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  1. Do you get sharp photo's when using autofocus? The combo should be compatible.
  2. Pieter

    Lineup advice

    I second Tinplaters option of the Sigma 16mm f/1.4, though I can't speak from experience as I don't own one. I am however considering to replace both my Samyang 12mm f/2 and Sony Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 by the Sigma 16mm. Size and weight is something you'll have to put up with if you want a quality lens with wide aperture. For your information, the Sony 24/1.8 is an awesome lens and a viable option for your purposes (though possibly not wide enough). The only reason I'd part with it is to reduce my kit size. It's a bit expensive though. As for the fast telephoto option: the 85/1.8 is indeed the only option if you want an affordable lens with native AF. Too bad the Sigma 50-100 f/1.8 doesn't come in native E-mount.
  3. Is it a crop from an out-of-camera jpeg or from a semi-processed RAW? RAW files usually need some luminance noise reduction. If it's from an out-of-camera jpeg then there's indeed something wrong. A RAW may look like that if not properly processed.
  4. The Playmemories app allows you to use the camera as a spycam and use your smartphone to remotely set a focus point and take a photo. There's also the option to enable Pre-AF, which will cause your camera to continuously focus without touching it. I have an a6000 which has a different menu than the a6500, but the setting should be there.
  5. Is this a crop or a full image?
  6. Pieter

    What did i do

    Forgot to take your ND filter off? Kidding, sort of. Does the picture come out properly exposed with these settings, or is it overexposed?
  7. There are some adapter for Pentax K to Sony E-mount (e.g. Fotodiox, Novoflex) but they are all 'dumb' adapters, meaning no electronic contacts between lens and camera. Focussing, aperture control, lens stabilization etc. will not work and your photo's will lack exif information about the lens used. If you don't mind all this then adapting your Pentax lenses is fine. In any other case better sell them and buy native e-mount lenses. You could probably keep a macro lens as macro focussing is usually done manually anyway, but that would mean you'll have to spend $ on an adapter which you could also invest in a new lens.
  8. Pieter

    FF lens on asp-c?

    Plus if you want anything longer than 210 mm, you'll have to resort to fullframe lenses as there's no other option if you don't want to use an adapter.
  9. Pieter

    FF lens on asp-c?

    If you only ever had an APS-C camera all this equivalency doesn't make sense. You only know the APS-C equivalent field of view of a given focal length. Tinplater may cause the confusion that - when used on an a6000 - a 50 mm lens designed for fullframe gives a different field of view than a 50 mm lens for APS-C. To straighten things up: it doesn't.
  10. Pieter

    FF lens on asp-c?

  11. Pieter

    New To Sony

    It may only overheat if you're doing 4k video for extended duration. The Nex 7 can't film in 4k so it's not an issue there. The overheating issue has been adressed somewhat by allowing you to increase the shutdown temperature threshold. This doesn't harm your camera but may cause it to become hot to the touch.
  12. Pieter

    New To Sony

    Autofocus is better on the a6000 (phase/contrast detect instead of just contrast detect), continuous autofocus at 11fps burst vs 3fps on the nex7, it has a bigger buffer and better ISO performance. Only reason to get the old nex7 over the a6000 is if you want a mic port or like the old controls better. But you really want the a6300 then for just slightly more $. Long story short: don't get the nex7.
  13. Pieter

    Advice for A6000 Manual Focus

    That will work perfectly and is exactly what MR mode is intended for. Be sure to save all your settings to a memory profile: just changing settings while in MR-mode won't store them. Nothing of auto-mode is affected by your memory settings a.f.a.i.k.
  14. Pieter

    Filter system for Sony A9

    Since you posted this in the APS-C forum, you do realize that your A9 is in fact a fullframe camera?
  15. Pieter

    Next portrait lens for full body shots at close range.

    Sigma 16mm f/1.4 might just fit your budget, though I doubt such a wide focal length is useable for model shooting due to perspective distortion. But that's up to your artistic taste to decide. Another great option is the Sony Zeiss 24mm f/1.8, though that one is out of your budget.