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Hi.  I’m trying to find an affordable lens for my A7III that I can attach and walk around the neighborhood with. I live in a semi-rural area so I want something that will be good for landscape shots too.  Id prefer not to carry around a large lens on my walks. If anyone has any suggestions I’d be very appreciative. 

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My much preferred walk-around lens with my a7rIII is the Sony 24-105 f4 G. Consistent sharpness throughout the range, decent bokeh particularly towards the longer range, and plays well with with the a7rIII's autofocus and IBIS. A lot of plastic and the zoom action is a stiff but still an excellent value. 

I use it regularly both in urban and rural settings without problems.

Is it small enough? Is it affordable? Only you can answer that!

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Sorry, but , your post , was   so general, that it is like  asking : How long is a piece of string ?

You have to at least give us an idea, of what your goals are ,  ie  fixed vs  zoom ?

A 20 mm pancake lens, is great for innocuous  street photography.

The 24 - 105  seems to be a lot of peoples .. Go To .. lens, due to the versatility.

I personally do not think, that it is  too big, nor too heavy.

I did  once rent the 70 - 200 f 2.8, yes , its good, but its big  & weighs a ton, so that is not something I would buy.

OK, something to look at...

Remember when checking , the lenses come in  APSC  &    Full Frame, before you jump in & buy !

Anyway these  2 below are  cheapish   Full Frame lenses  for you to think about

Sony FE 35 mm 1.8     and     Sony  FE  50 mm  1.8.

Otherwise go to Sony UK Lenses, and browse for your self, then read the reviews, and  buy whatever suts your pocket . 

I did notice, an E PZ   16 - 50 zoom, but that is ASPC, but might be just what you want, small & inconspicuous, ill let you do the math conversion from APSC to FF

Anyway, your turn. Good Luck.


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