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  1. Does the 6100 have a plastic body like the 6000? Does the 6400 have a metal body like the 6500 (and 6300?)
  2. Sony must regard it as a premium feature. Which, in a way, is true: it doesn't fall off!
  3. a6000-type: top of eyepiece fits on a ridge, bottom snaps in place. Occasionally the eyepiece would come off in my bag. a6500-type: eyepiece slides down and is held securely. I don't know which type the a6300 has?
  4. Do you have the eyepiece (eyecup) on the camera? If not, it might help keep fingers away from the sensor... but my a6500 reacts to something just over an inch away. I've heard of the tape trick, but I only have nasty, sticky electrical tape, and I'm not keen on getting that on the camera. And I don't understand how it doesn't react to the tape --- but hey, I'll go and revise that thread. Would magic marker (sharpie in US) do the trick, I wonder? EDIT: It does get a mention on the that thread. I'd have to be very sure that it is easily removal with rubbing alcohol before trying. EDIT 2. I just tried with a sharpie and it was not effective.
  5. To the right of the viewfinder there is a small sensor which switches the viewfinder on, and the monitor off, when you put your eye near it. Unfortunately, it also does this if anything else, eg a finger, gets close. And it is oversensitive!
  6. General beeps, on a6000/a6500 come under Audio Signals, which is on the final page of the Camera-2 menu. But they never had on/off beeps that I was aware of. Would hate that! But each to their own!
  7. and a6*** bodies. Did I totally dream up that there is a lens model where using the focus ring puts the camera into DMF mode? Probably.
  8. Nice pictures, but I'd interpret that as aggression and seriously consider being somewhere else fairly quickly!
  9. Sad that manuals don't come with these cameras. The Sony manual is available online and can be downloaded as a PDF. For me, David Busch's books are invaluable. Even going from the a6000 to the a6500, the new book helped me know the differences and the new things. Covers everything, but much less dry than the Sony reference manual. Apart from that... the numerous videos online. I take the view that if I learn just one new thing from a source, then it was worth the time, or even the money. And, as to spending money, I do remain fond of good, old-fashioned, print-on-paper books.
  10. Sony's error messages are not very helpful. Sometimes they might as well say You can't do this. Because!
  11. I've done it on two cameras. It hurts a little, but... you only have to do it once per camera. One problem I had with the Play Memories apps site was not being able to log in from the camera. Error messages were meant for a PC screen, not a camera LCD. I gave up for a long time. Then, on some hunch, I tried using my phone wifi hotspot instead of my home router... and it worked. But the whole infrastructure is crazy. Making (and paying, for non-free) on one site, dowloading from another. AAaaaaarrrrgh!
  12. I know that sending you somewhere else might be only slightly more useful than saying google is your friend, but you really might find this page useful: Guide to Sony a6000, a6300, a6400, a6500 Camera Accessories. Whilst I am using 128Gb card in my a6500, I was under the impression that the a6000 only supported up to 64. Speed will depend on what sort of video you want to make. I like the Peak Design strap, because the anchor system makes it so easy to swap wrist strap and shoulder strap. I went overboard with accessories for my a6000, the first "real camera" I'd had for years. Duh... two tripods and a monopod? 🙄. But my favourite accessories are... 1. The Tenba DNA8 that holds my camera and three primes (biggest is 85mm). Very snug, but it fits, and it is a nice small bag to carry. 2. Cheap extension tubes. But not too cheap: should have electrical contacts. I rarely use them, but often enough to make it $30 well spent. For event photography, I think you are going to have to invest in spare batteries and out-of-camera charger first thing.
  13. You can install Play-Memories apps direct from the camera. As I have only a Linux machine, this is what I had to do. It is not comfortable, but it does work.
  14. I'm checking this out on an a6500. I doubt that the camera app is different on the a6000. I can change white balance. Touch MENU on the Imaging Edge (used to be called Play Memories) app, and white balance is there as an option. Are you using the Sony Smart Remote Control app supplied with the camera. If so, please go through the rather painful process of upgrading it. I think the latest version has a lot more functionality. Get it while it's going: now that Sony has killed the apps, I wonder how long they will keep them available for owners of the cameras that support them. There are other Android apps that can control the camera. I think one is called RCCDroidPro. I just spent a little while messing around with that. On rare occasions when I have the camera on a tripod and need no vibration, I use an IR remote app. Which is fine for those of us with an IR transmitter on our phones. And... shutter release is all it does. Or the Touchless Shutter Play-Memories camera app: you need to be close to the camera, it just means you don't have to touch. And, again, all it does is shutter release.
  15. Wait for Sony to release firmware with fish eye autofocus? But seriously... this sounds like a job for manual focus and an aperture that gives sufficient depth of field. Maybe first, make sure that face detect is turned off.
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