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  1. Hello and welcome John, you should be more specific what data you lost on which equipment and how you managed to loose it.
  2. Welcome to our forum. There isn‘t such a section.
  3. The subject has been corrected. Welcome to our forum.
  4. That‘s normal in my opinion - the Finder does not show previews for raw files, it‘s not Sony specific.
  5. Since you commented on a four years old thread you hopefully read the answers above. Plus, your model does not have IBIS
  6. What extra action? With DMF you half press the shutter button for autofocus and then use the focus ring on the lens for override/finetunig.
  7. NFC won‘t work with your SE. But you can connect manually.
  8. I'm pretty sure. this won't work with Sony cameras, since these build a database of the taken photos and only photos inside the database are known to camera and can be viewed. You could try to use the App to transfer photos to the camera.
  9. This thread is closed due to the age of the opening comment and possibly outdated answers.
  10. Try another memory card, the current one might be defective
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