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  1. Welcome to our forum. Since you opened another thread for the same topic I‘m closing this one.
  2. Automatic translation: Guys, help! I bought a Sony a7 iii, bought an LA-EA3 adapter so that the lenses would fit from the A mount, now autofocus does not work on the 135 1.8 Zeiss lens, but for example the 24-70 2.8 works great and the focusing is excellent! what is the reason? Help! I read a bunch of everything and did not find
  3. Since you had entered an old thread with a different topic I've splitted your comment into a new thread
  4. Welcome! There are better chances for an answer if you post in English.
  5. Since the sensors have different resolutions (42MP vs. 24 MP) the pixel areas must be different for the same sensor size
  6. Did you start the Wifi in your camera?
  7. Welcome here. I guess you have to be patient for yet another month 😉
  8. Did you try to press the display button?
  9. Pleae upload a correct image of your problem. There was just a data attachment in your comment which I deleted due to security reasons.
  10. Welcome to our community !
  11. You should specify the focal length needed. The 50mmf1.8 is quite light for example.
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