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  1. Glad you figured it out. Happens to a lot of people with different camera brands.
  2. Perhaps the eye sensor of the viewfinder is blocked or dirty
  3. This second link does not work at all for me (Safari on IOS). But this is quite OT 😉
  4. Welcome, Hans! You link leads to a certicate error (invalid https-certifacte). You should check this.
  5. They should be here: \PRIVATE\AVCHD\BDMV\STREAM
  6. Look for big files in subfolders to locate them. Did you check by playing back on the camera that the videos are actually on the card?
  7. You have to locate the correct subfolder and files depending on the used video format. If you used MP4 all videos might be inside just one file.
  8. Welcome. You might find the answer in this thread:
  9. Welcome! 1600 ISO isn‘t „low“. Sensor noise will be visible up from about 400 ISO, depending on other factors like shutter speed and light conditions. Regarding the circle crop - do you use the lens hood and is it attached properly?
  10. Maybe it depends on the used video format. I will check this at another time. @aj67 Did you figure it out yet?
  11. If you have several video they are all embedded in the MP4 container, at least with my A7ii and on my Mac. I had to separate them manually (using Quicktime in my case).
  12. The video files are inside a „database“ on the SD card and can‘t read without special software or knowledge. Use the Sony apps.
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