starters, if your subject is not always in the same place. I don't know. So far, I have only tried moonshots a couple of times, and have not yet even come close to the right exposure, let alone focus. I mostly photograph South-indian classical musicians. There will be three or four people on a stage. For the most part, the focus system works for me. There are times when it doesn't, and I have to take a different approach. I have an a6500. The touch screen, for those choose-a-spot times is sometimes great and sometimes... not. And I have to watch out that I have not shifted the focus without realising. It seems that your previous camera suited you well. Lots of people take truly wonderful pictures using these cameras, and with a range of lenses including native autofocus and fully manual legacy. You've gone for a camera with somewhat different toolsets. Looks like you have to choose now: work with it, or divorce, and return to a camera that you feel works with you. Your choice. Either way is better than not taking photographs :)
  13. I think it does... but if you wanted to use that sort of focus/recompose technique you'd have to use AF-S, or else it would do focus/recompose/refocus. There are vast numbers of videos, articles, etc, on Sony focus, all of which will tell you how wonderful it is, which might annoy you, but which will have the hints how to get the best out of their focus system. Every generation of which is always the best, the fastest, the most powerful, and, of course, so much better than the previous generation, which was also all those things. Frankly though, although I can mock the marketing (I'm waiting for it to be so fast it focuses on your subject when you only think about it) it mostly suits me. But I never had a full-frame DSLR. And my model is lower down the Sony chain than yours. It hurts that you were put off your art, though. I'm sorry.
  14. This is what you are supposed to be doing while that battery is charging! ? And... no doubt it differs in different countries, but there may be regulations that prohibit shipping charged lithium batteries. It's great when you already have a device that uses the same battery: you can have it charged an ready and use the new camera straight out of the box.
  15. But thankfully, Microsoft did not make your camera. You'd need to point to Sony doing that to cameras: that would be relevant. Although, on the whole I do sympathise with a policy of not doing unnecessary firmware updates just because they are there, but only if there is actually relevant fix or desired functionality in them there release notes
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