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Canon EF lens to Sony E camera adapters, how good they are?

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Hello. I'm looking for a faster telephoto or all-in-one lens for my Sony A7s camera and got interested in adapters that allow me to use Canon lenses which are more diverse and a bit cheaper in my country. Anybody here experience with for example Sigma mc 11 and Commlite hs af adapter ef-e hs, and how do they compare to just using Sony lens? There was an old review on Youtube showing that the Commlite adapter had some AF issues and optical stabilisation would sometimes not work for unknown reasons, as well there was long booting if the battery was removed.  Although maybe these issues were fixed by later version firmware?

I find many quality older but good price used lenses of Sony A mount, Canon EF, Nikon, Pentax that I wish I could use on my camera.

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I use VILTROX EF-NEX IV High Electric Lens Mount Adapter Ring AF Auto Focus for Canon EF/EF-S Lens and work perfectly.



I use mark IV, but now exist mark V.


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On 1/15/2024 at 3:44 PM, Cassiabob said:

Beware .Cheap adapters work with manual lenses only.


The only one I have used (it was given to me) was a Metabones - it was a very good adapter. I gave it to the person who bought my last good EF lens. It offered autofocus and aperture control from the camera.

I don't know if the cheaper adapters give you aperture setting on lenses without aperture rings - I think that may be what @cassiabob was referring to.


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