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Found 3 results

  1. Hopefully, when released these will be easier to get then the 400mm f/2.8 GM. Not likely to be announced during the 2019 NABShow although, SONY is making an announcement today at 2:oo pm PST From Alpha Rumors https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/new-sony-patent-discloses-500-f-4-and-600-f-4-e-mount-lens-design/
  2. Hello there, i am a new member of this forum. Just wondering if anyone can give me a suggestion. I tested my Sony a7ii with MF Canon FDn 500mm f/4.5 L lens, mounted on a CF tripod (Sirui N-2204), steady shot set at 500mm then shot on and off both mode, shutter speed around 1/800 to 1/1500 but can not get a sharp image. I even can see on the magnified LCD (without touching anything) the picture is not stable, kind of vibrating. Is it camera problem or Tripod? Please help me.Thank you.
  3. I love shooting wildlife but can’t justify (wife would kill me) the $13K for the Sony A-Mount 500mm. I did quite a bit of research and trying to find what other people were doing and in the end I chose the Canon FDn 500mm f/4.5. I found that people talked highly of this lens, its glass and its weight. I found one almost mint condition from a camera dealer in Japan on eBay so I bought it. I also purchased the Canon 1.4x-A FD Mount Extender. I also bought the Fotodiox Pro Canon FD to Sony E-Mount adapter (Pro is better right?) which I cannot recommend at all. The reason being there is a ring on the mount that allows you to basically hold a bar inside the lens so that the manual aperture ring on the lens works. Well the ring on the adapter has no detent or anything to help keep it in position so the ring walks back to the install position I guess due to vibration of the vehicle. Anyhow I keep having to check it as otherwise I will lose aperture control and I think in the end I will end up taping it after installing to keep it from moving. In my testing with a target I find the f/4.5 to bit a little soft (still better than the Sigma 150-500mm at its best) and then goes tack sharp at f/6.7. The aperture ring is marked in full stops but it has detents at half stops. So I got to go out and give it a real world test yesterday and wouldn’t you know it there were hardly any birds out at the wildlife sanctuary! However, I did find some young Night Heron’s and a Snowy Egret to practice on. I am attaching links to some pictures I took using this lens with the 1.4 TC installed and I am impressed with the sharpness I must say. I do need a lot more practice with manual focusing though as I find if I can get the frame filled with the subject I can nail focus otherwise I have some really sharp pictures of grass and sticks both in front of and behind the subject while the subject is out of focus. So it will be a learning experience J Be kind with the pictures I did not have a lot to pick from and I was basically just playing with the lens. The sharpness of this lens is awesome. I am using an A7MII and looking at the picture in Lightroom the detail is amazing. For example in this picture there is a tiny little spider on his head above his eye! https://flic.kr/p/z9ubYv And some more https://flic.kr/p/z8syc9 https://flic.kr/p/ycBkia https://flic.kr/p/z7bo5s
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