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  1. Is the eyecup poperly suited? I don‘t know if it‘s detachable with this model, but sonetimes this fault results from an eyecup covering just some millimeters of the sensor.
  2. Welcome! Check for dirt or dust on the sensor of the eyepiece.
  3. How are you downloading? Can you put the card into your computer?
  4. Looks like the camera is producing AAC multichannel files, which is quite uncommon in my opinion. There will probably be software that can convert the files to (multichannel) PCM, though.
  5. What sampling frequency are you using? To narrrow the problem down try 44.1 or 48kHz. And try to open the files wirh Audacity and inspect the properties.
  6. The four channels might be the problem here. Did you try plain stereo (2 channels)?
  7. Happens to all of us. How I hate to wait several hours watching the charging battery, unable to start using the new gadget
  8. I‘m quite sure the manual mentions to fully charge the battery before operating the camera. If the battery has some charge out of the box depends on the time the box was stored and some other factors.
  9. Welcome here. Why do you consider a change if you are happy with your equipment?
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