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  1. Concerning No. 1 : There seems to be an issue in some cases with the internal battery when not using a genuine Sony main battery. Try to load the camera fully using the original battery.
  2. Are you using the electronic shutter? This could lead to artifacts with moving objects.
  3. Welcome. I guess tge photo is missing in your comment.
  4. If you see water in the viewfinder one can assume that some water got inside other parts. This will lead to corrosion and the camera will eventualky break down. You should take it to a service center. You should remove the battery and keep the camera off power. The viewfinder can not easily be swapped even if you find a spare part.
  5. You are right but perhaps your more profound explanation is also confusing for a beginner. Many beginners think (I did as a beginner) they get the same results with a 50mm lens attached to an APS-C sensor as they did with a 50mm lens („normal focal lenght“) and an analog film camera. They don’t.
  6. Please read my answer thoroughly.
  7. The crop factor applies to all lenses. Your 50mm lens gives you a focal lenght of 75mm on an APS-C sensor.
  8. Keep in mind that you need full frame lenses (Sony marks them „FE“) to get the full potential out of the full frame sensor. APS-C E-mount lenses (marked „E“) will work, but don‘t use the complete sensor. If the Tamron has another mount you will need an adapter and the lens will most likely only operate manually, if it works at all. Depends on lens, mount and adapter.
  9. I'm using a SONY MCX-500 video mixer, it has an error, when shooting in the dark area, there will be blue and red circle noise, does anyone have the same error as me, please advise on this error. . Sincerely thank. Wish you all a good day. (Google translation, next time do it yourself, please)
  10. Welcome to our forum. Could you provide us a translation of your comment?
  11. Try another / different card as a first step to find the cause. There are lots of reports around about specific cards not working in Sony cameras (and other brands, too)
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