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Sony a7ii with Canon FDn 500mm f/4.5L focus issue


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Hello there, i am a new member of this forum. Just wondering if anyone can give me a suggestion. I tested my Sony a7ii with MF Canon FDn 500mm f/4.5 L lens, mounted on a CF tripod (Sirui N-2204), steady shot set at 500mm then shot on and off both mode, shutter speed around 1/800 to 1/1500 but can not get a sharp image. I even can see on the magnified LCD (without touching anything) the picture is not stable, kind of vibrating. Is it camera problem or Tripod? Please help me.Thank you.

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You're using a minimal shutter speed and your rig is vibrating.  


I have no idea what the model name on your tripod means but 

mine is leftover from my 4x5 and 8x10 cameras and goes nine 

feet tall ... IOW, the legs and head are massive. And I can see 

vibration when using the MF magnifier with long lenses or long 

extensions. But I use electronic 1st curtain shutter and acoarst

wireless remote and have no sharpness issues.  


If you insist on using such shutter speeds, you also ought to 

support the camera-plus-lens combination both at the camera

and at the lens. I use one hard connection [body or lens collar] 

and one padded "gravity rest" without a hard connection. Two 

hard connections would vibrate worse. Rigidity invites vibration. 

Friction damps vibration. The padded "gravity rest" avoids too 

rigid a setup.  


It's almost certain that your tripod is lighter than what I use, so 

if you're taking fewer precautions than I do, you'll have trouble.  




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It is my experience with Canon's 300mm/4 & 400mm/4 DO, that IBIS is not as efficient beyond 300mm+ focal lengths as lens based IS. I invariably prefer to use IS. 

Also, on a firm and stable platform (tripod) IBIS is supposed to be off. 

That's a fine lens you have but could be it requires focus adjustment to match your body or some element inside had moved out of alignment over time.


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