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  1. Welcome to our forum. Since the focus is adjusted electronicallly it will reset when the camara is powered off. This is normal. You would need a manual lens, but you will have no autofocus in many if not all cases.
  2. You would need a service manual, special equipment and spare parts which probably aren‘t publicly available. So yes, only Sony or somoeone with special knowledge will be able to fix it, if it‘s fixable. Unless someone with the same issue found an easy fix, what seems not to be the case here. With all other brands you‘d have the same situation.
  3. Ok. I've looked at your photo again. Do you mean the area in the right above corner of the LCD, looking darker than the rest? Did you check whether there is some removable protective cover attached to the LCD?
  4. Hard to see any lines in the photo. Are the lines or the display glowing lightly in the dark? Is the camera shut off using the power switch or is it just in standby mode?
  5. He posted a link that didn't work and which I've removed. @thokiPlease post a working link what you have in mind.
  6. Looks like fungus, but that‘s unlikely. Probably some glue residue from the manufactoring process. You should give it back.
  7. Welcome to our forum. Your comment is quite cryptic to me, what are you trying to achieve?
  8. It‘s quite common that filters disturb the autofocus. Leave it off or use a clear flter if you want to protect the lens.
  9. Check for dust and dirt on the sensor of the viewfinder. A badly aligned eyepiece can cause this begaviour, too.
  10. Welcome to our forum. It's a really good video!
  11. Welcome to our forum. I‘ve separated your questions from the 5 years old thread.
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