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  1. Hello. After Sony A3000 battery dicharged wasn’t able recharge it. Battery is used but still had good life. I charged using Sony charger and from from laptop using provided USB cable. Nothing happens when connecting to charge, camera doesn't turn on. How to fix this problem?
  2. Hello. I remembered that I had film photography equipment inherited from grandfather who was photographer many lens and other photography/filming equipment. Among them most interesting was Jupiter-9 f/2.0 contax type mount lens which I want to use with Sony A3000 camera. Are there adapters to attach lens to Sony E. mount type camera? As well since I have APS-C camera maybe you can also recommend right speed booster lens and autofocus adapter? I seen there are many autofocus adapters including speed booster lens but problem is that adding multiple adapters can increase lens distance from sensor so much image might be out of focus. I also consider making own adapter and I could use even lens for speed boosting that I have. Anybody tried this? Jupiter-9 bayonet
  3. Hello. I recently got Sony A3000 and wasn’t able to figure out how to record movies in 60FPS. I have option of AVCHD and MP4 formats. With AVCHD I can record only 50i and get error “Cannot record to dvd disc at 24M(FX) save on a blu-ray disc”, MP4 only 12M recording. Using Sony provided 10 class 40mb/s SD card. How to fix this problem?
  4. Hello. I was fascinated by Sony A7S photo camera low light abilities beating even Gen3 night vision devices. There are only few camera‘s capable of reaching 409,600 ISO or higher. One of them is X27 camera still in development reaching sensitivity so high that night literally looks like day. A lot of credit goes to new type backlit CMOS sensors in which photodetectors are now positioned in front thus increasing surface area to capture more light, in fact they don‘t need anymore even microlens which might block or reflect some light. They also have greater sensitivity to invisible ultraviolet and infrared spectrum. I was curious if Sony could build A7S camera with switchable IR cut filter specifically for those people interested in infrared and ultraviolet photography, as well in night photography or filming because removing this filter increases even more sensitivity of camera? Making IR visibility possible requires dissasembling camera and removing IR cut filter. That can lead to void warranty, contamination of optics and even damage. Things would be much simpler if Sony developed IR filter switch like in their older camcomders with nighshot feature.
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