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  1. They are compatible. Perhaps you made a typo there as you're saying the same thing twice but contradicting: And: If the second time you actually ment to say 'I can only adjust it manually on the lens', did you try setting the aperture ring on your lens to the orange 'A'-marker? It's right beside F/16. This gives aperture control to the camera.
  2. It does, adding tubes makes both the minimum and maximum focus distance closer.
  3. It is in fact extremely sharp in the center wide open but the corners lag behind. Needs stopping down to f/4 or f/5.6 to get uniform (outstanding) sharpness.
  4. Out of curiosity: why would you consider the Sony Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 over the Sony 35mm f/1.8? Haven't used the A7Rii but if you're coming from a DSLR you'll find that all the manual focus aids on mirrorless cameras will help tremendously in acquiring proper focus. Plus the Loxias have a manual focus ring with distance and DoF indicator.
  5. You can't. You can however enlarge it before taking the shot by using clear image / digital zoom. After taking the shot you can only enlarge / crop in post production.
  6. Lenstip just tested this lens and, interestingly, their findings seem to agree with yours: when stopping down, in general the vignetting gets less but the extreme corners seriously lag behind. This causes the corners to stand out more in apparent darkness at small apertures. In their case however all corners are similarly dark, so there was something decentered in your copy. https://www.lenstip.com/593.8-Lens_review-Sony_FE_35_mm_f_1.8_Vignetting.html
  7. Did you push the exposure a lot in post? This may cause such effects. Also try disabling automatic shading compensation.
  8. On-camera flash is indeed a very bad position for macro photography. It can be tricky to properly position a light source on your subject. Some extra working distance really helps here. I'm not really adapt at macro photography myself, but on occasion I put my flash on a tripod a little to the side of the camera and use a remote trigger. A diffuser on the flash really helps to make the lighting less harsh, especially when the flash is close to the subject.
  9. I don't own this specific lens so can't double-check if other copies behave the same. Perhaps some other reader can? I'd be pretty annoyed if this was my lens: sounds like the lens is engineered slightly too tight. If you still have warranty I'd check with the store if they can let you try another copy.
  10. To me this doesn't seem normal: regular vignetting gets less when closing down the aperture, not worse. Also, regular vignetting should be fairly similar for all corners and should gradually reduce towards the center. In some lenses RAW-files show dark corners like these, but this is by design due to barrel-distortion and a small image circle (after digital correction the image is fine). The FE35 f/1.8 however has very little distortion and you say the dark corners are also in the viewfinder, which should be corrected for distortion. Just to be sure, do double-check if distortion compensation is enabled in your camera. Given your observation that it gets worse when closing down and focussing at infinity, to me it sounds like something at the rear side of your lens is obstructing light rays from hitting the sensor. A small aperture combined with infinity focus results in very parallel light rays hitting the sensor, making physical obstructions close to the sensor very visible (also used as a method to spot dust on the sensor). Perhaps have a look at the rear side of your lens to see if you can spot anything irregular, like a loose/shifted baffle.
  11. Interesting thought, loosing a bit of focus distance at the far end wouldn't matter much when shooting macro. It would certainly help to increase the working distance. Keep us posted on your findings!
  12. It might work but you'll loose infinity focus. Some even use an extension tube to stack two 2× TC's.
  13. Sounds like you dialed in a very slow shutter speed. If she's familiar with manual mode she should know how to properly set that. If everything works well in green/auto mode, at least you know it's one of the manual settings.
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