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  1. SOLVED IT! Simply downloaded and installed the latest firmware which was released in March, something I totally wasn't informed about in any way. Here's for anyone looking for the update: https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/e-mount-body-ilce-6000-series/ilce-6000/downloads/00015954
  2. My A6000 is slow as well, both when starting and - even more slow - when shutting down. And its not really consistent either, since some days its quick. Usually it's shutting down that can take some time.
  3. Hi! I've given up. It's hopeless trying to Google my way out of this pickle. Every time I mention "bulb" the search just shows websites instructing you on how to turn it ON. And trust me, I've looked and tried to retrace my steps. I was out hiking last week. During this time I took a lat of photos and let the A6000 hang around my neck, as well as packed in a relatively big fanny pack. When I got home I realized that a bunch of the last photos I took were all smeared. That's when I notice the shutter speed expressed as 30" instead of the regular 1/600. I'm not all that technical when
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